The Rule of Law & the Rule of Money

The more ‘cases’ and ‘stories’ I hear or read about, the more I become speechless about the cruelty and stupidity with which people are “just doing their job”. Thank god, there is the web with its infinite possibilities! And thank god, there are social entrepreneurs who created The BlogPaper.

I liked the idea so much that I wrote two articles for them as the issues are dear to me:

  1. Public Cash for the Real Economy – the ultimate request, by online petition
  2. The Rule of Law and the Rule of Money – how the attraction of money is stronger than the respect of good laws, morals and ethics.

The only explanation I can find for the status quo is that it’s a time to separate the sheep from the goats and for people to discover for themselves whether they have a conscience or not…

Of course, life and society would be VERY different if, insteady of having to deal with Dishonest Money, we’d have a system of Honest Money.

I’d be grateful if you were to register so that you can vote for these articles to be published.

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