About Grand Juries

William Shepherd is the nom de plume of a remarkable thinker, writer, researcher, blogger and publisher which includes the History of Usury, the practice of making money out of money.

Since he attended the Forum meeting when Austin Mitchell MP received the Attwood Award, we have had many exchanges regarding how we perceive problems, solutions and what is worth doing.

When I told him about the outcome of our last meeting, he produced The Grand Jury – a 4-page article that he wants to serve as  “desk study” (with Google and Wikipedia as sources) to create a collaborative working document and an event of a special kind.

For people in a hurry and less interested in the history, I produced a 2-page version.

For those interested in commenting and elaborating, here are the documents as Word files:

6 responses to “About Grand Juries

  1. Dear Sabine.
    None of us is getting any younger.
    We need to embarrass major papers re: The Times.
    Their Parliamentary correspondent Matthew Parrish
    said: “you and Mr.Ebert should go back to your legal advisers.”

    I am thinking my legal advisers are the police when I am a victim of thefts and fraud etc.

    Edward Fennel The Times legal correspondent ran a mile after he tried to link Scotland against crooked lawyers. SACL.Org. with Sascathchewan womans cookery or whatever. SACL’s organiser Stuart Usher gave him “the works” but he did not publish that in The Times.
    Regards Peter

  2. Dear Peter

    I sent a LOT of invitations about our meeting to the press. Your comment spurs me to follow up with a press release.

    Until the spirit moveth me,

    Many thanks for your comment!


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  4. If it were ‘ONLY MONEY’ it would be bad enough …
    Eternal thanks to Sabine, not only from we ‘victims turned starfighters’, but from the nation, for providing the opportunity to waken the people to the state of Britain, the land of which I was so proud for so long. Penury for honest, hard working people, being thrown out of their homes, businesses seized or destroyed by illegal bankruptcies are certainly trauma enough, but even worse is happening behind the scenes: vide Andy McCardle, George Farqhuar, Maurice Kirk & myself – & who knows how many others? “To put a sane person in a madhouse is worse than the gas chambers” said Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn. The judiciary (a Mafia much more powerful than the Cosa Nostra) are determined to retain the power to do just that: the lawyers of the ECtHR blatantly flouting their own Convention to allow it. The judiciary are the kingpins of the whole racket. They close ranks if one is challenged. For any lawyer with conscience enough to do so it would be professional suicide; at best s/he would never win another case. At worst? Well, consider the fate of Patrick Finucane in Northen Ireland. Peter Oakes was right to mention The Press, but it is far worse than he suggests. Even the Judicial Mafia could not get away with their crimes but for the silence of the so-called ‘News Media’, as essential a part of this ‘1984’ Police State as was Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany. Early in the 20th century Lord Northcliffe said, “The power of the Press is great, but the power of suppression is much greater”. Diverse on the surface, ‘Tabloid’ & ‘Serious’ alike, they each feed their own brand of pap (laced with poison) to the populace, but combine to deny them knowledge of the horrors behind the scenes. No doubt some reporters & some editors would like to tell the truth, but they are under the thumbs of the Press Barons & Media Moguls – & THEY like things the way they are!! Libel law is not the only weapon. Early in its life Private Eye was removed from the shelves by the wholesalers, & not allowed back on until they gave an undertaking that they would criticise judges only in the mildest way. I paraphrase Ogden Nash, “One cannot hope to bribe or twist, Thank God, the British judge or journalist: Considering what those men will do, unbribed, there’s no occasion to!” Is there a remedy for this terrible state of affairs? The ‘great'(?) Lord Denning warned “There will be anarchy.” Is that the only way?

    • Dear Norman

      Many thanks indeed for your praise! Remember: it takes one to know one!!!

      The more I “see through”, the more I fear that “there will be anarchy” is maybe exactly what “they” want…

      But in the end, it’s all an individual challenge: which side are we on? Can we hear our heart’s voice? Do we listen to our conscience?

      Onwards and upwards on our various paths!

      With kind regards,

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