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Videos about the serious oppression of HM subjects

As announced on this blog post, we met, thanks to Lord Ahmed, in the House of Lords on Tuesday, March 9th to have an audience with our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP.

The clear outcome was Austin’s recommendation: stage your own public inquiry! That is an empowering and challenging suggestion: Grand Juries were very effective and recognized in the Magna Carta in 1215. But they were dispensed with in 1933 in the UK, when the poor were particularly hard up.

Here are a 4-page and a 2-page article on Grand Juries that serve as a collaborative working document. You are invited to provide your feedback!

Another important publication is The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

A recent story in Private Eye about John McFall MP, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, entertaining the British Bankers Association in the House of Commons, makes clear that we will NEVER be heard by the Treasury Select Committee. We were advised by a human rights lawyer to “go for Parliamentary scrutiny” via that Committee…

But Parliament is not behind us, as the few MPs who signed the Early Day Motion of the Robin Hood Tax campaign also indicate. Austin’s EDM on Confidence in Parliament and Parliamentarians tells that kind of story in another way.

Learning more and more to help ourselves, we recorded introductions on video at our meetings on April 23, 2009 and on June 09, 2009.

Here are recordings of “victims turned starfighters” introducing themselves on March 09, 2010:

Lewis Nicholson, victim of judicial and lawyers’ fraud

Brian Hudson, Family Court

Peter Oakes

Paul Talbot-Jenkins, Fame ’97 – Friends Against Monetary Exploitation

Patrick Cullinane

David Fabb

Eva Adshead

Gudaljahu and Deborah Ebert – co-author of The Forensics of Legal Fraud

Steve Hamilton

Norman Scarth – World War II Veteran

Maurice Kirk The Flying Vet

Norman Scarth

Steve Hamilton

Zina Hawkins