10: No Industrial Injury Compensation

Malayan Veteran Stanley Embling

Malayan Veteran Stanley Embling

Stanley Embling is a 73-year Malayan veteran who has worked for British Steel for 30 years. In that capacity, he got seriously injured and disabled whilst on duty in 1990. He is one of many other former employees who have been denied compensation for the lack of observing Health and Safety at Work (HASAW) rules.

In his attempts to get compensation (in 1995 valued at £200,00), he has made tremendous efforts of communication which continue today, especially because important documents disappeared in courts. He is so crippled that he can hardly walk.

During these attempts, he discovered that his GMB Union had conspired (and concealed such facts for many years) to prevent him, and thousands of other former British Steel employees at Scunthorpe steelworks, from getting his industrial injury compensation, rightful employment entitlements and substantial fiscal benefits.

Here is a list of people and organisations who have let him down:

1. British Steel of Scunthorpe (employee for 30 years)
2. GMB Union (fee paying member for 30 years)
3. Legal Aid
4. Labour MPs
5. Lord Irvine of Lairge
6. Gordon Brown MP
7. MPs from other parties
8. Solicitors
9. The Police
10. The Serious Fraud Office
11. The Met. Police (Special Branch)
12. Judges in the High Court, Appeal Court and County Court
13. Lord Justice Mance, Judge Cracknell and Judge Robinson
14. Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS)
15. Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
16. The Legal Ombudsman
17. The Royal British Legion
18. The Disablement Income Group, run by Mrs. Roni Wilson
19. The Top Directors of British Steel, including The Chief Accountant
20. The top man of the GMB Union (John Edmonds)
21. The TUC

A one-page summary is here.

6 responses to “10: No Industrial Injury Compensation

  1. I too can verify all Mr Embling says, as it happened to myself.

    It came to my notice OF SOMETHING SERIOUSLY AMISS when I discovered by chance that my Branch Secretary of the G.M.B.HAD FORGED MY INDUSTRIAL INJURY CLAIM – FORGED MY HAND WRITTING, ALTERED DATES. This not only lost my I/Inj case but then allowed my employer to threaten and illegally sack me and withhold my pension from me.

    We informed the police of a massive corporate swindle that we believed was/is still is going on – result: we were lied to and threatened by the police.

    The other solicitor we engaged – unbeknown to us had been engaged by the G.M.B. to act against me and at the same time the Solicitor was supposed to represent me against them. CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

    He took my money for as long as possible and at the end had the bloody audacity to overcharge me by over £850.

  2. Dear Mrs Sabine
    Unfortunatley no! There appears to be nothing else we can do, we’ve tried every possible legal method open to us.
    Re: the police, we were told they had this G.B.B. official in for questioning and he denied being involved in any sculduggery or forgery! (I had given the police proof backed up by an independent graphologist’s report).
    Later on we found out they lied to us and they hadn’t had him in for questioning at all. Then I/we were
    threatened by the police (which now they deny) with such comments as “If you know what’s good for you, you will drop this case your pursuing or else -get my drift!”

    At a meeting with Mr Embling and the police, it was confirmed to us that there is no limit on cases of fraud in reference to our complaint.

    We wondered what could be behind this. It just happens that we found out that Ian Cawsey M.P. (at the time) was chairman of the police commitee – and along with Scunthorpe M.P. (at the time) were also involved in our case and both mysteriously LOST vital evidence to our cases that had been given to them in good faith and trust, only to be betrayed!

    Both M.P.s were sponsored by the very same G.M.B. Union we were fighting. Surprise surprise!

    All parties conspired to block our way for justice and fair play at every turn!

    All Mr Embling and I have wanted from the outset is what were entitled to – and justice both are as far away as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    As a result I/we dont trust solisitors, judges, M.P.s

    During this ongoing case for justice I personally tried to engage the services of 7/8 different solicitors/solicitor firms, who all said “Yes you’ve got a very good case against the G.M.B. and British Steel (former employer). Then at the next meeting dropped me like a hot brick and denied saying I had a good case, despite witnesses present at the time.

    I hope this is of use to you!

    J.D. Rowbottom

    • Well, dear Mr Rowbottom,

      it certainly fuels my passion, your story!

      The only hope I have for the moment is that the new government promises an inquiry into ‘torture’ and wants to regain ‘moral leadership’.

      Maybe we can show them the way!? For torture begins at home. Apparently one hour of a sleepless night is considered torture!…

      I certainly won’t give up trying! And the more ‘ammunition’ I have, the more passionately I will try!

      Stay tuned!

  3. Dear Mrs McNeill
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Mr Embling and I have said all along that all we have to do is kick the door in a little bit (get some vital evidence to assist our case) and then – hopfully the matter might collapse like the proverbial house of cards.

    It is my thinking with what we have discovered and who appears to be involved it is like a wheel with several ‘spokes’. Each spoke is some one or a body involved (such as Mr Emblings 21 bodies), all leading to the centre – the question is WHO OR WHAT ORGANISATION IS AT THE CENTRE OF THE WHEEL??

    As H.M. the Queen once said “There appears to be certain bodies at large in this country with no one to answer to!”

    J Rowbottom

  4. Thanks Mr. Rowbottom for your most kind support/further input, but I must further add more “spokes” to that wheel of many authorities/ quangos who have let me down personally as a victim of out and out fraud & theft of assets/property from me, some possibly yourself, also other victims whom you are also aware of..these being:-
    Number 22) The “Imitation” Police Complaints Commission..
    23) The in-equality of The Human Rights Commissioner..
    24) The Electoral Commission..
    25) The Commissioner For The Rights of Trade Unionists..
    26) The Office of Fair Trading..
    27) The Humberside Law
    28) Sir John Lyons, the then Parliamentary Standards Commissioner..
    29) The Legal Services Ombudsman..
    30) Not least THE KEYSTONE, MSL HOUSEHOLD Legal Expense INSURERS whom I took out Legal expense Insurance with from early 1980’s…

    Regards Stan…

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