06: Failed by lawyers & judges

Colin Peters lost his property thanks to a crook who wouldn’t have got where he got to without the cooperation of lawyers, solicitors and judges, including legal aid certificate and grant money from the Council.

Colin’s website documents his case before the Court of Public Opinion.

Here’s a one page summary.

6 responses to “06: Failed by lawyers & judges

  1. You put it in a truthful nutshell.
    Thank You Sabine.
    Colin Peters

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    • In reality I was not merely failed by lawyers and judges.
      I was victimised by a corrupt cabal of them acting in common purpose to screw as much money as possible out of the legal aid fund on what they knew to be a pack of lies which had gained their clients the benefit of legal aid certificates.
      All of the deceptions used to gain legal aid were later rejected by, or conceded to, a court.
      £32,000 of public funds procured by deception to evade a debt of just £6,173 was an outrage that had to be covered up.
      Every person who received payment from the legal aid fund was paid with public monies gained by fraud and deception.
      Apart from Registrar Evans at the royal court of appeal, every judge that I have appealed to since then has sought to cover up for all those who have gone before.

  4. Too true Sabine, but in this God forsaken world, where is the will and the power and the authority to correct all of these blatant and evil injustices? Our efforts against this satanic system are futile.
    Our one and only hope/expectation is to await/welcome Armageddon.
    In this corrupt world we can moan and weep and beg and plead for justice from the satanic powers that be, but only divine intervention will prevail.

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