05: On the Dishonesty of a Law Firm

This is the story of a motor bike rider whose opposing lawyer simply invented a medical condition.

The story is written up by Diana Mitchell, a tireless campaigner for justice, as one of the directors of CASIA – Complaints Against Solicitors, action for Independent Adjudication.

Günther Kampichler

2 responses to “05: On the Dishonesty of a Law Firm

  1. Problems with Police;Legal Complaints Service;OLSO;
    Bar Standards Board: 3 law firms: 6 judges

  2. SRA is incompetent.Itself is corrupt.Goes after the vunerable for petty breaches. They do not touch the big firms, who are the biggest most corrupt people around.One case, 22 judges, 15 solicitors,8 barristers. They do have a case to answer but still go for strike out cpr 24.2 & 3.4.
    The judges just grant them theses order, causing immense misery to people who are really unble to mount serios challanges. Even if one does challenge, they are metted out with CRO and bankruptcy.
    BSB are totally incompetent. Even if they are shown transcripts of the hearing where the counsel has misrepresented,they turn a blind eye and expect the judges to reports these crooks.
    The judge are most corrupt cause without them these evil and most crushing anarchy could not thrive.
    In my case a judge made a prohibitory injunction ordering me not to make any applications to the HMLR to protect my legal charge for £1.2 million, and handed it to the borrowers to register it with the companies house and further ordering that the said legal charge be lodged at the HMLR by another party connected to the borrower and with directly opposing interests.
    Tried to stop the fraud by issuing a winding up petition whcih was immediately set aside. There after although the borrower had suffered no loss kept me waiting for 30 months and converting my claims for £1.5m into a loss to the borrewer of £4million.
    In order to do this the judges had to break every CPR rules for due process and natural justice and inthe end conducted the main trial in my absence, by removing my right of audience.

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