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RIP-OFF BRITAIN is so far my favourite site, for it lists Britain’s Top Rip-Offs that were gathered from a survey of over 8,000 emails and website responses from 1999 to 2005.

With my Germanic sense of order and my Slavic passion for system analysis, I am listing them my way and add the worst (which was not listed since nobody understands the issue) on the top:

  1. National or public debts
  2. Government wasting our money
    • Membership of the Euro (should really be EU)
    • The demise of Final Salary pensions
    • Low Old Age Pensions
    • Import duty
    • Value added tax (VAT)
    • TV Licence fee
    • Stealth taxation
    • High taxation of the poorest
    • Speed cameras
    • Inheritance tax
    • Fuel duty
    • Stamp duty
    • Council Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
  3. Unscrupulous business practices
    • Bank charges & bad practices
    • Loan protection insurance
    • High interest store & credit cards
    • Endowment policies & mis-selling
  4. House selling/buying practices
  5. Fraudulent schemes & scams
    • Fraudulent e-mails
  6. Shoddy goods & poor services
    • CD’s, DVD’s
    • Car prices
    • Electrical goods
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Food prices (supermarkets)
    • Extended warranties
  7. Unqualified & rogue trades people
  8. Overpricing
    • Water & energy companies
    • Railway fares
    • Postal charges
    • Premium Rate phone numbers
    • Mobile phone charges
    • Motorway restaurants
  9. Underpaying
    • Wages below the minimum

PENALTY CHARGES is a great site that evolved since 2004/05 to help people help themselves, when claiming back charges from banks, credit cards and store cards.

One response to “Links to Related Sites

  1. This content can also be viewed at

    (I hope James doesn’t mind me highlighting this important issue here)

    “I hope that many UK readers will give high priority to supporting these two new developments.

    1 . The Proposed Bank of England Act. Please add a comment supporting Gillian Swanson’s request to the UK’s Coalition Government at

    It is not yet widely understood that the government now unnecessarily gives the commercial banks the privilege of creating almost all the national supply of money as interest-bearing debt – at great profit to themselves and great cost to the country and its citizens. This clearly conflicts with this government’s claim in the Coalition’s Programme for Government to be “a strong, progressive coalition inspired by the values of freedom, fairness and responsibility”.

    The proposed Act would transfer to the Bank of England – as an operationally independent nationalised agency responsible to government and Parliament – the function of creating new money free of debt, to be spent into circulation by the government in the public interest.”

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