Answer from Shona Manson, Insolvency Service

Here’s the letter that we got at long last.

While Liz Watson published her response in this comment, Paul Talbot-Jenkins wrote this text.

One response to “Answer from Shona Manson, Insolvency Service

  1. Having just read the Shona Manson letter, my thoughts are this:

    a) has the “we” who sent the cases to her sent a response yet ?

    b) there is no evidence that Shona Manson has actually looked into their filers on the 4 cases, or even looked in detail though your evidence submitted of the 4 cases. Presuming you did submit evidence, why has she not dealt with the evidence contained in the files ? Instead she has done the predictable fob off letter.

    c) My suggestion would be to send Shana Manson a letter along the lines of : Thank you for your fob off letter dated 27July 10 . I believe you / the insolvency service can be off further assistance; if you do not want to be held personally liable.

    1)I hereby put you on notice under the proceeds of crime act to inform the relevant authorities of the money laundering and theft of money and property in the 4 cases we have submitted.

    2) The insolvency service by its appointed Official Receiver and or your agents by way of trustees are officers of the Court. You therefore have a duty to inform the court (and the bankrupt) where the court has wrongly made someone bankrupt, especially if they are in fact solvent and not insolvent.

    3) Further under case law , where a person ( you ) are made aware of a crime, you have a duty to report the matter to the Police.

    4)Please confirm that you have done the above and if not why not?

    5) You letter does not confirm whether you have actually read all or any of the evidence submitted in the 4 cases please confirm you have now done so.

    6) From you records please confirm in each of the 4 cases how much the alleged debt on the petition was,and how much the assets of each person was?

    7) If you do not understand any of the above , or need further clarification on any matter please ask.

    Yours Faithfully, etc.

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