Answer from Jane Wright, Civil Procedure Rule Committee

It took a while, but it arrived: the “don’t worry, everything is fine” kind of answer to our letter to the Lord Chancellor. Here are the two pages for clicking to enlarge.

10 07 28 MoJ p110 07 28 MoJ p2

6 responses to “Answer from Jane Wright, Civil Procedure Rule Committee

  1. The second paragraph is their get out clause every time. This allows them to dodge any action that is necessary to take in the name of DEMOCRACY.
    They are in effect working to the Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 from the Hitler period of tenure which is now incorporated into UK legislation through article 53 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and on through the Legal Servives Act 2007 (UK), a direct descendant of the Hitler original. If anyone wants to read both documents they will see the amazing similarities.

    • These comments seem to show to me how the New World Order is leaving its traces whenever and wherever it can. It seems to me that laws and rules are the first bit of “programmning” that takes place.

      For “robots” follow rules and laws instead of thinking for themselves.

      Maybe studying law is meant to teach us to think our own thoughts!?…

      • Very true Sabine. It also proves that the so called Allies had no problem with fascist ideology and, leads us to wonder why so many millions of innocent victims died when the powers that be were only too happy to leave this law in place. It is very interesting as to how they have tried to cover it up by deliberately omitting it from all timelines on the era.
        This contest we are in spreads across the whole of the WEST, as you are well aware the Americans also allowed this law to continue.
        If anyone has a truly justifiable case, within the given law, the government’s and legal side work together to make sure the victim gets nowhere. This proves without doubt the polticians are NOT independent of the judiciary. Hence the statement in the letter that is paragraph 2.

  2. This ARTICLE 53 is also INCORPORATED into the Convention of HUMAN RIGHTS and FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS, which is what THE EUROPEAN COURT ON HUMAN RIGHTS works to, ensuring that the dignity of man is VIOLABLE at any time a member state wishes to use exactly as in the Hitler era.

  3. I would dearly love to compare the two “laws”. However, I see no references.

    Albert Pike wrote in “Morals and Dogma” that the “pure Luciferian doctrine will be revealed”.

    It is very “pure”. It is very simple. It is REVERSAL. Even the most stupid of thugs can understand the “purity” that doing good is “sin”, whilst not doing good is “virtue”.

    So they copy the Nazi laws on the basis that wrong is right.

    It is par for the course.

    Charles Douglas Wehner

    • Mr. Wehner,
      If you could supply me with a method of contacting you I will most certainly send you the evidence and gladly explain it to you. It is most certainly correct because there is no politician that will take action to defend DEMOCRACY. If it was not correct it would be an insult but they do not challenge, because it is the truth and they do not want it coming out in public. The MoD(UK) was caught blatantly using this law to RIG employment courts.

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