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BRING BACK BRADBURYS: to Compensate Victims of White Collar Criminals

2014 will be the 100th anniversary of the ‘Bradbury Pound‘: debt- and interest-free ‘treasury money‘ as the UK equivalent to Abraham Lincoln’s ‘greenback’ – the sane, honest and healthy alternative to ‘bank money‘: dishonest credit produced by banks from thin air.

James Gibb Stuart, author of the Money Bomb – banned from the shops in 1983 – as the ground breaking book wrote this article about the Bradburys.

The writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 knew about the power of creating money and trading with it aka usury or making money out of money – the deadly sin of riba in Islam. In 1913 the Federal Reserve followed suit. Syria and Iran are the only countries left without a Central Bank a la Anselm Rothschild:

“Give me the power to issue a nation’s money; then I do not care who makes the law.”

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Problems faced by the Criminal Justice System in addressing Fraud committed by multinational Corporations

This article appeared in the Internet Journal of Criminology in 2006.

It is a dissertation that examines Multinationals such as Enron and Worldcom as samples of fraud that eclipse every other form of crime in terms of money drained from and harm done to national economies – except for National Debts – the ultimate lie or con to ‘sell’ credit as ‘money’ by using big sums for small elites…

And remember the difference between FINANCIAL multinationals and others…

Demystifying money with references to the Bank of England

This 39-page document is a list of good questions and a treasure trove of quotations relating to the capitalist debt-based system that rules the world today.

Repossessions could hit 175,000 a YEAR

Secret dossier on repossessions. Note the strange name of the report!

Repossessions could hit 175,000 a YEAR, according to  unpublished Government report.

The ‘worst case scenario’ prediction would have meant record-breaking numbers of families, equal to nearly 480 every day, being evicted from their homes.

Full Story:

20 July 2010 [From Paulette]

My comment should appear as no 12.

Get out of Debt Free – A Great Advice Site

Get out of Debt Free has been set up to highlight the fraudulent nature of the Global Financial System and offer solutions to those who may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of it.

It was inspired by the remarkable work of MaryElizabeth Croft whose book inspired many: How I Clobbered every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency known to Man … a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are. Her website is Spiritual

But the really interesting suggestion is this letter from this forum post:

re “fractional reserve banking”

Hi good people. Seems like a sensible spot to drop in this idea.

Clearly part of our strength we need to recognise is that some people within the banking system are in fear of their scam being uncovered.  Understandably so, they owe us an incredible amount.

While checking through some template letters challenging banks and debt collectors and having thoughts of struggling to pay rising utility bills etc it came to mind that it may be possible to combine direct action against the banks as we are doing here, with less direct action through companies whose bills we struggle to pay.


If you don’t have enough money available to pay a large bill, how about paying a reasonable sum and enclosing something like the following draft letter? It could be modified and adapted.

People who may not be inclined to take on a bank or credit card company over a loan, may be unable to pay all they owe on a utility bill, and may just be prepared to enclose something similar, especially if they are made aware of the true nature of the banking system. Perhaps as a means of easing their own fears of action against them.

If this was to happen the scale could become rather large and the status quo broken.

Clearly the thieving banking/legal system are pooping themselves worrying about their scam being exposed, maybe a letter like this one could increase the share value of toilet paper manufacturers.

Methinks also this could be an effective form of lawful rebellion. Just an idea!


Dear Utility Joe,

You may have noticed that we have been experiencing difficulties paying our bills recently.

We are sorry that this situation has arisen and would like to see the situation return to normal.

However, it has come to our attention since the so called banking crisis that the shortage of money in our accounts can be traced back to the immoral, unethical and fraudulent banking system and the debt based money supply, which creates the capital from nothing and extracts the interest out of our common wealth.
This being at all levels including government, business and people.

This process has been in place and hugely successful for some considerable time. So there is masses of dosh to be reclaimed. Princess David will find his job so much easier. He won’t have one.

Clearly the situation is an unacceptable and unsustainable state of affairs and one which must be dealt with as a matter of priority and urgency for our mutual benefit. The austerity cuts are not needed.

A number of monetary reform organisations have been working hard trying to resolve this matter without the awareness and therefore support of the general public. This has now changed.

Several progressive groups and organisations are joining with the reformers to support the public in creating an economic environment whereby they can reclaim the money taken and free us all from the tyranny of usury. You, too, can join if you wish. Your company will benefit.

There are a number of ways this can be achieved and new methods are being discovered on a regular basis. We are pleased to be part of this movement and look forward to the days when we can pay our bills easily without fear, worry or distress.

Meanwhile, we will pay what we can, when we can, in full knowledge that this situation has been brought about by external forces beyond our control for the time being. If you have difficulty operating your business because of a reduction in revenue, I suggest you join with other companies in a similar movement to end the idiotic regime operated by the banks using our real wealth.

If you require more information on this subject it is not difficult to find these days. you could begin by googling “fractional reserve banking” with various other key words, as countless millions of ordinary people already have done all over the earth.

Yours in anticipation of better days to come.

E S: Toppel of the family known as Humanitarious Novartis

Letter gone missing from Ministerial Box

Our letter to the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP was hand delivered by Mr Ebert on May 27. He was promised that the letter would be put in the Ministerial Box the same day.

Mr. Ebert’s is one of four cases put before Dr. Cable to rectify false bankruptcies that were obtained by producing fraudulent documentation.

The other two cases are Paulette Cooper whose property was recently repossessed following a previous bankruptcy order, and Raymond Fox who hase recently been evicted following his quest for compension for nuclear induced illness.

The fourth, David Fabb’s case, recently got a hearing that actually was considered fair, and everybody is awaiting the judgment.

Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 on “Your Freedom”

Here’s my second input to the Your Freedom data base of “ideas” for the Coalition Government:

This act was written when the Bank of England was founded in 1694 – with the intent “not to oppress Their Majesties’ subjects”.

Its Section XXVI says the “Corporation is not to trade”. That means no “financial products”. No buying and selling of currencies, debts or other “instruments” such as “central bank money” created through “quantitative easing”.

The Act is published by the Office of Public Sector Information which is Part of The National Archives.

The Act seems to have been written with the intention of “Their Majesties’ subjects not to be oppressed” by the Corporation.

Our Early Day Motion 1297 suggests that Her Majesty’s subjects have been seriously oppressed and that this oppression needs to be addressed.

More on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

Why the idea is important:

  1. Austin Mitchell MP has formulated in Early Day Motion 1297, tabled on 20/04/2009, that HM subjects have been seriously oppressed by the Bank’s failure to control the greed, risk-taking and speculation of the banking system over which it presides; and therefore suggests that this oppression should be dealt with as the Act provides by fines three times the value of abusive trading.
  2. Under the subervision of the Bank of England, all monetary and financial institutions turn electronic entries into “money”, as if their “credit money” had been printed and minted by the Royal Mint.
  3. Economists have created a pseudo-science to camouflage what banks are doing and what the effects are of the banks’ privilege to create “money” from  thin air.
  4. Nobody checks how good “credit money” is or how much is reasonable or appropriate. Thomas Edison proposed to print bills “to move trade enough to prevent stagnation but not enough to permit speculation”. See Repudiate This Lie of a Debt!
  5. “Central bank money” requires interest, but nobody creates the interest necessary to pay off any “credit money”. Therefore everybody needs to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. This means an acceleration of the need to borrow for those who need money. Since WWII, the share of Cash compared with “credit money” in the economy has gone down from 47% to barely 3%. See What is the Cash Crumble?
  6. Debts are legally enforceable. Banks encourage debts, mortgages and credit, while the Government is cutting public expenditure and announces an “austerity budget”. The only budget item that has grown is the payment of interest on the national debt. See The growth of interest payments in austerity budget.
  7. Hence the financial industry controls the real economy by controlling the national debt and lobbying in Westminster. Labour MP Norman Smith said in 1945 “there is always enough money for war, but never enough for health and education.”
  8. Our submission to the Treasury Select Committee Green Credit for Green Purposes suggests that the Treasury finances jobs with Cash that it can create without interest as easily as banks and the Bank of England do it for interest.
  9. The Treasury does not have to borrow or tax. It can use the Public Credit for Public Purposes.

Requesting Compliance with The Rule of Law on “Your Freedom”

This is what I wrote in the box “What’s your idea?” on the site that has been closed since:

Dear Coalition Government,

CONGRATULATIONS on this initiative!

You will see on our petition “Stop the Oppression of the British people” [see ] that its popularity has grown to over 1,100 signatures and 5,000 page views since March 2010.

The comments collated from signers on express the Zeitgeist excellently and will tell you that self-regulation does not work.

The legal profession and the Courts’ administration need to comply with the Rule of Law. Lord Bingham summarised what the Rule of Law means here:

We have written to the Lord Chancellor pointing out the abuse of Her Majesty’s seal. See

We have written to the Ministry of State The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP about false documents being produced to create fraudulent bankruptcies. However, our hand delivered, stamped and signed letter went missing, after we were promised it would be put into the Ministerial Box the same day (May 27, 2010). See

As you will find from reading the comments, the time is ripe for change. Thanks for making it happen by telling your civil servants and public employees to comply with the Rule of Law!

And this in the box “Why is your idea important?”

Because white collar crime has ensured that thousands of people

1. are robbed of their homes and businesses

2. are denied Legal Aid

3. don’t get adequate representation or help

4. are treated as less than humans when they end up as “vexatious litigant” or, worse, sectioned

5. have been robbed of their pensions or industrial compensations.

Please see two of our “sample cases” with photos:

1. Paulette Cooper on

2. Raymond Fox on

Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

Today I emailed this as a News Release:

Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

The current Zeitgeist of the public’s lack of confidence in politics, finance and generally public institutions has been captured by the online petition Stop the Oppression of the British people. Published by the Forum for Stable Currencies on March 19, 2010, it requests that HM servants comply with the Rule of Law. See

Since publication, the petition has been signed by more than 1,050 people. Over 100 signers have also left short comments that cover the following topics: General Wisdom, Monetary Reform, Criticising the Judiciary, Reporting Misery, General Frustration, Supporting Grand Juries, Politics, Finance and Banking, Criticising the Land Registry, Support for the Petition. See

Evidence of four serious cases of illegal and unlawful behaviour by Courts has been put before the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP to rectify the publication of fraudulent bankruptcies. See

The same cases have been put before the Lord Chancellor to point out abuse of process by the illegal and unlawful use of Her Majesty’s seal. See

HM The Queen was informed when 331 signatures were reached. See The Prime Minister and Deputy will receive a letter on 28 June 2010. See

One of the cases is Ms Paulette Cooper whose illegal repossession was documented with photos on The case of Raymond Fox is documented before the planned arrival of the bailiff on June 29th, 2010. See

Meanwhile, MPs are supporting their constituents by writing follow up letters to the Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State.

For further information, please contact the organiser Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or in Germany on 0049 33876 90166. You can email her using

Open Letter to Prime Minister

This Open Letter to the Prime Minister June 2010 will be hand delivered tomorrow Monday, June 28.
Government Expenditure June 2010Regarding monetary reform, it includes this graph which shows that the only item increasing is the interest payable on the national debt. Under the guise of an “austerity budget”!

Let’s see whether there is a chance for real change despite this “business as usual” in favour of the Bank of England and its financial “industry”.

In terms of “seriously oppressed victims” that the Bank of England Act 1694 intended to avoid, we are mentioning our letters to The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor, as well as the comments from petition signers.