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Video records of last meeting in House of Commons

The Press Release about the meeting is here.

I began the meeting when Nic Dakin arrived, the marvellously supportive MP of victim veteran Stanley Embling.

Bankrupt victim and expert in bankruptcy law Gedaljahu Ebert:

Here we see victim David Fabb, whose group of ten solvent companies was bankrupted by accountancy company Deloittes.

Here we see Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North:

Here we see the very experienced Peter Oakes speaking

and here Mr Ebert for a second time:

Those videos that were too long for this blog can be viewed on

  • Targeted individual Maurice Kirk
  • Myself about Royal Charters and the Public Inquiry
  • Most experienced Paul Talbot-Jenkins
  • House of Lords Host Lord Ahmed
  • Chairman Austin Mitchell MP – part 1
  • Chairman Austin Mitchell MP – part 2
  • Supportive MP John Hemming
  • Supportive MP John McDonnell.

Emailing MPs who signed EDM 516

Yesterday I worked on the data base of MPs who are potentially supportive for victims of financial exploitation or legal oppression.

As a result, I emailed all 16 MPs who signed Early Day Motion 516 entitled Reporting of Fraud. Besides congratulating them, I asked them whether they’d be willing to join an All Party Parliamentary Group of Fairness to match our Foundation for Fairness that we’re setting up.

First it is difficult to report a fraud. Then it is difficult to pursue a course of action. And finally it is impossible to get justice. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after my many communications with “star” and “veteran victims”. One horrible story after another.

How on earth can those people sleep at night, I wonder? Do they have a switch for turning their conscience OFF or is it never turned ON in the first place?

Well, there is a German poem that I always liked: a father who asks his son to take muster his strengths, his pleasures and his pains, for they want to touch the heart of stone of the king…

So we need the experience of pain, if we want to touch another non-feeling heart.

Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 retabled as EDM 597

The Bank of England Act 1694 was written when the Bank of England was founded to create £1.2 million from nothing and lend them at 8% to William III to finance his war against France.

Section XXVI was written with the intention not to “seriously oppress Their Majesties subjects by the corporation not to trade“. A fine of three times the value of abusive trading is foreseen.

Nowadays, the Bank does not only trade extensively, but keeps creating money from thin air and supervises all other banks that trade extensively with Dishonest Money.

EDM 1297 spelled it out for the last Parliament before the election.

EDM 597 repeats our request to “tackle the serious oppression of HM subjects”.

Austin Mitchell MP signed “Reporting of Fraud” EDM

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are often not taken very seriously. But for us who are campaigning for monetary reform as the CAUSE and victims of fraud as the EFFECT of Dishonest Money, they are a great way of finding likeminded MPs and a reason for drawing the attention of journalists to our causes and cases.

Reporting of Fraud is EDM 516 which was tabled by Lib Dem Mike Crockart MP and has now been signed by 15 other MPs.

Our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP has not only signed EDM 516 but also tabled Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694, after he tabled it on April 20, 2009 in the previous Parliament as EDM 1297.

EDM 516: Reporting of Fraud

We are not alone!

Mike Crockart MP (Lib Dem, Edinburgh West) has tabled Early Day Motion 516 which reads as follows:

That this House notes that there are multiple bodies to which fraud may be reported but that it is unclear which body should be approached in any particular circumstance; believes that these structures appear complicated and even unmanageable and that this may discourage victims of fraud from effectively reporting it; further notes that it is not always clear, even to those bodies investigating fraud, whether a criminal or civil law has been broken, which can lead to victims of fraud being passed between agencies; further notes that victims of fraud often experience an undue sense of shame which may inhibit willingness fully to report the crime; and therefore calls for the simplification of the procedure by which members of the public may report suspected cases of fraud.

So far, another 9 MPs have signed. This is another reason for you to contact your MPs: get them to sign this Early Day Motion! If enough MPs sign, it will eventually be taken up for debate, and also the media.

Letter gone missing from Ministerial Box

Our letter to the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP was hand delivered by Mr Ebert on May 27. He was promised that the letter would be put in the Ministerial Box the same day.

Mr. Ebert’s is one of four cases put before Dr. Cable to rectify false bankruptcies that were obtained by producing fraudulent documentation.

The other two cases are Paulette Cooper whose property was recently repossessed following a previous bankruptcy order, and Raymond Fox who hase recently been evicted following his quest for compension for nuclear induced illness.

The fourth, David Fabb’s case, recently got a hearing that actually was considered fair, and everybody is awaiting the judgment.

Open Letter to Prime Minister

This Open Letter to the Prime Minister June 2010 will be hand delivered tomorrow Monday, June 28.
Government Expenditure June 2010Regarding monetary reform, it includes this graph which shows that the only item increasing is the interest payable on the national debt. Under the guise of an “austerity budget”!

Let’s see whether there is a chance for real change despite this “business as usual” in favour of the Bank of England and its financial “industry”.

In terms of “seriously oppressed victims” that the Bank of England Act 1694 intended to avoid, we are mentioning our letters to The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor, as well as the comments from petition signers.

Letter from Paulette Cooper’s MP

Letter from Stephen Phillips MP This letter to me is like a trophy! For MPs will always receive a response from Ministers, whereas ordinary folks not necessarily.

Here we have a wonderful combination of ‘ordinary folks’ having written to Dr. Vincent Cable and Kenneth Clarke QC MP, with the first of four possible MPs following it up.

At our meeting in April 2009 I was hoping to find victims with supportive MPs for our June meeting. Maybe it’ll be become possible with this new Parliament!!!???

Over 500 signatures on Stop the Oppression of the British people petition


Over 500 Signatures and 3,200 Page Views
on the “Stop the Oppression of the British People” Petition

The Stop the Oppression of the British People petition is targeted at HM The Queen requesting to ensure that the Rule of Law is adhered to in Her Majesty’s institutions.  Published on March 19, 2010 by the Forum for Stable Currencies, the petition has been signed by over 500 people so far and viewed by more than 3,200.

The Forum for Stable Currencies has held meetings at the House of Lords and Commons since 1998 and has been exploring systemic causes of the current state of our monetary system as well as their effects on voters and tax payers.

The absence of the Rule of Law is experienced by UK citizens as immense frustration, pain, misery, injustice, cruelty and financial disaster at the personal level. These situations can also be evidenced in the corruption in the Courts, greed by lawyers and generally the rule of money.

The rule of money is addressed by Early Day Motion 1297 that asks for the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. It was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP on April 20, 2009 and recommends tackling the serious oppression that the writers of the Bank of England Act intended to avoid in 1694.

Examples of oppression were recorded on video at meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies on April 23, 2009, June 23, 2009 and March 9, 2010. A more extensive report has been compiled as The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

Comments of signatories of the petition cover General Wisdom, Monetary Reform, Criticising the Judiciary, Reporting Misery, General Frustration, Supporting Grand Juries, Political Comments and Financial and Banking Comments and offer a remarkable overview of what UK citizens are thinking and feeling.

The comments and the petition have been handed to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP, together with an Open Letter and the documentary evidence covering four individual cases.

The Organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies Sabine K McNeill says “Ten years of raising awareness about monetary reform have not made the slightest difference to the understanding of politicians and journalists of the systemic causes of our debt-based economy. We now hope that they can identify with victims of the absence of the Rule of Law and that they can begin to see that this is wholly due to the rule of money.”

For further information, please contact Sabine K McNeill on or on 07968 039 141.

Open Letter to Dr. Vincent Cable MP

When there is a new government, there is new hope.  This hope extends to Dr. Vincent Cable MP who has always been supportive of many victims of the financial, legal and judiciary system.

Today, one of these ‘victims turned starfighters’, Mr Gedaljahu Ebert, handed this Open Letter to Dr. Vincent Cable.

Please click on the image to open the document.
Open Letter to The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent CableIn his new responsibility as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade, we believe Dr. Cable to be responsible for the Insolvency Register.

This Register contains information that turns out to be false, as it has been obtained by fraudulent processes and not by adhering to the Rule of Law.

Page 1 of documentary evidence of four cases
As documentary evidence, we have enclosed the information about four individuals.

Here’s the answer we received from the Insolvency Service on his behalf.