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BRING BACK BRADBURYS: to Compensate Victims of White Collar Criminals

2014 will be the 100th anniversary of the ‘Bradbury Pound‘: debt- and interest-free ‘treasury money‘ as the UK equivalent to Abraham Lincoln’s ‘greenback’ – the sane, honest and healthy alternative to ‘bank money‘: dishonest credit produced by banks from thin air.

James Gibb Stuart, author of the Money Bomb – banned from the shops in 1983 – as the ground breaking book wrote this article about the Bradburys.

The writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 knew about the power of creating money and trading with it aka usury or making money out of money – the deadly sin of riba in Islam. In 1913 the Federal Reserve followed suit. Syria and Iran are the only countries left without a Central Bank a la Anselm Rothschild:

“Give me the power to issue a nation’s money; then I do not care who makes the law.”

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Can you think of any reason why a baby that is allergic to formula milk should be deprived of his mum’s breast milk?

As I may have to remove (David Icke has followed the warning whereas I have resisted so far) or change the posts that I made regarding the snatching of a 13 week old baby, I thought I’d give people a chance to check for themselves:

  1. Minister, how many horrible cases of baby snatching do you need?
  2. “To avoid prejudice in the case”, don’t publish the name of the snatched baby and his mother…
  3. In the Virtual Court of Public Opinion: how many men does it take to remove a sick baby from his mother’s breast?

The most violent act of state kidnapping? 13-week-baby torn from mother’s breast at 4.30am Sunday morning


Please spread this far and wide. Make use of the phone numbers. Make it clear to those concerned that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Phone numbers:

Ammonford Police: 01267 222020
Swansea Social Services: 01792 635700
Cafcass Swansea: 01792 645535

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Video records of last meeting in House of Commons

The Press Release about the meeting is here.

I began the meeting when Nic Dakin arrived, the marvellously supportive MP of victim veteran Stanley Embling.

Bankrupt victim and expert in bankruptcy law Gedaljahu Ebert:

Here we see victim David Fabb, whose group of ten solvent companies was bankrupted by accountancy company Deloittes.

Here we see Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North:

Here we see the very experienced Peter Oakes speaking

and here Mr Ebert for a second time:

Those videos that were too long for this blog can be viewed on

  • Targeted individual Maurice Kirk
  • Myself about Royal Charters and the Public Inquiry
  • Most experienced Paul Talbot-Jenkins
  • House of Lords Host Lord Ahmed
  • Chairman Austin Mitchell MP – part 1
  • Chairman Austin Mitchell MP – part 2
  • Supportive MP John Hemming
  • Supportive MP John McDonnell.

Legal is not LAWful

The People’s United Community is a remarkable website with forum that is also behind five videos on which John Harris explains the different levels of law that are being applied.

They have a remarkable Hall of Shame which include CCJs on banks and companies like the Ministry of Justice!

More about John videos on my other victim related blog here.

The Insolvency Service responds on behalf of Vince Cable

Writing letters on behalf of an organisation tends to have more impact, for as an individual we are nobody in our “no logo culture”…

To enter into a process of communication with official bodies on behalf of groups of victims is a new co-creative art form. We better become good at it, as good as possibly possible! For one of the global elite leaders decries the “global political awakening” that we are part of. That’s one of our chances! A ‘kink’ in the firewalls around the establishment with its rule of money…

So we started with Dr. Vincent Cable on behalf of

Colin Peters reviews “Our Corrupt Legal System”

Colin Peters is one of our “victims turned starfighers”. Recently he got the book Our Corrupt Legal System – Why Everyone is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals).

He now read the book and wrote this review which I also put on the Amazon site as the first review, but it was never published…

Truth in Justice – a campaign for a truth-seeking legal system

Australian Evan Whitton wrote the book Our Corrupt Legal System: Why Everybody is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals).

Colin Peters’ fate is published as Case 06: Failed by lawyers and judges.

He now wrote this review of Evan Whitton’s book which also gave rise to the Truth in Justice campaign.

A quotable quote comes from Dr. Bob Moles who publishes Networked Knowledge and writes:

“The occasional error I can understand, but a determined and bloody mindedness not to apply the law properly, not to do one’s duty for fear of embarrassment is totally unacceptable.

The fraud on people’s expectations does so much damage to our society. Regrettably, it’s only when people get caught up in it themselves that they begin to realise what is going on.

I take it that you know about the Irish group – victims of the legal system? If not you can find them here:

Also at

A Success story thanks to Lord Bingham

Lord Bingham is the author of The Rule of Law and looks to be a fair Judge in this case below:-

Van Colle v Chief Constable of Hertfordshire and Smith v Chief Constable of Sussex Police: Judgment given by House of Lords
The House of Lords has given judgment in the related appeals of Van Colle v Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Police and Smith v Chief Constable of Sussex Police [2008] UKHL 50.

Both appeals involved allegations that police officers had failed to provide appropriate protection for members of the public who had reported threats. In both cases the Chief Constables succeeded in overturning unanimous decisions of the Court of Appeal.

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Grandparents Group faces Gagging Order


Grandparents Apart Wales, a group that is dedicated to the welfare of children being reunited with their grandparents, is to be silenced or else.

The group have been reporting on a case about social services having failed yet again and have received a letter from a head of children’s services telling them to remove the story or face legal proceedings.

They campaign for grandparents via The Charter for Grandchildren to be first in line to care for children when they need to go into care.

It is well known that the biggest percentage of children that go through the care system are known to be non-achievers lacking in self esteem, crying out for what they were robbed of as a child and are  likely to seek comfort in the many gangs that are growing ever faster in our cities.

The audacity of this letter comes at a time when social services are being condemned UK wide by TV and the media for their reported failures regarding the recent fatalities and lack of care of our children.


“What a cheek”.

“How disgraceful is this?”…

It’s hard to find sensible explanations:

  • people just doing their job?
  • people “following orders and rules”?
  • people following somebody’s order who is actually not their boss?