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Deprived of the freedom to choose governments that serve people rather than profit . . .

Here’s a short article that says in ‘journalese’ what I’ve been saying my way, based on the analysis of our dishonest money, the way it has become institutionalised: a tool to control us, the ‘clients of global corporations’ (too big to fail or system inherent).

Former New York Times journalist Chris Hedges makes the point – quoted in the latest Media Lens briefing:

‘The trolls dominate or have neutralized every major institution in the country on behalf of their corporate paymasters. The press, education, Wall Street, labor and our political parties are managed by trolls or have been destroyed by them.

‘Sometimes these trolls speak like liberals. Sometimes they speak like conservatives. Sometimes they are secular. Sometimes they are Christians. But the language they use is a cover for the relentless march toward a totalitarian capitalism and a kingdom where the trolls, if not the rest of us, live happily ever after.

Deceived and disempowered

Rick Perry and John Boehner overtly make war on Social Security. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi say they would like to save Social Security but are sadly powerless before the decisions of a congressional super committee they helped form. The result, of course, is the same. We get to choose the rhetoric and manner in which we are deceived and disempowered. Nothing more.’

Hedges concludes: ‘The corporate coup is over. We have lost.’

In other words, we are nations under corporate occupation. The coup that has deprived us of some of our most basic freedoms – the freedom to choose governments that serve people rather than profit; to choose genuinely independent, uncompromised mass media that serve truth rather than power – cannot conceivably, as a matter of elementary logic, be in the business of exporting democracy abroad. It can only be in the business of business – maximised profits and control. It really is that simple.

This passage was taken from Media Lens’: To Avert A Bloodbath – Libya And The Press – Part 1

The most violent act of state kidnapping? 13-week-baby torn from mother’s breast at 4.30am Sunday morning


Please spread this far and wide. Make use of the phone numbers. Make it clear to those concerned that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Phone numbers:

Ammonford Police: 01267 222020
Swansea Social Services: 01792 635700
Cafcass Swansea: 01792 645535

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UK State kidnapping published by Belgian journalist

This is the Belgian site that publishes the story that, hopefully, people will be ashamed of in Britain.

Here is the English version.

And here is the report that gave rise to include victims of state kidnapping in our list.

“Victims Unite” with two stories on Global Legal Network MAARS

MAARS is a remarkably rich site for legal professionals and the lay public. It is committed to humanity’s collective struggle for justice, equality, dignity and understanding.

Under UK News & Views, it has opened a category Victims Unite and published two stories so far.

News Release on behalf of Raymond Fox

Forum for Stable Currencies logo

Forum for Stable Currencies logo

Forum for Stable Currencies

Advocating Economic Democracy

through Freedom from National Debt

Convenor: Lord Sudeley FSA; Host: Lord Ahmed; Chairman: Austin Mitchell MP
Sponsors: James Gibb Stuart, Ossian Publishers; Barbara A. Panvel, New Era Coalition
Organiser: Sabine K McNeill, Director, 3D Metrics; Facilitator: Brad Meyer, Collaboration Ltd


28th July 2010

Homeless UK man with nuclear induced illness seeks legal redress

Despite receiving a judgement in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in his favour (2008), former successful Reading businessman, Raymond Fox did not receive compensation for the loss of his health and home, on top of having been made an “indefinite bankrupt” since 2001 for an alleged debt of £7,000.  He has now been made homeless and like many others who have been declared bankrupt/lost their properties, he intends to seek that UK law be upheld to deal with his multifaceted problems.

From 1988 to 2001 Ray Fox and his family lived in Wokingham Road, Earley, near Reading next to the alleged buried nuclear reactor on a former Shell petrochemical terminal. See Shell Buried Nuclear Bunker (part of a Mark Thomas documentary Secret Map of Britain broadcast on Channel 4)  See also Ray Fox’s website, and Shell Nuclear Contamination broadcast on London Tonight and Suburb Poisoned by Shell Plutonium..

Having bought the Earley house in 1988, Ray Fox’s health forced him to leave it 13 years later due to the highest plutonium and uranium contamination ever recorded in Britain. It has been documented that Mr Fox is suffering from radioactivity induced illness. Since leaving the house, he lived in rented accommodation, from which Reading County Court recently evicted him and his stepson – thus making him homeless. Mr Fox and his wife had adopted the boy when he was two months old after his parents had died from nuclear induced illness.

Reading County Court had ordered the repossession of the contaminated home in Earley by Bradford & Bingley Bank, now owned by The Crown, The Crown and Shell being joint owners of the Shell site that has been under investigation by independent radiation specialists.

“It is utterly disgraceful and unacceptable in any civilised society that a man who has been so harmed by contamination of his property is unable to obtain any compensation or redress or even any sensible investigation of his serious problems which will clearly affect and must have affected many other people.” Prof Chris Busby, Scientific Sec of the European Cttee on Radiation Risk


Gedaljahu Ebert on 0208 905 5209,

Sabine McNeill on 07968 039 141 or in Germany on 0049 33876 90166, email


1. On 26th September 2008,.the European Commission of Petitions Notice to Members Case No 0820/2007 by Raymond  Fox regarding damage caused by discharges of nuclear and chemical wastes and ionising radiation concluded “concerning the Petitioner’s allegations whereby his case was deliberately not correctly dealt with by the national courts and authorities…”

2. Forum for Stable Currencies campaigns to comply with the rule of law, see also

3. Background re UK Repossessions/bankruptcy cases: see The Forensics of Legal Fraud by G Ebert and Brad Meyer

OFT insolvency report reads last rites for ‘rip-off’ administrators

This article in the Telegraph on 25 June 2010 will cheer up many people who’ve suffered from corporate insolvency practitioners (IPs). But it won’t give them back what they lost.

We still need access to justice and compensation!

With thanks to Jeff Lampert whose company was made bankrupt for the wrong reasons. He wrote about the report on accounting web and publishes his own blog Mad Lemming.

Great Encouragement Message from Connie Fogal

Connie Fogal is a remarkable Canadian lawyer whom I met at one of the Bromsgrove conferences for monetary reform.

This is her latest email:


July 1, 2010

I know the Gulf of Mexico oil eruption is devastating.

I know the June 2010 G20 event in Canada oppressed citizens via police brutality outside the fence and a crippling financial agenda inside the fence .

I know there was a stand down order to prevent police from stopping the destructive “black bloc” who, in fact, were undercover police provocateurs as were those exposed in Montebello in 2007.

I know the leadership of the world is running amok in greed and exploitation.

I know the world financial system is manipulated and controlled for power and greed.

I know the post 9/11extreme security measures worldwide are there to protect the world’s greedy powerful elite from the rebellion of the people, not to protect the people.

I know the environment is close to a breaking point.

I know there exists a world population reduction agenda of the cabal.

I know many people are fearful, discouraged, angry, confused, depressed.

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Requesting Compliance with The Rule of Law on “Your Freedom”

This is what I wrote in the box “What’s your idea?” on the site that has been closed since:

Dear Coalition Government,

CONGRATULATIONS on this initiative!

You will see on our petition “Stop the Oppression of the British people” [see ] that its popularity has grown to over 1,100 signatures and 5,000 page views since March 2010.

The comments collated from signers on express the Zeitgeist excellently and will tell you that self-regulation does not work.

The legal profession and the Courts’ administration need to comply with the Rule of Law. Lord Bingham summarised what the Rule of Law means here:

We have written to the Lord Chancellor pointing out the abuse of Her Majesty’s seal. See

We have written to the Ministry of State The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP about false documents being produced to create fraudulent bankruptcies. However, our hand delivered, stamped and signed letter went missing, after we were promised it would be put into the Ministerial Box the same day (May 27, 2010). See

As you will find from reading the comments, the time is ripe for change. Thanks for making it happen by telling your civil servants and public employees to comply with the Rule of Law!

And this in the box “Why is your idea important?”

Because white collar crime has ensured that thousands of people

1. are robbed of their homes and businesses

2. are denied Legal Aid

3. don’t get adequate representation or help

4. are treated as less than humans when they end up as “vexatious litigant” or, worse, sectioned

5. have been robbed of their pensions or industrial compensations.

Please see two of our “sample cases” with photos:

1. Paulette Cooper on

2. Raymond Fox on

Inefficient and judge-centred culture in the Crown Court

From The Times

This article dates from more than two years ago. However, the changes that have supposedly been implemented since, have clearly not been sufficient.

For the signatories of our petition Stop the Oppression of the British people express different thoughts in their most interesting comments.

And the four cases that are before the Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State Dr. Vincent Cable prove otherwise, too.

Unfortunately, when following up, the letter that was hand delivered to Dr. Cable and was promised to be put into the Ministerial Box the same day, on May 27, can’t be traced…

The only explanation I can think of is that life and society would be VERY different if, insteady of having to deal with Dishonest Money, we’d have a system of Honest Money.

March 18, 2008

Kept a secret by the Justice Ministry, until now. How the judges ran the Crown Court

Frances Gibb and Grania Langdon-Down

An unprecedented report that exposes an inefficient and judge-centred culture in the Crown Court has been obtained by The Times after a three-year battle with officials determined to suppress it.

The report, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, highlights inefficiencies arising from the prevailing culture of the time that was based on ensuring that judges were not kept waiting.

It also discloses inflexible sitting patterns, sometimes resulting from judges’ unwillingness to sit in an unpopular Crown Court — (courts are not named but could include Northampton, Woolwich or Birmingham) and inconsistency of approach, with some judges failing actively to manage cases.

Officials at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have repeatedly refused to release the draft report, arguing that this would “undermine relations with the judiciary” and resisted its disclosure at every stage of the appeals process.

But Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner, has now ruled that the MoJ, the department charged with running Whitehall compliance on freedom of information, has itself breached the Act. In an embarrassing finding for the MoJ, he says that officials incorrectly withheld the information, as any potential prejudice that would arise was not sufficient to warrant an exemption from disclosure.

The inquiry into the listing and management of cases was carried out by three government inspectorates (those on the Crown Prosecution Service, the magistrates’ courts service and on the police) in 2003 — a time of heightened sensitivity in relations between judges and ministers after the proposed abolition of the office of Lord Chancellor.

As a result, the report remained under wraps, receiving only a passing mention in a subsequent annual magistrates’ courts’ service inspectorate report.

Why? Judges would have been concerned — particularly at the time of the research — that any inquiry into listing trials, which is jealously guarded as a judicial function, was another encroachment on their independence. Publishing a report on the inquiry findings would not have then been welcome, particularly as the report calls for a review of listing practice in the Crown Court, although it does accept that this is a complex task because of the high proportion of not-guilty pleas (66 per cent of defendants at that time). What the inspectors found was that listing practice varied “considerably from court to court” and the differences arose not just from varying workloads but from factors such as the views of the resident judge on how listing should be done. “Until recently there was a listing culture aimed at achieving timeliness targets and keeping judges busy in court.”

But while timeliness will remain important, it can “no longer be the prime focus for listing”, the report says. Instead, there is now “an over-arching target to reduce ineffective trials” and more emphasis on improving victim and witness satisfaction.

The inspectors also urge “greater flexibility” over the sitting day. “Time estimates for trials are often inaccurate and greater attention should be paid to the accuracy of estimates when setting cases down for trial.”

Then there was the problem of moving judges. The inspectors heard that a newly appointed judge might agree to sit at an unpopular court on condition that he or she will be moved to a “more congenial” court after a couple of years. Some candidates who applied to be judges “refuse appointment until they can have the itinerary they wish”. Nor could judges be compelled to change their itinerary to meet court needs, they say.

A further difficulty was the shortage of judges qualified to take certain kinds of case, such as child abuse, rape or murder, for which special training is needed; and of recorders prepared to sit for longer than a week — presumably because they did not want to spare more time from their practices. As a result, trials could be delayed or courts left empty.

It says that the role of the resident judge in running listing is key, but that role is not defined and there is no “competence framework” to assess the judge given this job, nor is it clear to what extent the resident judge can manage fellow judges. Yet the inspectors accept that running the courts efficiently is made all the harder because of the “long-standing problem” of prisoners not being delivered to court on time.

Other failings include a “culture of late preparation at the Bar” and the high percentage of trials that fail to go ahead because witnesses do not attend or defendants plead guilty at the last minute.

So what do the inspectors conclude? The report calls for a complete review of listing practice in the Crown Court.

The report’s findings are now largely historic. In releasing it, the MoJ emphasises that much of it has been overtaken by a series of reforms to make the Crown Court more efficient and meet any criticisms. But as an object lesson in the delicate constitutional relationship between judges and the executive, it remains as relevant now as then.

Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

Today I emailed this as a News Release:

Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

The current Zeitgeist of the public’s lack of confidence in politics, finance and generally public institutions has been captured by the online petition Stop the Oppression of the British people. Published by the Forum for Stable Currencies on March 19, 2010, it requests that HM servants comply with the Rule of Law. See

Since publication, the petition has been signed by more than 1,050 people. Over 100 signers have also left short comments that cover the following topics: General Wisdom, Monetary Reform, Criticising the Judiciary, Reporting Misery, General Frustration, Supporting Grand Juries, Politics, Finance and Banking, Criticising the Land Registry, Support for the Petition. See

Evidence of four serious cases of illegal and unlawful behaviour by Courts has been put before the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP to rectify the publication of fraudulent bankruptcies. See

The same cases have been put before the Lord Chancellor to point out abuse of process by the illegal and unlawful use of Her Majesty’s seal. See

HM The Queen was informed when 331 signatures were reached. See The Prime Minister and Deputy will receive a letter on 28 June 2010. See

One of the cases is Ms Paulette Cooper whose illegal repossession was documented with photos on The case of Raymond Fox is documented before the planned arrival of the bailiff on June 29th, 2010. See

Meanwhile, MPs are supporting their constituents by writing follow up letters to the Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State.

For further information, please contact the organiser Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or in Germany on 0049 33876 90166. You can email her using