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Can you think of any reason why a baby that is allergic to formula milk should be deprived of his mum’s breast milk?

As I may have to remove (David Icke has followed the warning whereas I have resisted so far) or change the posts that I made regarding the snatching of a 13 week old baby, I thought I’d give people a chance to check for themselves:

  1. Minister, how many horrible cases of baby snatching do you need?
  2. “To avoid prejudice in the case”, don’t publish the name of the snatched baby and his mother…
  3. In the Virtual Court of Public Opinion: how many men does it take to remove a sick baby from his mother’s breast?

Kleptocracy (rule by thieves)

It’s not just me who learned from victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression and therefore understands the term ‘kleptocracy‘.

Our Corrupt Legal SystemThere’s also an interesting book: Our Corrupt Legal System [Except Rich Criminals] and there are those people who write Wikipedia definitions.

Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman

Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman is the title of Early Day Motion 1418 tabled by our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP, once again on behalf of victims, on June 16, 2003.

It is interesting that it was signed by 60 MPs all in all. I shall not check how many have been re-elected, but 60 is a remarkable support!

Austin Mitchell MP re Complaints

Austin Mitchell MP re Complaints

This letter from Austin Mitchell MP to David Law says also a lot about why he’s alwasy been on our side!

Click on it to see it enlarged.