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Deprived of the freedom to choose governments that serve people rather than profit . . .

Here’s a short article that says in ‘journalese’ what I’ve been saying my way, based on the analysis of our dishonest money, the way it has become institutionalised: a tool to control us, the ‘clients of global corporations’ (too big to fail or system inherent).

Former New York Times journalist Chris Hedges makes the point – quoted in the latest Media Lens briefing:

‘The trolls dominate or have neutralized every major institution in the country on behalf of their corporate paymasters. The press, education, Wall Street, labor and our political parties are managed by trolls or have been destroyed by them.

‘Sometimes these trolls speak like liberals. Sometimes they speak like conservatives. Sometimes they are secular. Sometimes they are Christians. But the language they use is a cover for the relentless march toward a totalitarian capitalism and a kingdom where the trolls, if not the rest of us, live happily ever after.

Deceived and disempowered

Rick Perry and John Boehner overtly make war on Social Security. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi say they would like to save Social Security but are sadly powerless before the decisions of a congressional super committee they helped form. The result, of course, is the same. We get to choose the rhetoric and manner in which we are deceived and disempowered. Nothing more.’

Hedges concludes: ‘The corporate coup is over. We have lost.’

In other words, we are nations under corporate occupation. The coup that has deprived us of some of our most basic freedoms – the freedom to choose governments that serve people rather than profit; to choose genuinely independent, uncompromised mass media that serve truth rather than power – cannot conceivably, as a matter of elementary logic, be in the business of exporting democracy abroad. It can only be in the business of business – maximised profits and control. It really is that simple.

This passage was taken from Media Lens’: To Avert A Bloodbath – Libya And The Press – Part 1

“Victims Unite” with two stories on Global Legal Network MAARS

MAARS is a remarkably rich site for legal professionals and the lay public. It is committed to humanity’s collective struggle for justice, equality, dignity and understanding.

Under UK News & Views, it has opened a category Victims Unite and published two stories so far.

Legal is not LAWful

The People’s United Community is a remarkable website with forum that is also behind five videos on which John Harris explains the different levels of law that are being applied.

They have a remarkable Hall of Shame which include CCJs on banks and companies like the Ministry of Justice!

More about John videos on my other victim related blog here.

Over 500 signatures on Stop the Oppression of the British people petition


Over 500 Signatures and 3,200 Page Views
on the “Stop the Oppression of the British People” Petition

The Stop the Oppression of the British People petition is targeted at HM The Queen requesting to ensure that the Rule of Law is adhered to in Her Majesty’s institutions.  Published on March 19, 2010 by the Forum for Stable Currencies, the petition has been signed by over 500 people so far and viewed by more than 3,200.

The Forum for Stable Currencies has held meetings at the House of Lords and Commons since 1998 and has been exploring systemic causes of the current state of our monetary system as well as their effects on voters and tax payers.

The absence of the Rule of Law is experienced by UK citizens as immense frustration, pain, misery, injustice, cruelty and financial disaster at the personal level. These situations can also be evidenced in the corruption in the Courts, greed by lawyers and generally the rule of money.

The rule of money is addressed by Early Day Motion 1297 that asks for the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. It was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP on April 20, 2009 and recommends tackling the serious oppression that the writers of the Bank of England Act intended to avoid in 1694.

Examples of oppression were recorded on video at meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies on April 23, 2009, June 23, 2009 and March 9, 2010. A more extensive report has been compiled as The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

Comments of signatories of the petition cover General Wisdom, Monetary Reform, Criticising the Judiciary, Reporting Misery, General Frustration, Supporting Grand Juries, Political Comments and Financial and Banking Comments and offer a remarkable overview of what UK citizens are thinking and feeling.

The comments and the petition have been handed to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP, together with an Open Letter and the documentary evidence covering four individual cases.

The Organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies Sabine K McNeill says “Ten years of raising awareness about monetary reform have not made the slightest difference to the understanding of politicians and journalists of the systemic causes of our debt-based economy. We now hope that they can identify with victims of the absence of the Rule of Law and that they can begin to see that this is wholly due to the rule of money.”

For further information, please contact Sabine K McNeill on or on 07968 039 141.