Victims Unite!

This is a new blog that hopefully appeals to those it is designed for: victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression.

The link between the pincer movement of monetary reformers and victims of financial exploitation and legal oppresion is made in our awareness report Watching White Collar Crime.

3 responses to “Victims Unite!

  1. Could anyone please let me know if they have been a victim of the Co-operative Bank……….as in house repossessed by fraudulent means, and then sold on to ‘a colleague’ for a vastly reduced price….Many thanks

  2. My mother whom is the rightful heir of the Racecourse holdings trust but never has ever received a penny from her trust, Nor signed it over to anyone has also been a victim of the CO OPerative bank as well as a larger fraud including police and local government, Born in 1933 on the 28th of January my mother MAIDEN NAME Alice Hallworth-Fegan is the god daughter of Lord and Lady Tattershall as well as being a blood relative and Elizabeth Tattershall put it all in trust for her but she never received it and in 1965 they started liquidating her assets and helping themselves to what SHE OWNS, Despite having the trust fund number and the account number the TSB refuses to acknowledge the account and the Banking ombudsman so far has been of little use while she was informed of a link to some of her property being sold by the Co Operative bank and a Team 5 being involved in there office in Skelmersdale Lancashire as well as one of her houses the Hollies in Whitchurch being sold by the Halifax, There are two houses on Elizabeth street Liverpool which are now a museum that Are STILL MY MOTHERS PROPERTY as the trust was made a protected trust by the court of protection and only the corruption of Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire police has caused this fraud, Lords Sefton and Derby both now deceased were involved heavily in the fraud as was toots solicitors and a Mr Malcolm Fowler in Birmingham, My mother is very much alive and in the 1990 after the Cheetah fraud was wound up in Liverpool and a decent officer informed my mother he was sorry they were only tying up loose ends her company TATTERSHALLS BLOODSTOCKS illegally moved its operation out of the country as those in charge of these company’s are fraudsters plain and simple.

    So I can commiserate as these people caused my mother whom has been disabled since her brother pushed her into a fire at the age of three and she was claimed to have oseo-myelitis so suffered multiple operations as a child has had to work all her life and they made her and us homeless as well as ruining our lives, many of my sibling’s sadly took payoffs to the tune of several million between them but I am a man of Honour and would rather be dead than lie about my own mother.

    As neither the law or human decency have helped us I have for a very long time been planning how to go about taking revenge but I supposed that makes me nearly as bad as these people, when the law fails though what choice do we have, they have no fear at the moment but they will though I mean the fat cats and gangsters responsible, I am a descendant of nobility and have that honour to restore which these scum have ignored, my mother outranked Lord Sefton and Lord Derby with her inherited title and Liverpool would only a small village today except that the Liverpool corporation obtained funds from my ancestor lord Tattershall in 1750 and were able to build the Liverpool docks which they then leased off my family on a renewed 99 year lease that has not been Pay’ed for this century and neither were they ever sold to Liverpool but in 1962 my mother was terrorized by a police woman by the name of Vivienne Webster Jones whom kept harassing her and trying to force her to sign a stack of documents, My mother at the time never knew she had an inheritance and had small children to care about while working for her meagre living then on the 4th of august there door was kicking in and WPC Jones accompanied by a male officer arrested her on trumped up charges, she was held without charge for several days and refused to sign the documents while in custody, They then and without a remand order took her to Strangeways prison in Manchester were she was held and a wardress eventually forced her to sign the stack of documents allowing her only to see the bottom of the page and not knowing what she was signing telling her if she did not she would be held for 4 years and her children taken off her she was then driven to London road courts in Liverpool and there was told by the judge she must eat 3 meals a day and look after herself (so one can surmise as my mother was thin they had made her out to be incapable but what a pack of lies), a police officer came to the house and asked her to attend the court again, she stood there in the entrance but was not called and as they left the court each police officer and there where a great many shook her hand and all said to her “Thank you”, nothing was ever explained to her, another several weeks later a male officer paid my mother a visit and said simple “She is no longer a police woman Bill Davies has bought her and the others each a public house, her public house is called the farmers arms on the dock road”.

    After the cheetah fraud the police sold several public houses they mysteriously found they owned.

    My mother tracked Vivienne Webster-Jones down to Field estate in Kensington London which we found is also our property as are a number of housed and property parcels around the country, talking to her on the phone Jones simply said to my mother “You’ll never find me” to which my mother replied “are you stupid I am talking to you now on the phone” and Vivienne Webster-Jones slammed the phone down.

    My mother only found out about her trust and only scant details in the 1980s and 1990s and upon asking at Liverpool library was shown an entire section on the ground floor dedicated to the Tattershall family, this soon disappeared when she started to make enquiries of the council and her childhood home which was 81 Belmont road was demolished as well.

    So only touching the tip of the ice burg here I hope you now know now you are not alone in meeting organised and authority sanctioned fraud, we have been fobbed off so many times and even solicitors simple say I wish I could help you but this is too big or they admit they are scared of those involved.

    There was a case of an elderly lady whom was left the deeds by her husband to there home when he died in a locked drawer and only, he, she and there solicitor knew of there location, her home was burgled one night whilst she slept and the drawer was forced but nothing else was taken, the elderly lady did not know her deed’s had been taken but was thrown out of her own house when her solicitor sold it from under her with the deeds, the police in north wales did nothing for that poor old soul so if you think they are here to help us think again they are merely here to keep the peace and replace the old militias to enforce the will of the illegitimate hierarchy.

    On behalf of myself and my mother I wish you the very best and god bless.

    We live in a very corrupt and unlawful country and yet they expect us to take it lying down.

    • “Organised and authority sanctioned fraud” – great way of describing what I’ve observed.

      Many thanks for your contribution, Paul! As my mum used to say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”…

      Keep the Faith!

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