Can you think of any reason why a baby that is allergic to formula milk should be deprived of his mum’s breast milk?

As I may have to remove (David Icke has followed the warning whereas I have resisted so far) or change the posts that I made regarding the snatching of a 13 week old baby, I thought I’d give people a chance to check for themselves:

  1. Minister, how many horrible cases of baby snatching do you need?
  2. “To avoid prejudice in the case”, don’t publish the name of the snatched baby and his mother…
  3. In the Virtual Court of Public Opinion: how many men does it take to remove a sick baby from his mother’s breast?

5 responses to “Can you think of any reason why a baby that is allergic to formula milk should be deprived of his mum’s breast milk?

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  2. albert john jewell

    The main reason is due to G.B. being corrupted within the “SO CALLED “intellectual elite who have (sucked up to) succumbed to the twin fork ATTACK U.S.A.&G.B.-google”uri bezmenov” for the K.G.B. subversion(since 1945) ;”THE SECRET RED HOUSE REPORT”..(circa 1943),the NAZI masterplan for the construction of the E.E.C ;now seen operating;YES??? “the reichstag fire decree (1933);parts of which are now in use by the legal & COURTS systems ;INSTEAD of using our common laws Etc.INTERESTED????

  3. This is blatant social engineering and child trafficking by the Government.

    No family court Judge can gag, stifle or threaten anyone, their hearings are unlawful, and a criminal denial of justice.

    They are sick, demented bastards, with no sense of morals and should be sectioned under the mental health act.

    They take an oath to uphold the law of the land, instead they conspire to steal children, in secret, because they no full well that a jury would
    never allow it to happen. Judges? This lot have buried Justice, and so the law, without justice, becomes the whore of the highest bidder,
    doing the bidding of their wig wearing pimps.

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