The most violent act of state kidnapping? 13-week-baby torn from mother’s breast at 4.30am Sunday morning


Please spread this far and wide. Make use of the phone numbers. Make it clear to those concerned that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Phone numbers:

Ammonford Police: 01267 222020
Swansea Social Services: 01792 635700
Cafcass Swansea: 01792 645535

In scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany, a 13 week old baby was wrenched from the breast of his mother by a female police officer at 4.30 a.m. today, in Ammonford police station, South Wales. The baby was then handed to a scruffy, unkempt single male “social worker”, who strapped him into a hard plastic car seat on a very cold night, with no addition blankets or soft toys, and drove off to an unknown destination. The mother’s partner, as well as other family members and friends present, were sickened at the cold cruelty of the collaborative action by police and Swansea Social Services.

The events in the police station took place after the mother had walked out of a secret Neath Court hearing which took place on Wednesday and Thursday earlier this week, where Swansea Social Services were attempting to remove her child. During the court proceedings, held under Statute Law, the mother challenged the lawfulness of the Court, correctly and accurately stating that Statute Law Courts are unlawful under Common Law. Despite repeated declarations by the lady judge that all parties in the Court were independent, the brave mother also exposed that the proceedings were unlawfully biased against her, her partner and their baby, by fact that a signed Contract of Partnership existed between the Family Law Division and Cafcass. Holding a copy of the signed Contract, the mother asked how the bench could be both independent and within a partnership contract.

Further bias was shown in the Court, in that Swansea Social Services staff, called as witnesses, were allowed to remain in Court throughout proceedings. The parents, however, were denied the right for their own family witnesses to be in Court to observe proceedings. McKenzie friends, acting for the parents in court were shocked to watch as a female Social Service worker was blatantly coached by her colleagues at the rear of the Court, whilst she gave testimony against the mother from the witness box. Alerted by the mother, the Judge refused to take action.

Following a difficult earlier life which had resulted in Social Services taking other children from her on the fictitious claim of emotional harm, two children later returned home to the mother with horrifying stories of abuse in Social Services care. Contrary to the ‘personality disorder’ picture painted by Swansea Social services, the children were even prepared to write their own statements as to the loving care they had received from their mother, both during her period on alcohol and drugs, and subsequently since she had started a new life, in a new home, with the hard working and loving father of her new child.

Harassed by Swansea Social Services since before the birth of her latest child, bullied with up to 16 telephone calls from them in a single day, suffering a stream of different and unknown social workers at her door every week, as well as aggressive calls from Swansea Legal Services, the mother was totally failed by the poor, if not incompetent, performance of her Legal Team. Knowing from previous experience that Social Services were now set on taking her newborn son, she decided to act for herself as Litigant in Person, assisted by two members of the public.

Despite being exhausted by disturbed nights with her baby, the need to leave the Court to breastfeed, and being untrained in law, this exceptional and loving mother was able to expose that the Court proceedings were both biased and unlawful. She also exposed that previous Court Orders were unlawful, in that they contained no signatures. Family members highlighted that psychological reports, alleging that the mother had a personality disorder, had also been exposed as liable to errors, and were based on pseudo scientific theory. A psychologist had also recommended ‘treatment’ for the Christian mother based on Buddhist meditation mantras.

Walking out of the Court in disgust, the exhausted mother sought refuge for a few days to recover, before resuming the fight to protect her child. This action was to unleash a massive police search in the South West of England, before the mother was finally arrested by South Wales police at 1.30 in the morning on her way back to her parents. Witnesses to the police action watched with incredulity as five police cars, festooned with blue flashing lights, stopped cars carrying the mother and her baby. Those present at the scene report that the ten police officers present were cold and aggressive in their haste to pull the mother and her child from the car, before racing off at speeds over 70 mph to Ammonford police station.

Desperate to stop the baby being given to the grubby South Wales Social Worker, the mother’s parents and friends had demanded to see the Court Order authorising the police and Swansea Social Services’ action. They were appalled to be given a Swansea Court Order containing no Court Stamp and no signature – omissions which render the document invalid at law.

Despite his dependence on his mother’s breast milk, due to a serious allergy to formula milk products which could result in his death, his parents and friends now have no idea of the location of the baby, or the quality of his care.

Readers of the story will be further alarmed to know that Swansea Social Services are under ongoing investigation for incompetence and allegedly dangerous practices which have placed other children in harm. That this can be done via unlawful and secret Family Courts, and with the full collusion of the police, is a state of affairs that should drive every person to demand immediate investigative action from their Member of Parliament. After all, these are the very people responsible for overseeing these disgraceful and disturbing events.

We should perhaps remember that a vicious part the Nazi system established itself through a creeping infiltration of the social services responsible for the care of the physically and mentally disabled. We have been warned.

More on state kidnapping here.

And here’s Christopher Booker in The Telegraph reporting Parents denied a voice in court against the child-snatchers, where Lord Justice Thorpe in the Court of Appeal ‘aghast’ at the way three children and been removed from their family.


9 responses to “The most violent act of state kidnapping? 13-week-baby torn from mother’s breast at 4.30am Sunday morning

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    This domination by the forces of the state must stop. We have the right to demand our MP does something about this NOW.

    I will be calling on Jonathan Edwards MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr to get involved. The whole situation has got out of hand with social services assuming they are the ‘The hand and the will of God’. They are not. They are simply human, like all of us, except they have lost their humanity and are prone to making the most terrible mistakes.

  2. VeraMaureen Jenner

    I contacted the MP for Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr, Jonathan Price who represents Ammanford. He cannot act unless and until this family, if they live in his constituency, contact him.

    Speaking from personal experience, this is a man you can rely on to do his best. He will not turn his back nor walk away. Give his Ammanford office a call please.

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  5. Roger Silook Jr.

    This is all too common and happening everywhere, The judicial systems ignorance is no secret. Only matter of time before it escalates as nothing is being done for the known and has been growing.

  6. “Statute Law Courts are unlawful under Common Law”. Absolute bollocks, and anyone believing that is an idiot. I have no knowledge of the actual circumstances regarding this family, but they appear to have been the victims of some extremely misleading legal advice that has almost certainly contributed to the children being taken into care.

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