“Victims Unite” with two stories on Global Legal Network MAARS

MAARS is a remarkably rich site for legal professionals and the lay public. It is committed to humanity’s collective struggle for justice, equality, dignity and understanding.

Under UK News & Views, it has opened a category Victims Unite and published two stories so far.


13 responses to ““Victims Unite” with two stories on Global Legal Network MAARS

  1. Thank you for this information Sabine. I have emailed MAARS and hope that my contribution will be the third from ‘Victims Unite’.
    What I can’t understand is why so many victims are willing to sit back instead of standing up shoulder to shoulder and flooding the internet with their own case details. I see that as the way forward, don’t you?
    Warm Regards
    Colin Peters

  2. VeraMaureen Jenner

    Today, I have enclosed the following, within a forwarded copy of the FREE PRESS RELEASE from Patrick Cullinane, to my MP. So far Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthenshire East and Dinefwr in Wales, has proved to be as responsive as his predecessor, Adam Price though he doesn’t always agree with the views of his constituents. Nevertheless, I think it worth ensuring he knows some of the facts and thought of at least some of his constituents so cannot claim ‘I didn’t know…’ That being so:

    Dear Jonathan,
    I hope you will spare the time to look at the article to which this is attached.
    You will see the names of more than one fair and decent MP on it. I hope you will support the idea of justice and do what you can to uphold what is left of it in UK.
    Judging by the cases listed, Patrick Cullinane is just one of hundreds of innocent victims of ‘the system’ for daring to challenge corruption within that system.
    The freedoms won through Magna Carta have dwindled to a pathetic shadow of those we enjoyed one hundred years ago. Indeed, my own father would not recognise the Britain nor the Wales we live in now.
    At sevety-four, I look back on a lifetime that has changed this country beyond recognition and, together with my fellow septuagenarians, I am filled with trepidation and horror at what I see. The scandal that was the Parliamentary Expenses episode has greatly affected the way in which people regard MPs; not for the better I may add.
    Never in my lifetime have I heard older people talking of ‘…revolt and the …need to break a few heads…we need to take back justice for the people…’ but it is happening and it is not only the young; even staid middle-aged and elderly people are feeling angry and frustrated beyond any degree imaginable even twenty or thirty years ago.
    There is great anger at the appalling secrecy of the family courts and we are aware of many individual cases where innocent people have suffered grave injustices at the hands of corrupt lawyers, barristers and judges.
    Indeed, I have been involved with and tried to help at least three from different constituencies; two in Wales and one in London who, after twenty years of struggling with ‘The Courts of Justice’ are still trying to make their voices heard but are constantly being stone-walled by ‘the system’.
    Hard-hearted, stone-faced bureaucrats who do their job, take their inflated salaries, are careless of those whose suffering they are compounding.
    I ask you, in all humility, to read and do what you can to support this cry for justice and end the corruption of our legal system by certain lawyers, members of the police force and members of the the judiciary who bring their once, noble professions, into disrepute. There is proof of all this and it is available in the public domain on the internet and on record.
    Regards and best wishes,

  3. SUPER WELL DONE, Maureen!!!

    May many people copy you, and may your MP copy John Hemming MP!!!

  4. For the last 900 years in England and Wales we have had to put up with his Leasehold Feudal System all of Europe incl Scotland and Wales have ditched it.

    At Trafalgar Court for 10 years the minority Leaseholders have been fighting through the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to get Trafalgar Court in Mundesley back to its former glory. Against us has been a Freeholder despite having a very bad history.

    Six other buildings, the LVT has put him in charge!

    The Fire service plus six MPS plus Grant Shapps are unable to help the situation!

  5. Yes, we need to sigh and fight together, Paul…

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  8. Trafalgar Court in Mundesley is a Royal Edwardian ex-Hotel which is a reminder of how Liblabcon have all failed to address
    our 800 year Freehold/Leasehold situation in England and Wales ! Now 32 flats stand empty and in ruin for over 10 years!

  9. Do people know that 3 million Leaseholders are “VASSAL” this
    freaked me out Sabine ,this means Leaseholders are inferior!
    That is why Scotland and Europe ditched Leasehold!

  10. Hi watch the video to see how our 800 year old feudal leasehold system has failed (10 years of the leasehold valuation tribunal) Trafalgar Court Mundesley Youtube!

  11. albert john jewell

    VERA MAUREEN JENNER, & MANY interested other ” VICTIM’s ” & a novel but “Old Fashioned ” approach to redress having Discordant rubbishy people living near you , who have harassed, molested , or ROBBED other neighbors (TO CAUSE ) feelings of DISTRESS & FEAR . In the HOLY CITY of NEWCASTLE-upon -TYNE ,( as now ) the Police powerless to do the job they drew money for , to protect the Townspeople (.VIGILANTE ) citizens took action to swiftly redress this situation .They casually sauntered ( at night-time ) past the offender’s house threw rocks with a label tied to it stating “GET-OUT-NOW-OR-ELSE “.If the OFFENDERS took no notice of the labeled rocks through their Best Parlor windows … The next night the rocks were replaced with small MOLOTOV- Cocktail’s . Of course the Good Neighbors were QUICK-to-hand to put out the now inflamed BEST-ROOM furniture , & carpets ;whil’st casually asking the OFFENDERS “what do YOU expect to happen NEXT perhaps you should move away to avoid more ACCIDENTS ” ? .We will help to pack your things up & leave.Thus they quickly moved house . ( .Subsequently ) : Police ,Authorities & The Court’s started to function PROPERLY once again ,for quite a few properties got hit this way & it got their fully focused attention rapidly .These VIGILANTE exercises fell into DISUSE .Which poses a question is this the problem/ solution we urgently need NOW ? Can there be someone,to compose a LIST nominating ( FOR ATTENTION) the names & addresses of Kiddy-fiddler’s,perhaps unlawful M agistrates ,Judges ,Legal ” Brothers ,M.P.’s ,Authority’s Figures ,or others CASUALLY ,OFFENSIVELY taking mean advantage of our Lawful & peaceful good nature ,by robbing -us-blind mercilessly ; TIME-AFTER-TIME ; Whil’st mistakenly thinking that we do’nt know where THEY live ???Why should we not (OUT THE JUDGE ) ? God Bless You One & All .jim.

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