Email from Shona Manson

Dear Ms McNeill,

There is little I can add to our previous exchanges.

I am aware that your organisation is representing a number of individuals who believe that the courts should not have made bankruptcy orders against them. The correct way in which to deal with those issues is by way of appeal to a higher court.

I am also aware of issues raised by those individuals concerning the appointment of insolvency practitioners as trustees of their bankruptcy estates. The function of a trustee in bankruptcy, as set out in the insolvency legislation, is to get in, realise and distribute the bankrupt’s estate in accordance with the legislation. In doing so it is the duty of the insolvency practitioner to use his or her professional and commercial judgment to maximise the realisation of assets for the benefit of creditors. The insolvency practitioner acts under the supervision of the court, it is generally open to creditors, and debtors, to bring matters before the court where they believe their interests are being unfairly harmed.

If you consider the individuals you represent have been failed by the judicial system then this is a matter you should raise with the Ministry of Justice.

Every person who acts as an insolvency practitioner must be authorised to do so: either directly by the Secretary of State or by one of a number of Recognised Professional Bodies. The existence of a proper complaints procedure was one of the factors taken into account when the bodies were initially recognised to authorise practitioners, it is open to any party who is dissatisfied with the professional conduct of an insolvency practitioner to raise their concerns with the practitioner’s authorising body. If a complaint is made, the authorising body will consider whether professional misconduct has occurred, and whether sanctions should be applied.

The fees chargeable to a bankruptcy estate are set by Parliament. The remuneration of a trustee is largely dependent on the amount of work to be done in properly administering the proceedings. In large and complex cases, the work necessary to fulfil the trustees duties will be considerably greater and expenses correspondingly higher. Under the provisions of the current insolvency legislation, it is for the creditors’ committee (a representative body of the creditors) or the creditors in general meeting to approve the basis and level of remuneration. If you wish more information on the appointment, functions, powers and payment of trustees in bankruptcy, I would refer you to The Service’s publication “Trustees and Liquidators in Bankruptcies and Compulsory Liquidations” which is available from our website Additional guidance on the remuneration of insolvency office holders can be found in Statement of Insolvency Practice 9 which is available from the web-site of the Association of Business Recover Professionals

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has recently published a study into the corporate insolvency market.  The study looked into the structure of the market and any features in the market which could result in harm, such as higher fees or lower recovery rates for certain groups of creditors.  The study is available at the following link: The Government intends to publish a response to the OFT study during October, which will be placed on The Insolvency Service website.

As I understand money laundering this is the exchange of money or assets obtained criminally for money or other assets that are ‘clean’. I can see nothing in the proper administration of a bankruptcy estate, where a trustee realises the assets of the bankrupt which the legislation states form the bankruptcy estate and distributes funds to creditors, which constitutes money laundering. I would ask you to refrain from implying that I am committing criminal offences without providing any evidence to support your accusations. Had I any evidence within my direct knowledge which indicated a criminal act I would report this appropriately.

However, if you hold any evidence of any criminal activity then this is a matter you should report to the Police. Alternatively you may wish to contact the UK Financial Intelligence Unit of the Serious Organised Crime Unit with a view to submitting a Suspicious Activity Report. Further details are available from the web-site

Yours sincerely,

Shona Manson


11 responses to “Email from Shona Manson

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    Oh, that we could have a smidgeon of hope with the receipt of all such platidudinous responses to pleas for help or advice from all such as Shona Manson, who are employed in similar roles in government or the civil service.

    Do these people not realise all the avenues they suggest have been explored and traversed so many times without an honourable conclusion; the net result being heartache, heartbreak, frustration and anger?

    Justice has long been blind; honour among those who should dispense justice has all but disappeared. Fat salaries, lucrative bonuses and a prominent part in the power game is what these pseudonymous, civil servants and politicians do best. Shame on them.

    • Not only that, Justice has become little more than an illusive pipe dream, a vain wish that there might be just an ounce of honour amongst those who’ve seized the power of governance to themselves – alas, most of those entrusted as guardians of the realm and enforcers of the Law / administrators of procedures in place in the Public domain, have generally shown themselves to resort and act in collusion with scurrilous dealings. Their goal is to line the pockets of criminals who parade as officials, endorsing and condoning money laundering, forgeries and non-compliant “bankruptcies” – to prop up the collapsed economy which now runs as a Black economy.
      There is a glaring ‘want of probity’ – especially in the Insolvency arena where Insolvency abuse and bogus / fraudulent / vexatious ‘bankruptcies’ are more commonplace than any “normal” business.

      The line up of false “trustees” who are appointed by unrecognisable and unauthorised signatories with their illegible scribblings on invalid falsified “certificates of appointment”, is off the scale.

      Shona Manson is about as trustworthy as a convicted hijacker, whose ability to turn a Nelsonian blind eye is so well -practiced that she ought to be indicted and put on Trial herself for a full Public Enquiry and wide scale investigation into all of the false and dishonest ‘work’ she has done in the course of her over-cooked career – much reviled by many – and complacent in the extreme.

      Isn’t it about time that Manson, along with her string of cronies and fruits of the nuclear trail she has crafted unconscionably year after year, were bought to book for AIDING AND ABETTING SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME ? And then made to provide full recompense and compensation by the seizing of all her assets and those of her accomplices, for all of the shocking happenings that have occurred under her ‘watch’ and under that of Stephen Speed.

      Shame on these vagrants – who should be renounced and boycotted by all self-respecting men and women who have fallen foul of the despicably run system, now so steeped in corrupt practices and malfeasance that it makes Hitler look like a friendly counsellor.

  2. Shona Manson Eh? Is she related to Charles? “The correct way in which to deal with those issues is by way of appeal to a higher court” says she. WHAT A LOAD OF SCALLOPS! She will actually draw a salary for churning out this drivel. The higher the court the lower the morality! As Heydrich might have said, “If Goebbels has treated you badly, you should complain to Himmler”!

    Then she says, “If you consider the individuals you represent have been failed by the judicial system then this is a matter you should raise with the Ministry of Justice”. The Judicial ‘SYSTEM’? (Better described as the Judicial Mafia). YOU WOULD DO BETTER TO ‘RAISE THE MATTER’ WITH LORD LUCAN OR FATHER CHRISTMAS!

  3. What a load of drivel from Shona Mason “operating” for the other side… unless she’s been up against “the well tried and tested corrupt Judicial/Court system” then in my opinion she has NO Idea!! Other than she can tell us what she likes because she knows she is a protected Person by con-traversial Article 53 of The EU Convention on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms sub/s 7 and 8…derived from the German Legal Advice Law of 1935..

  4. The reply from Shona Mason was standard merry-go-round stuff. If she wants a mountain of replies we have received from the idiots she suggests we should go to, she can have them. Does anyone know her profession? It is always a good idea to ask and, very strange how many of them are connected to the legal halfwits.

    This is a typical dictatorial way of giving people the run around hoping they will eventtually give up. This was the reason why Hitler’s Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 meant that lawyers had to be paid, even for the first consultation. This in effect forced a stubborn complainant out of the fray, by bankrupting them if they insisted on going to visit too many lawyers. There was of course the opportunity of going to the Gestapo for sound legal advice, according to the German Ministry of Justice. The UK Ministry of Justice works on exactly the same principles, which are bequeathed to us through the Lisbon Treaty.

    The dignity of man is INVIOLABLE the reason for this is that we have NO dignity to VIOLATE in the first place.

    I openly challenge Shona Mason and anyone she wants bring along, to meet me in public to discuss this matter.

  5. Well what can anyone add after your what appears to me as well researched remarks Michael; other than face the reality head on, armed with the fact that we the general public are beginning to awake to their devious manipulative brainwashing fascist type inspired Scams??

  6. Please read the OFT report!

    Please support that as a way forward if you are able!


    Jeff Lampert

  7. Stooges such as Ms Manson are there for the sole reason of bouncing the complainant back and forth to use up the energy reserves. Careful scrutiny of the text is required before any reply is made. They always, always make some kind of mistake, as illustrated in the letters at the link below.

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