Correspondence with Shona Manson, Insolvency Service

“We are alright. We do not accept what you are saying, let alone responsibility. We are doing the correct things. ”

This is the essence what Shona Manson wrote. Our email exchange is here.


2 responses to “Correspondence with Shona Manson, Insolvency Service

  1. It’s time that Miss Manson lifted her head from the sand where she has been busily burying it for over the past 10 years, purely motivated by the interests of her and her colleagues dishonestly-obtained pecuniary gain….and enjoy watching the ROLE REVERSAL take place, which has now begun: their party is over, only this hasn’t dawned upon them yet. Lord only knows how they’ve got away with such criminal acts for THIS long. Everything stated in my email of a few days ago, stands. Shona Manson needs to be the first one to be indicted. The woman’s misconduct is utterly contemptible. Does she think we are all stupid, or deaf dumb & blind ?

    Liz Watson
    One Voice Action Group

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