Emailing MPs who signed EDM 516

Yesterday I worked on the data base of MPs who are potentially supportive for victims of financial exploitation or legal oppression.

As a result, I emailed all 16 MPs who signed Early Day Motion 516 entitled Reporting of Fraud. Besides congratulating them, I asked them whether they’d be willing to join an All Party Parliamentary Group of Fairness to match our Foundation for Fairness that we’re setting up.

First it is difficult to report a fraud. Then it is difficult to pursue a course of action. And finally it is impossible to get justice. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after my many communications with “star” and “veteran victims”. One horrible story after another.

How on earth can those people sleep at night, I wonder? Do they have a switch for turning their conscience OFF or is it never turned ON in the first place?

Well, there is a German poem that I always liked: a father who asks his son to take muster his strengths, his pleasures and his pains, for they want to touch the heart of stone of the king…

So we need the experience of pain, if we want to touch another non-feeling heart.


3 responses to “Emailing MPs who signed EDM 516

  1. Hi. Sabine

    I replied to your e-mail am. today concerning Human Rights
    ECHR. Could you treat that material as a comment and please
    forward it to Paulette who is in court later this week re: Lincoln.

  2. “Fraud” doesn’t exist in a legal sense – because the entire Legal FICTION is the biggest ‘fraud’ of all ! I am talking about the ‘wicker man’ principle here. Ask any lawyer if ‘fraud’ exists in a legal context, and he will answer in the negative. The burden of proof is ridiculously high, virtually impossible, when working within legal paramenters. Herein lays a big clue.

    I am surprised to note you are still avidly pursuing the path of heaping reliance upon MP’s – who have already shown their ‘stripes’ many times over that they can not be relied upon even for the simplest things, let alone dealing with the troubles of mis-governance brought to them by thousands of constituents.

  3. Perhaps before any of us dare try to embark on a coursre of action VIA the legal industry and the judiciary, they will sign up to an undertaking that as a member of the public we will be protected by the law and the courts, that there will be no corruption on the part of the judiciary or the legal industry, to ensure fair and just process of the law for the public, as it is the first duty of any and all goverments to protect their citizens. Where is our protection?

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