The Insolvency Service responds on behalf of Vince Cable

Writing letters on behalf of an organisation tends to have more impact, for as an individual we are nobody in our “no logo culture”…

To enter into a process of communication with official bodies on behalf of groups of victims is a new co-creative art form. We better become good at it, as good as possibly possible! For one of the global elite leaders decries the “global political awakening” that we are part of. That’s one of our chances! A ‘kink’ in the firewalls around the establishment with its rule of money…

So we started with Dr. Vincent Cable on behalf of


2 responses to “The Insolvency Service responds on behalf of Vince Cable

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    My initial reaction was one of utter disbelief and disappointment but then my hackels got raised and I determined the fight against injustice must go on.

    I have no personal problem, but I am involved through friendship with some victims. I remain convinced that the internet offers the best chance of arousing general public awareness through publicity as well as communication between victims.

    Until recently, I was unaware the problem was so widespread and I have been receiving updates on their personal problems from friends for several years. This only goes to prove – the general public knows nothing about the depth of corruption in our legal system.

    More publicity and more attention needs to be directed at righting the wrongs. Just how we do this is not clear but if we can attract the attention and good-will of someone with fame and fortune at their behest, we will have made a great stride forward.

    The greatest boost we can give ourselves is to get recognition on the internet so, we need to find someone or some group like the founders of Taxpayers’ Alliance who have managed to mobilise thousands into voting for reform in politics. Surely, not too far a leap to reform the legal maelstrom?

    • Yes, yes, utter disbelief that makes me speechless and hold my breath.

      But at least I’ve discovered online petitions.

      And I’ve discovered some victims who don’t just go on about their own case. They’ve been at it for such a long time that they help each other in great solidarity.

      But it’s VERY hard to struggle without legal advice from professionals, without people who have professional PR experience and web knowhow.

      So, yes, Prince Charming would make a difference. Meanwhile, we just work with what we’ve got!…

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