Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman

Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman is the title of Early Day Motion 1418 tabled by our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP, once again on behalf of victims, on June 16, 2003.

It is interesting that it was signed by 60 MPs all in all. I shall not check how many have been re-elected, but 60 is a remarkable support!

Austin Mitchell MP re Complaints

Austin Mitchell MP re Complaints

This letter from Austin Mitchell MP to David Law says also a lot about why he’s alwasy been on our side!

Click on it to see it enlarged.


3 responses to “Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    Why do we credit our members of parliament with supernatural powers?

    They are all, as are we, just human.But, occasionally, we find one who stands out from the rest.Is it luck, charisma, integrity, experience, courage, or a mixture of all that goes into the making of an earth shaker and ground breaking reformer?

    Would that we had more who are truly committed to serving rather than being served.Those who have suffered so much know they have to continue the battle against the overwhelming odds stacked against them.

    The tide of effluence, currently gushing out of the bear pits we call the law courts of Britain, is just a taste of what may be exposed in the future. The legal profession have had it far too much their own way for far too long.

    The power and corruption of lawyers and the judiciary have never been so extensively exposed as they have been recently through the internet.

    So much that was hidden has been revealed. Those who believed theirs was a case in isolation, have learned they are part of a fraternity and in good company.This united band will grow as more are made aware of its existence. Rodents in robes – beware!

  2. Here’s what I received from Peter Oakes regarding this letter:

    Quote: “I,d very much like to. Having ventured to speak out on abuses of the law, of accountancy, and of insolvency, I’ve received lots of letters, problems and illustrations of the abuses I’ve been complaining about. It continues to amaze me that there’s so little provision for redress against abuses of this nature.”

    Austin goes on to say “and the Government Deptments, totally deferential to the professions, are useless and better at fobbing people off rather than helping.”
    A.Mitchell MP.

    Well there is something very important here: Austin has confirmed that the U.K. Government is in serious breaches of the “Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms as amended by Protocol Nos. 1,4,6 and 7. Registry of the European Court of Human Rights November 1998.

    Remember: only a Public Body, Government Dept. can effect your European Rights ECHR.

    A private individual cannot be pursued for HR abuses. But Austin has confirmed Government Depts. and the Insolvency process (a Dept. of the DTI, Dept. of Trade and Industry)
    Therefore the British Govnt. is involved in serious breaches of the rights granted to ALL Europeans.

    ECHR. Article 13. Right to an effective remedy.
    Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.

    That means judges, court personnel, police, officers, DTI, etc. remeber Omission ( failure to act or perform a duty is a criminal act!

    Now in the British Human Rights Act 1998. Article 13 has been removed along with Article 1.

    ECHR Article 1. Obligation to respect human rights.
    The High Contracting Parties shall (this is an order, no choice but to obey!) secure to everyone within their jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined in Section 1 of this Convention.

    The UK Government is operating outside the Law and we are European Citizens.

    The House of Commons is operating illegally.

    Regards Peter

  3. Dear Peter

    This is an interesting observation! It also illustrates to me that, in addition to the financial profession that ensures financial exploitation, the legal profession ensures legal oppression.

    The combination of the Rule of Money and the non-compliance with the Rule of Law is what we are experiencing.

    The question is: how do we best turn these insights into meaningful individual and collective action?

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