The Honest Services Law in the US

This article in the Guardian is about the details of the former media mogul’s appeal against a six-and-a-half-year sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice.

It refers to the Honest Services law in the US that is applied only to instances of bribery and kickbacks.

Since the fight takes place between Conrad Black and the government for tax reasons, one does wonder where the real power lies, and it seems that it is the hands and eyes of the respective lawyers…


2 responses to “The Honest Services Law in the US

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    Yet another example of ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune.’

    The whole business is unsavoury to say the least. It reminds us that justice and the quality of justice has inspired many, including Shakespeare and Dickens, to write some of their greatest masterpieces but these, though acknowledged to be great works by those who make and administer the law, have not secured the delivery of justice for all.

    The ‘Law’ is as perverse as ever and is only as good and just as those who admininster it. Sadly, when these administrators are as morally distorted as many seeking justice have discovered, to their cost, there is little one individual can do against so strong an adversory BUT when many wronged individuals UNITE to seek a moral victory, nothing can stop the turning of the tide.

    • You’ve put your finger on the point, Maureen! That’s why ultimately it’s the Bank of England and the banks it’s supposed to supervise who are to blame, as they create money from thin air, to sell it at interest.

      It’s clear: as an individual, one has to do one’s best within the system.

      As a network of individuals, however, we can attempt to change the system. And we must. We owe it to our conscience, hearts, minds and fellow sufferers.

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