Grandparents Group faces Gagging Order


Grandparents Apart Wales, a group that is dedicated to the welfare of children being reunited with their grandparents, is to be silenced or else.

The group have been reporting on a case about social services having failed yet again and have received a letter from a head of children’s services telling them to remove the story or face legal proceedings.

They campaign for grandparents via The Charter for Grandchildren to be first in line to care for children when they need to go into care.

It is well known that the biggest percentage of children that go through the care system are known to be non-achievers lacking in self esteem, crying out for what they were robbed of as a child and are  likely to seek comfort in the many gangs that are growing ever faster in our cities.

The audacity of this letter comes at a time when social services are being condemned UK wide by TV and the media for their reported failures regarding the recent fatalities and lack of care of our children.


“What a cheek”.

“How disgraceful is this?”…

It’s hard to find sensible explanations:

  • people just doing their job?
  • people “following orders and rules”?
  • people following somebody’s order who is actually not their boss?


6 responses to “Grandparents Group faces Gagging Order

  1. Send our campaign a copy of this letter threatening honest
    decent citizens with legal action.


    Civil Servants are just that WE THE PUBLIC ARE THEIR MASTERS

    Inform the arrogant public servant he is /she is guilty of
    intimidation, concealing offences, misconduct in a public
    office !

    It is essential YOU call their bluff ! these cretins are no more than jumped up jobs worth bullying citizens who have been traumatised by the cruel, de-grading.inhuman torture they are subjecting you too !

    Remember You are a European citizen, no longer secretly en-slaved or a subject of the queen, subject to what ? abuse etc.
    the queen owes you a duty of care re: The Coronation Oath
    sworn by all monarchs. the queen is the peoples traitor
    and we should let her know it !

    Regards Peter Oakes

    Bring on a Republic for gods sake remove our secret shackles & chains Wake-up for christ sake.

    Regards Peter Oakes Freedom Fighter Democracy will rule O.K.

  2. And as an after thought send this arrogant Social Worker
    the information that his colleagues in Social Services in NEW SOUTH WALES Australia were providing children to police paedophiles and selling children.

    Dont Believe ? Google; Royal Commission Enquiry into
    NSW police peadophiles.

    this will lead you to the New South Wales Govnt. Library
    where 6 vols. of filth await your awareness.

    IS THE SAME GOING ON IN THE UK ? Dam right it is ask
    Ch.Insp. Brierly Crewe Police who has been concealing offences for years.

    Regards Peter Oakes

  3. We have DUTY to disobey bad laws, & a DUTY to disobey bad gaggng orders. If those threatened feel unable to do so (for whatever reason) then please send something to me so that I can disobey it. I’m not capable of putting up a website, but if there is any way it can be done, please let me know. We MUST challenge these arrogant, bullying dictators.
    Norman Scarth.

  4. Give us a contact number/email address and we can all let these people know that we are sick of the way that children and families are being abused for corporate gain.
    Under the international ‘Every Child Matters’ scheme, which really means ‘the matters of every child must bring in revenue’, this has to stop. We owe it to our children to break the corrupt cycle of targets and the corporate child

  5. I speak as a grandmother who was always there for children and grandchildren but the youngsters grow up and grow away. So often you are left with sad though beautiful memories. That’s all they are – beautiful memories.

    You can tell your grandchildren you will always be there for them but you cannot guarantee they will call or even remember.

    I lived in Cyprus for a time amd my grandchildren visited every year because I sent their airfares, arranged sea trips; bought mountain bikes; arranged sleepovers with friends and it was all very convenient for their parents to have me look after their youngsters for four to five weeks evey summer while they were at work. Once I returned to UK and there was no swimming pool, no Mediterranean sunshine, etc,, I was surplus to requirements. I remain so; just a shadow in the background; good for the odd cheque at birthdays and Christmas, but no more despite my emails and text messages.Young people grow up and grow away, it is a natural progression. Don’t grieve too much.

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