The morning after: new look, renewed commitment

Dear Victims turned Starfighters, and, above all, dear “Victim Veterans”!

It seemed to me that everybody was quite happy with the meeting in which I shared the most important breaking news:

  1. I had heard and spoken to Louise Casey, the remarkable Victims’ Commissioner who was talking about having to do a “hearts and minds job” at the RSA.
    • Please let me have any suggestion as a comment here, or send an email to Sabine AT!
    • I contacted Mike Crockart, the MP who tabled Early Day Motion 516 on Reporting of Fraud to congratulate him on his initiative and invite him to join us.
    • DO GET YOUR MP TO SIGN IT, PLEASE, and do let me have your comments about your MP! I’ll start a data base of MPs and their ‘usefulness’ and supportiveness!
  2. With a view to offering our services as a “Watchdog for White Collar Crime”, we are looking for people to look after “Watch Puppies” (Brad’s idea!) in specialised areas such as
    — Insolvency Service (for which Paulette has offered her initiative)
    — the Courts
    — the Land Registry
    — mental hospitals (for which Maurice and Norman are excellent fighters)

One of the reasons for choosing a new look for this site is my desire to publish PROFILES of VICTIM VETERANS who are willing to offer their support as McKenzie Friend or otherwise, and especially what their area of expertise is. Please send me text and photo, and I’ll publish your profile! You may have seen professional portraits such as mine on LinkedIn. For this site, we just need a statement of professional experience and experience of courts, solicitors, judges, land registry, etc.

Any other ideas and suggestions WELCOME!

Requesting Compliance with the Law

Requesting Compliance with the Law

Click on the slide to see the TO DO lists I showed.

And click here to read what Paulette said about her commitment and intentions for action.


8 responses to “The morning after: new look, renewed commitment

  1. Hi. Sabine.
    Thank You for organising Committee Room 14 House of Commons for our meeting yesterday 21July10.

    Ideas. Because non of us are completely legaly qualified and even if we were qualified, I have witnessed solicitors present a perfect case, and the victim still loses!

    Instance, due to the excellent work of G.Ebert and others we all left Stourbridge Court convinced that David Fabb had won the day! The Judge stated there was no sealed Court Order on which a Bankruptcy relies! Therefore there could be no bankruptcy. This was just one of several points discovered by Mr.Ebert’s expertise in bankruptcy law. (He is a valuable asset to our group.)

    However I was sorry to learn yesterday the judgement has gone against David because of judicial discretion. There is no such discretion allowing thefts by bankruptcy to take place.

    I am convinced we have to go back to basics and start at grass roots level. We must isolate the criminal offence!
    We must simplify it. (They love confusion) and we must report the offence to a CONSTABLE and take the badge No. of the Constable.

    Before we all rush off, burying ourselves in self-pity concerning our own personal cases, take time out to think about the future actions (no more individual cases; we have enough evidence of the procedures used by these criminals).

    We must force prosecutions from the Authorities because if they refuse to uphold the Law, they will loose their credibility and be ridiculed by the Public.

    Please Google: The Office of Constable.

    It is a pamphlet that starts: The office of constable the
    bedrock of modern day policing.

    Read this pamphlet, understand what it says, and we can then move forward following the Law’s own instruction manual. The Law must uphold itself or it will implode!

    And R-V-Sood is extremely important to us. Anyone who places one document in any official proceeding that is dishonest or inaccurate in anyway is guilty of “making a false declaration” Sect. 5. 1911 Perjury Act. There is no defence to this charge. Once the document has been entered into proceedings, the offence is completed, no if’s, but’s, maybe’s. It’s job done. You will have them convicted of a criminal offence, and anyone found guilty of any offence concerning the perjury act, can no longer give evidence in any tribunal or trial enquiry etc.

    They are effectivly silenced for life! They will not be able to say you are vexatious etc. and they will not be able to place a restraining order on your goodself.

    Regards Peter Oakes.

  2. EBERT Gedaljahu

    The Meeting was a DISASTER.
    The statment does not reflect the Event a complet “FOBB-OFF”
    The true event is OMITTED from the Statment Namley:
    1. The Declaration for JUSTICE.
    2. The Publication of “WANTED” which is a Fundamental Issue
    in all the Casses that led to Miscarege of Justice,TORTURE.
    3. The Proposel of Action,Norman-Scarch,Peter Oaks,Paul
    Talbit Jenkins and Others.
    4. The Comment by Many that the Purported Good-News is
    Bad-News and the the Public-Voice,to the Contarary
    Delay of Justice and preventing to stop the Victim’s
    daily torture as striping the Victim’s there Libaraty,
    and Property.
    5. We need Action not stories and FOBB-OFF

  3. ‘Good’ judges? If there WERE any, they would take the lead in exposing, denouncing & imprisoning the bad ones. They don’t. Instead, they close ranks to protect each other. That in itself means they are ALL corrupt. As for lawyers: Ask them, ‘Will you help me expose corrupt judges?’ The answers I have received to that question have been, ‘It would be the end of my career’. At best they would never win another case, they could find themselves in prison, or, like Patrick Finucane in Northern Ireland, with a bullet in the head.

  4. First my thanks to Sabine. IF we ever achieve anything she will have played a major part in it. I respectfully disagree with Ebert, & did NOT find the meeting a disater but a wonderful opprtunity to meet & exchange ideas with others. I particularly liked what Peter Oakes said, about ‘fraud’ being robbery. Our biggest problem is of course the breadth & depth of the corruption in the country . However, there is another: Sheep, like shoals of fish & flocks of birds work wonderfully together, acting in unison. We don’t: We are all Mavericks, members of The Awkward Squad, & it is that which makes us what we are.

    • Thanks, Norman!

      I’ve just noticed that the MailOnline did not publish my comment on the 175,000 repossessions…

      Now I sent this:
      Pity that my comment did not get published as no 12. I wonder why… No reason given, I wasn’t even informed that it was not published.

      And that in the world of blogs! I better keep a copy of my comment when I create a link to the original article.

      Well, we’ve just had a meeting of “victims turned starfighters” and “victim veterans” in the House of Commons. See

      And there is illustrating the big difference between writing about it and it happening to you.

  5. Re my last comment, starting ‘First my thanks to Sabine …’ I somehow clicked the ‘submit comment’ while still drafting it. I add the following. Reference is made to ‘White collar crime’. There is also ‘Bewigged crime’. My own view is that the crimes by the Judicial Mafia make all the others possible. As for the ‘problem’ about us not being sheep: Don’t know the answer to that one. Is there some Sergeant-Major who can turn us into an an efficient fighting force? RIGHT YOU LOT! GET FELL IN! NOW – WHEN I BLOW THE WHISTLE – OVER THE TOP & FOLLOW ME! CHARGE!!!! (:-) Of course, it isn’t always so straight forward, in which case the advice in the Army Manual is, ‘If in doubt, always march towards the sound of gunfire’. Or, in naval parlance, follow the destroyer tradition: When outnumbered & outgunned go into close range at full speeed, all guns blazing. It is death or glory. Sometimes glory results – sometimes ???

    • You are always soo funny, Norman! Such a delight! “The Awkward Squad”…

      “Watchdog for White Collar Crime”. That’s what we hope the Ministry of Justice will pay us to do.

      I actually think it’s the Dishonest Money that we have that makes all other crimes possible.

      But the money system is a complex issue…

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