State kidnapping – another “case story”

It’s too hard to believe. You don’t want to get involved, unless you’re hit yourself.

But the document that I also published as Case 12 says it in words and on video: real people, real experiences, real suffering.


3 responses to “State kidnapping – another “case story”

  1. To Raymond Ashley.

    State Kidnapping of Children.

    I read your comments. I have known Maureen Spalek-Agnew for many years. I attended Runcorn Magistrates Court & Warrington Magistrates Court to assist Maureen and other Victims.

    I provided Maureen with the absolute defence to the charges she faced. She was following a lawful course of action. She was given the absolute proof that dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss Kidnapped Corey. R.
    ———–. She failed to expose the truth for her own selfish reasons. She had the opportunity to expose the whole blasted mess! Ask Maureen Spalek why she refused to use the evidence I provided.

    The evidence was also sent to Christopher Booker
    Sunday Telegraph. If you need a copy ask Maureen. If she refuses contact myself. I will send you a copy.

    Please note this campaign group is honorable and decent. We do not need Facebook lunies and other timewasters. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and people’s lives are being ruined!

    Regards Peter Oakes

  2. Hi Everybody.

    Please Google:

    Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Peadophiles.

    This will lead you to the New South Wales Australian Govnt
    Library where 6 volumes of records reveal NSW Social Services were providing children to police peadophiles and
    offering children for sale etc.

    There is no reason to believe that what occurred in Australia in 1997. is not taking place in the UK and that
    State Kidnapping is a thriving disgusting trade creating vast profits for Social Servicees agents & employees.

    Regards Peter Oakes

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