EDM 516: Reporting of Fraud

We are not alone!

Mike Crockart MP (Lib Dem, Edinburgh West) has tabled Early Day Motion 516 which reads as follows:

That this House notes that there are multiple bodies to which fraud may be reported but that it is unclear which body should be approached in any particular circumstance; believes that these structures appear complicated and even unmanageable and that this may discourage victims of fraud from effectively reporting it; further notes that it is not always clear, even to those bodies investigating fraud, whether a criminal or civil law has been broken, which can lead to victims of fraud being passed between agencies; further notes that victims of fraud often experience an undue sense of shame which may inhibit willingness fully to report the crime; and therefore calls for the simplification of the procedure by which members of the public may report suspected cases of fraud.

So far, another 9 MPs have signed. This is another reason for you to contact your MPs: get them to sign this Early Day Motion! If enough MPs sign, it will eventually be taken up for debate, and also the media.


8 responses to “EDM 516: Reporting of Fraud

  1. Well, I reckon that this particular MP has done his homework.
    Consider this. I approached the police while the fraud was ongoing and before the case had reached a civil court.
    I was told by a member of the CID in Bradford,, Jim Murphy, that, on the basis of the evidence that I had laid before him he could arrest my crooked customer and have him put in prison, but, that would not get me my money back.
    His advice was to stick with the civil courts.
    This I did and my crooked customer won the day on a pack of lies that were different to, and conflicted with, the pack of lies that had got him his legal aid certificates!!!
    I now had all the evidence I needed to prove fraud and deception and perjury and have twice since tried to persuade the police to investigate.
    I have tried to ‘Lay an Information’ before the Magistrates in Bradford but have been thwarted by a lawyer there.
    No matter what the reason why the courts have ‘got it wrong’, by mistake, through stupidity, or through corruption, once they’ve ‘got it wrong’, nobody with the power to do anything about it, wants to know.

    On the subject of Early Day Motions :- In December of 1992 I had an EDM before Parliament which read,

    “That this House is concerned that the operation of legal aid can produce injustice notably where one litigant gets assistance and the other does not or where legal aid is obtained fraudulently; and calls for a mechanism by which judgements can be set aside where abuse of the legal aid system is made evident.”

    Putting my own personal interest aside, any normal ‘reasonable man’ so beloved by the courts, would have signed this EDM because
    1, It was a common sense means to justice and
    2, It deterred the abuse of public funds.

    Sad to say that it was signed by only 53 MPs but does that tell us something about a government that his top heavy with lawyers who might one day return to their profession.

    We are all experts on our own particular cases and I would urge all of you to write about your own experiences in these forums. In this manner we might see patterns emerging which we could collectively use in our arguments in protesting about this wicked system.

  2. Sorry about this. In my piece above, I got the date wrong. The year of my EDM 444 was 2002 and not 1992.

  3. This EDM says it all re: complicated & un-managable.

    In other words: the circumstances are deliberately obfuscated-confused as a delaying tactic and designed to deter all-but the most dedicated individual from pursueing a claim either civil or criminal. And even then you lose because you are a Litigant In Person.

    No solicitor lawyer will represent you in a fraud case, because their industry is a complete fraud. There are no honest solicitors because they have all been got rid of by the fraudsters who rely on frauds for their living, e.g. falsifying wills. (Harold Shipman case
    being famous). The other scam is people appoint them as executors in their wills! A fatal mistake. It is impossible to remove them from this office, because you are now dead, they bled your estate dry with bogus costs (frauds). Your loved ones see very little of your life’s rewards.

    It should all be very simple Fraud is theft, is a criminal offence. It is police business. End-off.
    But the police are – must-be beneficiaries of these frauds because they never ever investigate or prosecute anyone for fraud. Ask Mr. Ebert. His bloody book is obvious that fraud took place and that’s all the evidence the police need for the CPS to prosecute.

    All in one book, tells you where all the documents are, who the fraudsters are! What more do they need?

    The fraudsters are senior judges re: Nueberger, Lightman. Bent coppers re: PC Donovan. -8th Aug.02.
    Southwark Crown Court who perjured himself before Recorder Brigden Court room 15. witnessed by myself, Mr. Ebert, Dr. Oraki.

    We should promote what our meeting today says: Support the Rule of Law. Because at present there is NO Law unless the police decide there is Law.

    And that means the Police are Fraudsters along with any one else who says “it’s a civil matter; seek legal advice.” It’s a criminal matter. End-of. And if the police do not pursue it, they are assisting offenders, concealing offences, etc, and HMCS is facillitating these frauds by providing the personnel & venues for these thefts to take place, yes, yes, yes, thefts. That is what is is: theft, and that an Offence, re;Theft Act.sect. 51

    Sorry I could be accused of having a rant! Well it needs ranting about in my view.

  4. Dear All.
    I am a member of the Northwest Fraud Forum and I was invited to a meeting in June where several big wigs were Chairing the meeting. One of these was ROSIE COOPER MP. I had forwarded her a copy of Mr. Ebert’s and Brad Meyer’s book FORENSICS OF LEGAL FRAUD.

    Both Rosie Cooper and the Serious Fraud Office are in full knowledge of ROBBERY _ THEFT by the Insolvency Process known as bogus bankrupting!

    Brad’s and Mr.Ebert’s book is now in the pocession of the very top levels of law enforcement (or lack of it)!

    Please inform MP Crockart and ask him to contact Rosie Cooper MP and Dave Anderson MP, another recipient of the book by Brad and The Big E.

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