“No comment” from Buckingham Palace

I don’t have a scanner. So I copy with my fingers:

Buckingham Palace, 13th July, 2010

Dear Mrs McNeill

Thank you for your letter of 6th July addressed to the Private Secretary.

Careful note has been taken of your comments regarding your views on the work of Her Majesty’s Court Services, but I must tell you that this is not a matter on which The Queen or this office would comment.

As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts on the advice of her Ministers and I would, therefore, suggest that you address your appeal directly to the Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke, QC, MP, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice at the Ministry of Justice, 102, Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Jennie Vine

Correspondence Officer


5 responses to ““No comment” from Buckingham Palace

  1. But just a minute Sabine. Aren’t you being advised to complain to lawyers about the conduct of their brother lawyers?
    Like I have said so many times regarding this kind of situation, “How does one appeal to Satan from Satan?”
    Then again, there’s the realisation that I made and recorded to paper back in 1994.
    “For whatever reason, when the interests of justice conflict with the interests of lawyers, then, injustice is inevitable.”
    It’s true!

    • Yes, Colin,

      But now our PM said “Let’s bing on the people power revolution”.

      Maybe he didn’t realise that it would mean serious decisions for serious people: which side are you on?

  2. I’m certain that you know which side I’m on Sabine. I well remember that Tony Blair got my vote on his promise to bring people like myself justice. — To make what is unfair, fair etc.
    What a load of waffle that was!!!
    Still, since the new PM has made that promise whilst actually in office, who knows? I don’t think that he realises the full import of his words.
    Only time will tell.

  3. Dear Sabine.
    Been there! Done that! Same old
    nonsense. The head of a company is responsible
    for the employees’ actions, omissions, gross negligence, incompetence, & criminal conduct! etc.

    The Crown wants everything except responsiblity
    and of course the fraudsters upholding their coronation oath.

    Under what warrant, authority does any U.K. group act to destroy, prosecute, imprison, any European citizen?

    In 2001 the Queen’s employee Deabra Been told myself & Mr.Ebert the same rubbish, tell the peasants we will do as we want to. So called democracy.

    Regards Peter Oakes serf!

  4. Dear Sabine.
    They say emotions rule the brain! So get this. You will not believe it is true but you
    can ask Miss. Jennie Vine to confirm or deny!

    Miss Vine said you should contact the lord chancellor
    Mr. kkenneth clarke QC (queer —–) or is it queens?

    I, PETER HENRY BARON GOLDSMITH, do declare that
    well and truly I will serve The Queen as Her Attorney General in all Her Courts of Record within Great Britain,
    and truly counsel The Queen in Her matters, when I shall be called, and duly and truly minister The Queens matters and sue The Queens process after the course of the Law, and after my cunning for any matter against The Queen where The Queen is party I will take no wages or fee of any man.

    I will duly in convenient time speed such matters as any person shall have to do in the Law against The Queen as I may lawfully do, without long delay, tracting or tarrying the Party of his lawful process in that to me, belongeth, and I will be attendant to The Queen’s matters when I shall be called thereto.

    Now change the name to Kenneth Clarke QC and pay attention to the capital letters, and you will see
    they have a serious problem! The AG has promised the Party (parties) his lawful process in that to the AG belongeth!

    Now all that remains is to get Buckingham Palace’s
    Miss Vine to confirm said oath!

    Regards Peter Oakes

    Please raise this Oath on the 21 July in our next meeting.

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