Let’s bring on the ‘people power revolution’

This is a quote from the PM as you can read here.

Let’s show him what this means, shall we?

For he can hardly know what it means to suffer the way that ‘seriously oppressed subjects of HM’ are suffering.

Nor does he appreciate and understand how Dishonest Money is the tool with which it all comes about.

Or does he realize that the Bank of England could make a big difference?

Let’s go for it!


One response to “Let’s bring on the ‘people power revolution’

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner

    For too long politicians have made laws but, seemingly, have not bothered too much about the honourable intentions of those whose job it is to enforce those same laws.

    For too long, ordinary, law abiding citizens have been held to ransom by self-seeking, utterly ruthless practitioners of the legal system, themselves cocooned by their ‘club’which protects its own as only the legal mafia can.

    If David Cameron and the coalition government means to ‘…Bring on people power…’as he stated, then they must listen to ALL those who have sought justice for so long BEFORE it is too late. So many have already reached their three score and ten and for them, time is running out as they battle with old age and its attendant maladies.

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