Corrupt Prosecutor jailed for bribe

This article in the Express must give every victim hope: Sarfraz Ibrahim was jailed at Swansea Crown Court after admitting corruption, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.

Mr Justice Treacy passed the sentence. He sounds like gold dust, given the many terrible cases we hear of…


7 responses to “Corrupt Prosecutor jailed for bribe

  1. Dear All.
    The article concerning a corrupt prosecutor should be treated with caution!

    A few weeks ago 8 people were charged with a £50 million. fraud on the Cheshire Bldg.Soc. To be
    heard at Southwark Crown Court next year (this
    court is famous for removing cases from the public record. A Mr.Ebert had a 2 day hearing there in Aug .2008. Myself & Dr.Oraki were witnesses. This
    case has been removed from the court files!)

    The significance of the above is 6 of the people charged with fraud were solicitors and like the corrupt CPS prosecutor they are all Asians.

    This is an illustration of a “hatchet job” where all the crooks are “johnny foreigner” no white British solicitor would be so obviously corrupt would they?

    Well maybe they would be just as corrupt. On 1st July
    2010 I sent to the CPS in Newcastle on Tyne the
    absolute proof of a conspiracy between the CPS, HMCS.
    Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council. and Sgnt.No.1963 Brierly. of Crewe police.

    I had previously sent to the CPS Newcastle & the Crown Court in Newcastle the absolute proof of
    a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice with
    myself as the VICTIM. The documents were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. They are Public
    Record beyond dispute!

    So What? You may ask. Well the CPS in Newcastle
    confirmed receipt their quote: “I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 1.July 2010 which was received into our
    office 5th july 2010. Your letter, together with the relevant case papers have been passed to Gerry Sydenham Unit Head Senior District Crown Prosecutor who will contact you further.” Signed L.Craggs. Unit Head Assistant, Combined Unit South, CPS Northumbria.

    I have not heard anything at the moment, but it is early days.

    Watch this space regards peter oakes

    • What an astute observation, Peter!!!

      It’s definitely about separating sheep from goats, isn’t!

      • peter oakes

        Dear Sabine.
        You have made the connection ! it is all about “black sheep” and “scapegoats”. No British
        judge or lawyer would ever break the law
        or take part in frauds & thefts! Therefore it must be “johnny foreigner” and the legal system is now carrying out a character assassination on foreign lawyers practicing in the U.K. But remember Dr.Oraki’s lawyer may have been an Iranian
        but the judges were ex. public school British!

        And of course ex.chief inspector Ali disia. of the Met police is now in jail, funny no native Brit. cops get 7 years.

        It should be noted the French refer to us
        as perfidious Albion! (treacherous & deceitful) they got that right!

        While the ordinary Brit is taught to be honest & decent at school as a child, our
        masters & rulers attend private schools
        that are known as public schools? It is
        in these private schools they learn survival depends on thefts-frauds, cheating, & lying our Public Schools are the envy of the world, that is why so many foreign diplmats and business leaders send their children to be taught by the experts.

        Fond regards

    • Soldier of Fortune

      Naveen Sagar and Johny Sandhu are two more. The percentage of Asian police and solicitors must be very low in comparison to their respective professions as a whole. Yet, it seems they are mentioned more often in the press. What should one conclude. I like Shrewsbury, the people are friendly which is unusual as it is not that far from Birmingham. There are a few costal towns that I like, too. I wish I had the money to leave the west midlands.

  2. VeraMaureen Jenner

    This item has been featured in the Welsh news for two days, such is its rarity value. The fact that this case has been highlighted, is proof that justice can prevail – given the opportunity.

    Sadly, we all know too well, there is a paucity of such opportunities for members of the general public who fall victim to the many injustices prevailing in the everyday affairs of ordinary people.

    In recent months I have been made aware of two women, both in their late seventies,who have been made bankrupt and rendered homeless through the vagaries of the current legal systems prevailing in England and Wales where the actions of the police, bailiffs, lawyers and judges have left much to be questioned and even more to be desired.

    A third woman was faced with similar problems. Lawyers presented her with extortionate fees which, had they remained unpaid, would have allowed them to render her bankrupt and an eviction from her home would have resulted. She was too clever to allow that. She settled their accounts and swore she would never again trust another lawyer. She still battles to get justice – but alone and without lawyers. She has even been let down by local and national politicians to whom she turned to for help and advice.

    The clean up is long overdue and the British People must have their former faith in the Queen, her ministers, judiciary and law enforcement officers, restored as a matter of priority.

    • All I can offer is a network of victims who have become more or less expert by fighting their own cases.

      Together, we have begun campaigning activities.

      Every so often we meet in the House of Commons, thanks to our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP.

      Do send me an email if you like!

      Sabine AT

  3. Please google : Operation Tiberius Independent.

    This proves the Establishment has known for years about corrupt judiciary, courts, police, Now in Jan. 2014 the NCA ( national
    crime agency ) is starting the “clean-up” re-the arrest of freemason cop cum-boy abuser Gordon Anglesea. the Bryn Estyn abuse will
    un-ravel all the trips by Sunshine Buses sponsored by show biz

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