Consultation on the prevision of Courts services

There is an opportunity for victims of legal exploitation, mis-administration and worse to provide input to the Ministry of Justice about their respective court.

Deadline: September 15, 2010


4 responses to “Consultation on the prevision of Courts services

  1. Dear All.
    go very carefully about putting your name on this complaint list.

    The Ministry of injustice knows exactly how corrupt
    the courts are.

    The Government is totally corrupt and uses the courts,
    police, inland revenue, customs & excise,
    local government as enforcement goons.

    You are secretly enslaved by the monarchy, and please
    remember they have had hundreds of years of control
    to practice & refine their technique.

    Democracy, law, justice are just devices to fool & con
    you into compliance, in fact you are just a busy bee
    collecting honey for the queen’s agents to steal

    Wake up.

    This list is for the authorities to know how many citizens know the truth, who the trouble-makers are
    (activists, realists, victims). In truth they are
    s–t scared the internet cum tinternet has blown their cover.

    And what’s more they are to f———g late the
    cat’s out of the bag! For those who know!

    Because of their arrogance and old boys networks, they now realise the old boys they relied on have been gently screwing them for years and now we have a financial collapse.

    One thing you should know: money does not disappear.
    It buys property & assets. Where is it? After all,
    we keep honey in jars! Where is the stolen money
    now! Oh and as Jeremy Clarkson says: “I have the
    right not to be buggered.” Support Jeremy before the
    kings & queers cum homo pufters. Make it compulsory.

    Regards Peter.

    • There is also an attitude of ‘civil courage’, Peter!

      There is also the notion of ‘global political awakening’ among the international Establishment. Google for Zbigniew Brzezinski!

      • peter oakes

        Dear Sabine, I will reply. At the moment
        I am very tired and have irons in the fire.

        It was a bit of an emotional outburst! And I have
        too much respect for what you are trying to
        achieve for us all. I will reply am tomorrow when suitably refreshed.

        Many thanks for your hard work & efforts and
        to know what it is like!

        Regards Peter.

  2. Hi.Sabine.
    I did get to read about Mr.Brzezinski.
    He seems to be a very talented and experienced man
    indeed. I am afraid he is in a higher division than myself.

    Now the good news I have today received a letter from
    the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Newcastle. It reads:

    “Dear Mr. Oakes, I acknowledge receipt of your letter – 1 July 2010 which was recived into our office -5th July 2010.

    Your letter, together with the relevant case papers have been passed to Gerry Sydenham Unit Head Senior District Crown Prosecutor who will contact you further.

    Yours faithfully
    Unit Head Assistant Combined Unit South CPS Cumbria.”

    This is extremely good news because they have acknowledged the absolute proof of a conspiracy to pervert justice by Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council.
    Cheshire Police, CPS, and Magistrates Court personnel.

    My bankruptcy was malicious unlike Ebert’s, David Fabb’s, Paulette Cooper’s, whose bankruptcies were thefts & fraud! Mine was a deliberate attempt to destroy myself by my Local Authority and other Government departments etc.

    It establishes the fact that government agencies conspire to oppress citizens re: Ray Fox, who are brave enough to object to being secretly enslaved,

    Do you think it possible to include this info. into the Ministry of Justice complaint list due by Sept 15.

    Regards Peter.

    PS I am useless at computers. Do you have a mail address I can forward a copy of my info. sent to CPS. (Obviously you will want to verify my claims.)

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