Letter gone missing from Ministerial Box

Our letter to the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP was hand delivered by Mr Ebert on May 27. He was promised that the letter would be put in the Ministerial Box the same day.

Mr. Ebert’s is one of four cases put before Dr. Cable to rectify false bankruptcies that were obtained by producing fraudulent documentation.

The other two cases are Paulette Cooper whose property was recently repossessed following a previous bankruptcy order, and Raymond Fox who hase recently been evicted following his quest for compension for nuclear induced illness.

The fourth, David Fabb’s case, recently got a hearing that actually was considered fair, and everybody is awaiting the judgment.


3 responses to “Letter gone missing from Ministerial Box

  1. I was actually in Stourbridge County Court with
    David Fabb. The judge established in court there
    was no sealed court order as required in law to make
    David Fabb a bankrupt.

    Despite exposing other flaws, this alone was enough
    to prove the bankruptcy was obtained illegally! End-of-story.

    It should have been annulled there and then! The judge
    knew her stuff and had thouroughly read the file.

    No honest judge would or should require 14 days to
    deliver a judgement. I fear a conspiracy will take
    place to prevent the floodgates opening on bogus
    bankruptcy, thefts & frauds.

    David Fabb should have obtained an annulment there and

    Imagine the fire engine turning up at your home and
    taking two weeks to see if it is on fire!

    I suppose it depends whether it’s my home, Ebert’s home,
    Paul Talbot-Jenkin’s home, Ray Fox’s home, David Fabb’s home.

    After all the authorities could have torched us to
    destroy the evidence. It has happened, but the witnesses
    usually die in the fire!

    Regards Peter.

  2. Re David Fabb

    I was not there, but I emailed beforehand, that if he gave an undertaking to pay the bill/debt by selling his home and or refinancing his home in an agreed period of time, then the Bankruptcy would have been annulled on the spot.

    Technical points should be valid, but it does not work in the real world. You have to remember you are dealing with serious organised crime.

    When a Judge gives a reserved Judgement, 14 days in this case, it usually means that a team of lawyers behind the scenes are trying to figure a way out of it, and so ensure he remains bankrupt / run up more costs and enable all his assets to be stolen.

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