Great Encouragement Message from Connie Fogal

Connie Fogal is a remarkable Canadian lawyer whom I met at one of the Bromsgrove conferences for monetary reform.

This is her latest email:


July 1, 2010

I know the Gulf of Mexico oil eruption is devastating.

I know the June 2010 G20 event in Canada oppressed citizens via police brutality outside the fence and a crippling financial agenda inside the fence .

I know there was a stand down order to prevent police from stopping the destructive “black bloc” who, in fact, were undercover police provocateurs as were those exposed in Montebello in 2007.

I know the leadership of the world is running amok in greed and exploitation.

I know the world financial system is manipulated and controlled for power and greed.

I know the post 9/11extreme security measures worldwide are there to protect the world’s greedy powerful elite from the rebellion of the people, not to protect the people.

I know the environment is close to a breaking point.

I know there exists a world population reduction agenda of the cabal.

I know many people are fearful, discouraged, angry, confused, depressed.

But I also know there are countless brave souls striking back in defence and growing in their strength and impact.

And I also know that there exists here on earth right now the technology to change our world profoundly into a healthy physical and social one. Its effects will renew the environment, prevent the permanent war state, and free humanity from the enslavement of debt.

The problem is that this technology is either destroyed or suppressed or sequestered by the powerful cabal of powerful earthlings. Inventors are either killed or threatened into silence. Scientists working on top secret technology are compelled into agreements of silence. The technology of renewable energy sources is used by powerful corporations to create killing machines and to penetrate space for war instead of peaceful purpose like heating homes, and transporting people.

In the face of the horrendous geological events in progress (and there are more than just the Gulf of Mexico-volcanoes, sink holes, tsunamis), now more than ever, it is crucial to our survival that people access the knowledge that exists. There is no more time for dismissal or rejection of information, for cowardice or arrogance. Confidence, determination, steadfastness are our bones.

Nature’s gift of microbes is technology right now that cleans up oil spill disasters. It has a history of success right in the control of certain levels of Texas government.

See: (Thanks to Ron Haarsma)

Highly informed determined people can organize and act to cause the release and/or use of this technology right now. No need to ask why this previous Texas experience of successful microbe clean up technology is being rejected in the current Gulf oil disaster. We know there are those with unhealthy agendas in control, but we do not have to accept that.

Consider this brave young woman from Louisiana who is speaking out against BP, taking and urging action. (Thanks to Purple Crow)

Consider the professional reporters and others who put themselves in harm’s way to observe and record the police provocation and police brutality in Toronto’s June 2010 G20 event so that we can be informed and therefore powerful. (Thanks to Terry Burrows and Don Nordin)
and this (Thanks to Inge Hanle)
and this (Thanks to Jakub Krotochwil)

For those individuals who feel they have no power or means of control, who feel alienated, lost or alone, please just know that you can join others all over the globe who are recognizing the power we all have inside us: the power of our innate consciousness, our oneness with each other and the universe, our will for good, our sense of right and wrong. Such people are acting in their own communities or elsewhere, in small or large ways, alone or with others guided by their own inner strength. We can all do this. Right now I am writing to you, sending you some links. That is my little contribution today.

In our individual ways we are peace warriors. We are joined by countless others globally. It is our knowledge of the power of humanity joined en masse that is the driving force confronting and defeating the strangle hold of evil that controls the world. Remember Brzezinski’s lament that for the first time in history most of the people know what is going on and that is slowing down the New World Order (NWO) process.

This ‘‘global political awakening’’, Brzezinski writes, while unique in its global scope today, originates in the ideas and actions of the French Revolution, which was central in ““transforming modern politics through the emergence of a socially powerful national consciousness.”” Brzezinski explains the evolution of the ‘‘awakening’’…” (Thanks to Lee vanderHeiden)

and this (Thanks to Richard Moore)

Yes, in the Gulf of Mexico the dispersants, and gases, and the oil itself are harming and killing. Yes FEMA appears to be on the verge of massive evacuations probably to FEMA camps. But we can do more than wring our hands, or be bitter, or depressed, or full of hate and desire for revenge. These are all negative energies we should try to dispel. Instead we can activate positive energy which vitalizes. We can get informed fast. We can spread the word (and the information is really spreading). We can dare to challenge the boundaries of our thinking. We can dare to go outside the box. We can dare to be brave and bold. We can join others who are moving to command the release and use of solutions that exist.

I urge you to look at the Orion Project, a non profit organization to inform the public and to do research and development on new energy technologies.


I urge you to study the Disclosure Project to inform yourself about the advanced energy and propulsion technologies that are here on earth but sequestered from our benefit and use. See: (Thanks to Jerome Dauphin)

Also, I urge you to get and read Dr. Steven Greer’s book Hidden Truth- Forbidden Knowledge
ISBN 0-9673238-2-7 (If you cannot order it at your local bookstore, address enquiries to Crossing Point Inc 27702 Crown Valley Pkwy. #148, Suite D-4 Ladera Ranch CA 92694)

Rather than submitting to mind control of us by the cabal, we can control our own minds and thereby control ourselves and our world.

Connie Fogal


5 responses to “Great Encouragement Message from Connie Fogal

  1. Your quote:
    “I know the world’s financial system is manipulated & controlled for power & greed.”

    Consider this. in Oct.2002. my local paper The Chronicle (Congleton Cheshire) published my letter

    Convinced of existence of a legal mafia.

    Dear Sir. The Chronicle on 27 Sept. 2002. page 3
    reported “Police escort outburst man from meeting”

    That man was Me.

    To be shown the door at a public forum (full of councillors and other worthies) when you have been invited to ask questions, is an outrage in a democracy.

    Blackstone’s police training manual clearly states that every citizen has a duty to discover criminal offences and to assist the police in law enforcement.
    It is a civic duty rather than an official duty, but a duty nonetheless. During the past 10 years I have been unfortunate enough to have met dozens of people who are “victims” of the “Judicial Masonic Mafia” as described by The Director of Public Prosecutions Sir David Calvert-Smith and in the Daily Telegraph as the “Legal Mafia” by Austin Mitchell MP.

    This mafia has hijacked the UK in a creeping coup and they use the courts for gain.

    The methods of legal theft and fraud are really to oppress and persecute the individual, as I know to my cost.

    The objective of this mafia is economic enslavement of the British people who will be controlled by their debts. Should the mafia decide they want your house or assets, they will arrange for your debt to be “called in” and when you cannot meet your credit demands, the mafia starts insolvency proceedings.

    A trustee (mafia member) is put in control of your bank accounts and your assets frozen. The “victim” is bled white and bankrupted – all nice and legal.

    Only Press pressure on our “elected officials” will end this evil in our country.

    Thank you for having the courage to publish in the public interest.

    Yours faithfully Peter Oakes.

    No doubt if you contact The Chronicle. 11 High St.
    Congleton Cheshire. they can provide copies

    It would greatly assist the paper as the local building society The Cheshire has been robbed of £50 million and six solicitors (mafia) are going to trial at Southwark Crown Court (and I know trials disappear off the Public Record re: T2008-0765 -4 Aug 2008. myself & Dr.Oraki witnessed; Mr.Ebert proved theft by the Land Registry and assisted by Met Police. Yes, it is true a 2 day trial disappears from the public record.

    Regards Peter Oakes.

  2. Dear Peter,

    I’m sending you a private email of encouragement, given your extraordinary experiences and insight, so that you may breathe hope and optimism!


  3. Hi all,

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who frequent this site, and also in showing up the dreadful system which we unfortunately have to live with at the moment.

    My personal crusade is the taking on of the “Fraudulent” Mortgage Scam, and likewise the C/C/Companies, and Banks, I have held my own with all of them for over a year at the moment, as I have also done with the Legal Mafia, and Debt Collectors.

    Why should any human being have to put up with what is high “Fraud”? The reason that the Police will not act is very simple: every Policeman at the moment is also working illegally, as the Oath which they took at their swearing in is illegal, and is not the proper Oath, as there are 2 in operation.

    We all need to be singing off the one Hymn Sheet when we tackle the System as Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong,and Fraud is Fraud. Period.

    • Paulette Cooper

      Hello AP Byrne,
      I have been a victim of Police, lawyers, Judiciary, Banks etc for over 12 years now and have been effectively asset stripped TWICE. Firstly by a fraudulent liquidation of my very successful business in 1999 and now by a fraudulent bankruptcy to prevent my insurance claims aganst two firms of Insolvency Practitioners as a third Insolvency Practitioner, who is well aware that my bankruptcy is fraudulent, is currently aiding and abetting the corrupt court in Lincoln, to bring about the final bone picking and a civil restraining order against me with which to cover up the stinking criminality of the entire bunch of crooks!The criminals in our courts are only too happy to oblige!

      Had the Nottinghamshire Police done their jobs in 1997, arrested my ex partner who had held me hostage with a loaded shotgun to try to force me to sign shares over to him without payment (which he eventually did after the olice put me back into my home with my ex, his guns and ammunition.) My former accountant was sentenced to 7.5 years for another fraud 2 years ago (who incidentally went on to be the front man for the Vavasseur fraud which defrauded 400 folks of over £100 million and the fact that the Notts Police were aware of this major fraud and yet sat on their hands, when both my own fraud and dozens of Vav fraud victims made reports to them, beggars belief! What is worse is that Notts Police never even recorded dozens of crimes aginst me at all! I am really interested if you have any evidence to prove the existence of the two different oathes which the police are asked to sign and whether one has anything to do with the Masons? I look forward to hearing from you and would also be interested in the wording within the two oathes.

      Many Thanks Paulette

      • Please note Paulette’s being “fobbed off” and “passed on” on this post.

        So we’ll just learn this etiquette from letter to letter, and, eventually, will have success, however small!

        But little steps for little feet!

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