Requesting Compliance with The Rule of Law on “Your Freedom”

This is what I wrote in the box “What’s your idea?” on the site that has been closed since:

Dear Coalition Government,

CONGRATULATIONS on this initiative!

You will see on our petition “Stop the Oppression of the British people” [see ] that its popularity has grown to over 1,100 signatures and 5,000 page views since March 2010.

The comments collated from signers on express the Zeitgeist excellently and will tell you that self-regulation does not work.

The legal profession and the Courts’ administration need to comply with the Rule of Law. Lord Bingham summarised what the Rule of Law means here:

We have written to the Lord Chancellor pointing out the abuse of Her Majesty’s seal. See

We have written to the Ministry of State The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP about false documents being produced to create fraudulent bankruptcies. However, our hand delivered, stamped and signed letter went missing, after we were promised it would be put into the Ministerial Box the same day (May 27, 2010). See

As you will find from reading the comments, the time is ripe for change. Thanks for making it happen by telling your civil servants and public employees to comply with the Rule of Law!

And this in the box “Why is your idea important?”

Because white collar crime has ensured that thousands of people

1. are robbed of their homes and businesses

2. are denied Legal Aid

3. don’t get adequate representation or help

4. are treated as less than humans when they end up as “vexatious litigant” or, worse, sectioned

5. have been robbed of their pensions or industrial compensations.

Please see two of our “sample cases” with photos:

1. Paulette Cooper on

2. Raymond Fox on


6 responses to “Requesting Compliance with The Rule of Law on “Your Freedom”

  1. Big. Big. Mistake to say ” Civil Servants” they are
    our Civil Masters! Oath sworn goons who secretly
    enslave us.

    Re: SS. Gestapo. Russian “Stasi” in USA CIA. FBI.

    The majority of people just cannot comprehend how
    the propaganda works. In the UK we are economically
    bankrupt, but we can still pay chief constables
    £200,000 a year for nothing plus £ 30,000 a year to
    the office of Constable who is in fact a “goon” for
    his masters (dog like devotion). This constable
    will never ever listen to a “victim” being robbed by
    bogus bankruptcy because the paper he sees is from
    HMCS. The same stupid goon would never believe
    the Daily Telegraph MP’s expenses who showed purchase of “Duck Houses”-“Moat Cleaning” buying a bath plug!

    Just how stupid can a CONSTABLE be?

    But this Constable is an OFFICER OF STATE he-she is
    not an employee! Why are they committing treason
    by ignoreing their sworn duty?

    Nueremberg law trials established “Obeying orders
    is no excuse for committing offences against humanity.”

    End Of…!!!!

    Every MP that put in an expenses claim committed the
    offence of “making a false declaration”, contrary
    to Sectn. 5. 1911 Perjury Act. confirmed in R- V- Sood. 1996.

    Why has a British Constable (goon) never arrested an MP for this offence?

    Answer PC.2600. Cheshire Constabularly would not
    take my Statement 1 July 2010, because I told his
    superior. Chief Insp. Brierly is a bent copper
    who has perverted justice and concealed offences.

    PC 2600. is in defiance of his Oath & Office. He
    does not have the privilege of discretion unlike
    bent judges & chief Insptrs. But I do understand
    his career prospects! Unfortunately he confirmed
    the uselessness of the Office of Constable.

    That’s why we have “community support officers”.

    What community? What support?

    • Peter,

      I think it is safe to assume that everybody does their best. If they knew better they would do better.

      It’s hopefully good for you to rant, but where will it get you?

  2. It will get me in Newcastle Crown Court on Monday
    5th July 10. Where Lillian Rayne is being maliciously
    prosecuted in a conspiracy by the CPS & certain
    police from Gateshead re: DC Lunn. It has given me
    the opportunity to put in the court record the
    absolute proof of a conspiracy by Crewe & Nantwich BC
    and Ch.Insptr. Brierly. Cheshire police to get me
    imprisoned and to maliciously bankrupt myself.

    This bankruptcy was annulled by the efforts of Lillian Rayne. She also saved John Challinor from
    2 bankruptcies by HMRC. & solicitors Knight & Co.

    She has saved dozens of people from being imprisoned, fined, etc. on false charges.

    It will eventually show that due to the gross negligence of Inpsrt.Brierly. Cheshire Building Soc.
    was defrauded of £50 million by corrupt solicitors, eight of them will appear in Southwark Crown Court charged with fraud.

    It will show Southwark Crown Court is used to conceal thefts & frauds by solicitors Re: Mr.Ebert.

    I sat in Southwark Crown Court where Mr.Ebert proved
    pc.966sx. Donovan was committing perjury and concealing house theft by the Land Registry.

    It was a two day Trial No.T2008 0765 Court Room 15
    before Recorder Brigden. August 4th 2008.
    (Please ask Ken Clarke Lord Chancellor where are
    the court records re: this trial? He will wonder
    where do you get your info from and it will cause

    It will prove HMCS corruption as this trial has been
    removed, vanished, disappeared from the Public Record.

    Dr.Oraki will confirm the above as we sat side by side
    in Court 15 Southwark Crown Court as of course Mr. Ebert
    will confirm.

    It will show how corrupt Land Registry Officials
    falsify Land Registration records and allowed Baruch
    Enterprises to steal 11, Cranbourne Gdns, NW11,
    Mr. Ebert’s home and then obtain a mortgage on stolen
    property! Mortgage fraud re: Cheshire Bldg.Soc. Bradford & Bingly.etc.etc.

    I am not ranting but putting on record via our group
    the truth & the facts to increase the credibility
    of your campaign, to give Austin Mitchell ammunition
    to fire and if needed threaten corrupt civil servants
    with. You won’t find me on facebook or other trash
    web sites, but you will find me supporting yourself,
    Mr. Ebert, Dr. Oraki, David Fabb, etc. in the House of Commons.

    And I thank you for allowing me to make comments
    that are truthful factual & backed-up with documents.

    Kind Regards Peter.

  3. In reply to the post here,it is worth reminding people that no matter what you do you will not win,you cannot be allowed to do so, that is why all Courts as called are rigged, you are in their domain answering and contracting in the third party,your apparition goes before you at all times, and is the basic principle they use to snare you,remember that nobody owns anything,the human only has the Equity through his third party name, the Equity which they would receive when they pass on the property is based on fraudulent “fiat money”, and when they receive it they then perpetuate the scam, when they property is sold, the fraud is comitted all over again,this is done at the start of the new Mortgage, between the Solicitor and the Mortgage company, so until this has been challenged we will continue to suffer big time, it is also worth taking note of the fact that all Police are working again fraudulently, and the reason being that they are using the wrong “Oath”

  4. Fast forward March 2014. In July 2010. my comment stated false documents and information were being fed to the Land Registry in order to create mortgages by fraudsters who use the property as security ie. mortgage fraud ,something I warned Birkenhead Land Registry Office of in 2004.

    Guess What ! March 2014. three people found guilty of £3.5 Million fraud by falsifying Land Registry details and obtaining mortgages !

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