Open Letter to Prime Minister

This Open Letter to the Prime Minister June 2010 will be hand delivered tomorrow Monday, June 28.
Government Expenditure June 2010Regarding monetary reform, it includes this graph which shows that the only item increasing is the interest payable on the national debt. Under the guise of an “austerity budget”!

Let’s see whether there is a chance for real change despite this “business as usual” in favour of the Bank of England and its financial “industry”.

In terms of “seriously oppressed victims” that the Bank of England Act 1694 intended to avoid, we are mentioning our letters to The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor, as well as the comments from petition signers.


7 responses to “Open Letter to Prime Minister

  1. Today 28 june10. I am sending absolute proof of
    CPS/ police conspiracy to destroy Lillian Rayne on
    false charges. The CPS claim she falsified court
    documents! Talk about hypocrisy – double standards
    every victim of the Insolvency process has experienced
    forged/ fraudulent documents in court files, some
    documents disappear others arrive in total secrecy.

    The legal system is flawed & corrupted as we will
    see in Newcastle as the Crown Court manager will
    get the truth. I wonder if they will investigate??????.

  2. Oh. forgot to mention sometime before the 5th july 10,
    I am to be interviewed by Cheshire police. I want
    you to acknowledge this comment so that I can
    show the police they are now being examined as to
    their involvement in “organised crime” re:
    thefts & frauds by bogus & malicious bankruptcy.

    I also want them to know raiding or torching my
    home is pointless! The evidence is elsewhere.

    Good luck to Ray Fox! I hope he is spared the
    torture of eviction!

  3. Dear Peter,

    Who would have thought that blogs can serve the function of “accompanying” the harassment from public servants that people have to endure?

    Well, I do hope you’ll use a digital camera with batteries, if not get someone to video your interview!

    I still am shaking my head with disbelief as I am typing, but the best attitude to take is to laugh! After all, their currently switsched off conscience will click into gear when they die, and we can’t take of this with us, only our courage and pride!

    Maybe you can get a clown to record your interview?

  4. Good thinking Sabine. I am that old I was trying to find an old tape recorder. My guess is they will refuse to be videoed. In that case I will refuse to give a Statement of any type-shape or form.

    And I will show them this e-mail so they will be in
    no doubt that the truth will prevail and justice will
    be seen to be done.

    Very well thought out & thanks Peter O.

    • Well, Peter,

      It’s clear that the print media are not behind us. The only thing that’s on our side is the web. And that’s where people love photos and videos.

      The advantage is that they are TRUTH and reality. No fudging. No mis-interpretation.

      Best of luck!!!

  5. I would like to congratulate/thank Sabine for her time and effort in getting these most serious unlawful acts out into the Public domain now enhanced by my own plight to those revealed before…Thanks again Sabine

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