A Crown instigated scandal: the Raymond Fox eviction

From Raymond Fox, the radiologically poisoned fighter for truth, justice and fair compensation:

“This is just the latest tactics of revenge from the courts. My case was sent for judicial review at the High Court and is before HH Judge Anthony Thornton QC who incidentally was the South Eastern Circuit Judge who got the Reading Judges to do what they liked ignoring law and statutes because my case was exposing Nuclear and death.

I lodged an application Notice on 23 June and Mrs James at the court said this is a waste of time. It’s all sorted, prior to going to the court. I rang the bailiff who said he had the paper work. I asked him if he was bringing a form 66. He said I don’t need one. I asked him if all his documents were sealed by the court. He said in 36 years of doing this job I have never needed them; so don’t tell me my job. I will be there Tuesday to have you thrown out and he put the phone down.

I sorted out a hearing date with Mrs James who appeared to be in charge and make decisions, not the judges, in collusion with the bailiff who was hostile and nasty, for 02 July 2010. She went and wrote the order. When I read it she had made it for Friday 25th June 10. I went back into the court and made her change it. She was angry and shouting saying we are sick of you. This is the final case in this court. I said it could be for you Mrs James, you should be in prison along with the Judges.

I was in Epsom all day yesterday sorting out the paper work to file in the high court and Reading Court for next Tuesday and sorting out someone to represent me in court, because he was going to lodge a major counter claim.

I arrived home last night at 10.00 to find the order with the note on the floor.  Clearly this is now getting very serious and criminal. I have no doubt they will do what they want. My case is clearly decided prior to the action.

However I’m told that by Monday my people from Epsom will have a paper ready to place in court which the court will ignore, but soon realise its consequence.

Meanwhile, the other problem is where do I live. Clearly they are after my documents which will incriminate them and that due to ongoing cases they should be protected by the court not stolen by them. A Crown instigated scandal.”

Raymond Fox’s case is one of the four before the Secretary of State the Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP and the Lord Chancellor.

A click on each document enlarges it.

Anderson v Fox Eviction Application Notice Page 1Anderson v Fox Eviction Application Notice Page 2

Anderson v Fox McIntyre June 09

RC Court Ray Fox Eviction Change of date of hearing Page 1

RC Court Ray Fox Eviction Change of date of hearing Page 2


6 responses to “A Crown instigated scandal: the Raymond Fox eviction

  1. Hello Sabine

    The eviction is planned and set for 29th June 2010 putting myself and step son on the streets. This is punishment for ourselves wanting justice for Shell International and Joint Owners HMG of the former unlicensed nuclear site at Earley Reading, causing nuclear induced illness and shortening our life’s expectancy and wanting justice. See http://www.rayfox.info.

    Your excellent work and effort is a tribute and should be recognised by the establishment and MPs for drawing this horrendous situation to their attention.

    Best Wishes
    Raymond Fox

    • Many thanks, Ray,

      I changed the date in the news release and I changed the blog entry to add the link to your remarkable website.

      Please do take Eva’s advice and make sure you save all your documents! Will your local council give you a place to stay???

      Should you have time to send the news release to anybody, do just “copy all” and paste rather than use it as an attachment.

      With all my admiration for your courage and perseverance,


      • From Raymond Fox via email:

        Thank you for your kind words of support! I have today placed my documents out of their reach. Myself and my adopted son visited the Council several times over the past months to get rehoused. Our MEP Dr Caroline Lucas wrote letters also, only to be ignored by Labour controlled Reading Council (now I believe Conservative), only to be given the run around.

        Because of our financial situation, we have to use the deposit guarantee scheme. Due to the conduct of Reading Council very few landlords will deal with them. And if they do have properties, many go after them leaving little chance of getting one that is in a livable condition.

        Reading Council then tried to get my adopted son to say he did not want to live with me. To further cause trauma they also had my other adopted daughter made homeless in further revenge. She is now expecting her first child and does not need to be hurt any more.

        Incidentally, our adopted children’s biological parents died, mother aged 22 father 25, of nuclear induced illness. Also many others died including children. They lived near by. My adopted son was only 2 months old when his wonderful mother died. It was horrendous. They got the illness, too. The government and council knew our land was contaminated and failed to inform us. Every one who tried to speak out got major problems or where discredited.

        But the truth will come out. My web site was sent to 640 MPs and the House of Lords. Very few rallied to help because Blair put a gag on them.

  2. The Bank of England is a private corporation. They do not need to follow statutes and acts or any other theatre apparatus, they do as they please…..

    Actually neither do the people, they simply have to use their status as sovereign beings.

    Keeping doorstep callers away:


    Notice of trespass for baliffs/debt collectors:

    What’s funny is that some people will say how sorry they are that this is happening to you, but how many actually are really being human and offering you a place to stay. You’ve helped so many people, by being honest and now who’s helping you?

    This is the sad thing in society, they’ll see a homeless person on the street, but no one will dare take them in.

    What’s humanity come to!

    We all know how corrupt the system is, so when is something actually going to happen? They’re not going to leave so easily……in fact they will hold on as long as they can….

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