Letter from Paulette Cooper’s MP

Letter from Stephen Phillips MP This letter to me is like a trophy! For MPs will always receive a response from Ministers, whereas ordinary folks not necessarily.

Here we have a wonderful combination of ‘ordinary folks’ having written to Dr. Vincent Cable and Kenneth Clarke QC MP, with the first of four possible MPs following it up.

At our meeting in April 2009 I was hoping to find victims with supportive MPs for our June meeting. Maybe it’ll be become possible with this new Parliament!!!???


3 responses to “Letter from Paulette Cooper’s MP

  1. I hope this letter from Stephen Phillips QC MP.
    gives Paulette a measure of comfort and hope after
    the trauma of having her home & business stolen.

    My own MP. Edward Timpson of Crewe & Nantwich promised
    me in 2008 to investigate my situation with Crewe &
    Nantwich BC. He confirmed quote “Ihave reviewed your case and complaint but am unfortunately unable to offer any legal advice in my capacity as MP for Crewe
    & Nantwich. It seems to me that the Citizens Advice Bureau are making the right steps on your behalf”

    Both Edward Timpson MP. Crewe & Nantwich BC. and the
    Citizens Advice Bureau were fully aware of bogus bankruptcies were being used to steal properties via
    the HMCS County Courts. Staffordshire Police knew
    since Jan. 2001. Case 15 of 2001 Stafford County court.

    If Edward Timpson MP has conspired to pervert the course of justice, concealed offences, and been an accomplice in the malicious bankruptcy I was subjected
    to And still suffer from, because I exposed judicial
    thefts & frauds in HM Courts

    If Edward Timpson MP had acted lawfully and done his duty as required by his Oath of Office Paulette Cooper
    would still be in her home

    Peter Oakes.

  2. Perhaps the the questions that need to be asked and answered by the insolvencey standards minister or committee, whatever the case maybe:

    Under what rule, regulation, or code of practice can an insolvencey practitioner take action to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, without producing or presenting the evidence upon which the bankruptcy petition relies?

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