Lord Bingham on the Rule of Law

According to Wikipedia, Lord Bingham of Cornhill has been called “the pre-eminent lawyer of his generation with a brilliant, incisive mind” by The Times.

His book “The Rule of Law” was published in 2010.

YouTube shows a video that was recorded at a lecture at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) where he advocates the following eight principles that “The Rule of Law” should entail and represent:

1. The law needs to be clear, accessible and intelligible
2. We must be governed by law not discretion
3. Equality before the law
4. The exercise of public powers by statute should be exercised reasonably, fairly, honestly and for the purpose for which they are conferred
5. dispute resolution must be possible “properly”
6. human rights need to be respected
7. the state should provide a fair trial
8. the state should comply with its duties in international and national law.

That’s exactly what we’d like to see happening.

Maybe, together, we will get there!!!???…


6 responses to “Lord Bingham on the Rule of Law

  1. This man, (For that is all that he is, – flesh and blood, – like the rest of us, albeit for a few legal qualifications, is absolutely spot on in his proposals.

    Do we have another Lord Denning here? If so, I have severe misgivings that, just like Lord Denning, his thoughts and reasoning might be ignored by lesser luminaries within the judiciary such as, in my own case, judge John Cockroft
    At Lazarus v Beasley, Lord Denning was adamant that no way in this world, would acts of fraud be allowed to be processed through the legal system.
    As so many of we victims can testify to and prove beyond any shadow of doubt, fraud, in all of it’s many aspects and variations, is being successfully pursued on a daily basis by a great many members of the legal system.
    In Truth,

    Colin Peters

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