Illegal and unlawful repossession on camera

If it were not documented, you might not be able to believe it:

On Wednesday, June 9th, Paulette Cooper was invaded by a team of nine:

  • two Court Bailiffs
  • two locksmiths
  • three Police Officers
  • one Court Manager
  • one man from HBOS

Lincoln County Court Manager (woman) and Birmingham Midshires HBOS

Court Bailiffs ID at Paulette Cooper's illegal repossession

The ID of the Court Bailiff

Police Officer thinking it was all very amusing

Three police officers attended. This one in particular thought that it was all very amusing as she stood by and let the bailiff’s locksmith break into Paulette’s property in Lincoln!

Police Offer "just doing what they're told"

All of the police refused to either do their job or give their names.

This is police officer number three.

This is police officer number three.

Locksmith breaking into property

This is the locksmith breaking into Paulette’s property. Her battery started to run out in her camera at this time.

The locksmith's company

Paulette writes: This is a pic of the name of the company on the locksmiths shirt. He would not give me his proper name and started trying to be clever saying his name was Lawrence Olivier (Sir!)

At this point I again spoke to the woman who is the Lincoln County Court Manager and I asked her how many illegal possessions they do each week? She declined to answer the question. I then said to het that the documents that the Court she was in charge of had served were not the correct legal documents in order to allow a possession. She then said that the court had been issuing these same unlawful documents since she had been there FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS!

I suggested that she go to the library and look in the White Book at the correct civil procedure. I also told her that she was a party to an illegal breaking and entering and trespassing and showed her the copy of the correct legal documents for a possession but she would not stop the locksmith from breaking into my property.
I also showed the three police officers the same document from the White Book, which shows the correct legal proceedure was not being adhered to, they stood there and refused to prevent the breaking and entering and trespasing. One of them even thought it was funny!

The bailiff inside after the locksmith had drilled out the locks

This is the bailiff in my property after the locksmith had drilled out the locks. At this point the man from HBOS started sticking a camera in my face and taking photos of me and they were all laughing!

Lincoln Court Manager inside property

The woman Lincoln County Court Manager inside my property.

The Locksmith who had just broken lock number two of four locks on my property

The Locksmith who had just broken lock number two of four locks on my property.

The last picture of the mob

This is the last picture of the ‘mob’ who arrived here to steal my property. My battery ran out after this, I am sorry it is not a good picture but you can see that they came to cause a riot rather than prevent one!

So nine people knowingly broke the law on my premises today!

Paulette’s case is one of four cases that we have presented to the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable MP as well as the Lord Chancellor – as the most glaring examples of what is going on all over the country.

She sent this letter to the Guardian about her traumatic experience.


16 responses to “Illegal and unlawful repossession on camera

  1. Totally illegal, but they don’t care about that. Thanks for sharing, please keep posting this stuff. God bless you xx

  2. The Rule of Money has overtaken the Rule of Law.

    I wrote an article about that for the new BlogPaper on

  3. Nothing whatsoever surprises me these days what the British Judiciary allow happen in the British Courts! From my own personal experience Victims are being deprived of democratic rights, fundamental freedom and access to Common Justice, yet when such DRACONIAN abuse/VICTIMIZATION carried out in an unlawful manner in English Courts, Article 53 of EU Court of Human Rights (derived from Nazi law OF 1935) is clearly shown as being used to override all other laws brought into being by the ECOHR’s, which negates Article 13 and all other laws of ECOHR, made even more obvious in this case of Paulette….which in my opinion has been done on draconian orders of Judge Cooper in a sinister manner, and against the good of common man, whom, (from such facts not getting write-ups Media) is totally unaware such atrocities are now being allowed to happen in England!!
    Yet supposedly, ARTICLE 13 was designed to punish Public Authorities for any such Malfeasance in Public Office was it not?! But; from research I find Article 13 is absent from all Government papers put out to inform us on our Human Rights, also absent from ARCHBOLDS COURT MANUAL/PLEADINGS (2007)….which helps confirm the overriding Nazi law of Article 53!

  4. l have had police harassment on top of the assaults by my neighbours.One brave burly 6 ft officer said he was going to arrest me , slap handcuffs on me, drag me down the police station , finger print me and throw me in the cells for the night. I am 55 registered disabled on crutches and 5 ft 1 in tall. These neighbours have a son in the police. My MP chased to get me asigned an officer to protect me, my so called one to one officer told me on two occassions , on no account was l to call the police unless the L—-d’s were murdering me. I have had two attempts on my life. My pets killed, my car vandalised while l was in it. My buildings broken into and items stolen. I have even got it in writing from the police that they will arrest me. I have been robbed of land and access to my land.And now these neighbours have an enforcement order on me. And to cap it all now l have to attend a hearing to have £23,000 put on my house as a charge to these neighbours. They harassed and attacked my predessesors here, who were a gay couple, they only lasted here 10 months, and they hounded out the people before that and the people before that.Four solicitors have done their best to land me in as much financial dept as possible to hide the conspiracy with land registry and the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry. The police should be investigating matters like Paulette’s, not further compounding this illegal fiasco, that destroys the victim and does nothing to stop fraud and deceit. Its an old boys network with the police supporting the toe rags in the legal system. By standing together we stand more of a chance of forcing the police to act . Lincolnshire Police have the word P R I D E on their e-mails letters and literature. Please excuse my play on this word and what it stands for:
    P-Psycologically deranged
    R-Rejection for the very people who are law abiding citizens
    I-Inability to act to protect the victims
    D-Destructiveness to society in general
    E-Embarassment in any area of actually acting to defend the very people they are there to help.

    Diana Smith

  5. Hardly surprising blatant violations like this go on all the time in this country. Essex police when they want an “EASY” no questions asked search warrant apply to WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES COURT. It looks like some underhanded manipulation of the correct procedures is going on in LINCOLN. It’s absolutely disgusting and contrary to the law of this once respected country which is now a laughing stock worldwide. My sincere sympathy to this poor lady. God only knows how she coped with this awful incident, how do these people sleep at night!!!!!

  6. Courts, the police and councils act illegally and unlawfully. They lead beyond their authority and have no respect for procedure. We have unearhted a mountain of evidence too. This does not surprise me but exposing this and getting the news out is vital.

    • I responded to Marks posting at length yesterday evening but when I pressed to submit my comment it just vanished.

      I too used to believe that ‘exposing and getting the stuff out was vital’ but consider please; Who do we get all of this stuff out to?

      Who the hell is going to do anything at all about it? It’s an evil Satanic circle and we are all going around in circles tring to break this evil circle.

      The ones with the power to do anything about it are the same ones who are doing well out of it all and they have no intention of killing the golden goose.

      What has happened to Paulette and thousands like her is sheer evil. Take a look at the faces of her oppressors in the photographs. Not one of them exhibits an ounce of compassion or sympathy towards her. They look to be enjoying their work. They are inurred to the misery and the hurt that they cause in going about their daily tasks.

      Expose this and all the other injustices in the world as much as you like but when it all comes down to it; How does one appeal to Satan from Satan?

      The days when the public would pick up their pitchforks and do battle with the evil overlords and robber barons are long gone.

      Once upon a time the public were pacified by the production and implementation of the Magna Carta, but now, through stealth and cunning, the protection from tyranny which the public derived from it has just about been taken away from us.

      Now the great british public have more important things to do, like watching Coronation Street and all the rest of the soaps. – Big Brother – Britains Got Talent – The World Cup etcetera ecetera.

      The I’m alright Jack attitude still prevails with most people.

  7. It is a crying shame to see that things have degenerated to this extent in our country – where the ‘love of money’ has taken over the minds of those who abuse their ‘authority’ and who wield all their actions on people as if they are corporations, and who use corporations as if they are people: these Oligarchs are utterly screwed. On a personal note to Paulette, I really feel for you, it is a horrible thing to have happened, and it should never have happened if it were not for the fact that Britain is now operating under ‘Apartheid law’ which is against the UN Charter, and it’s about time the citizens of Britain rose up and put an end to it.

    The HBOS Group are a law unto themselves – I’m pleased to have heard rumours that the FSA are (finally) investigating them for ‘fraud’, so anyone else who has been defrauded by HBOS – please get in touch with the FSA pronto.

    A further rebalancing is going on with the Lloyds Action Now shareholders group, who are now manoevering to sue HBOS/Lloyds for some £14 BILLION, because HBOS it turns out, had a SECRET BAIL OUT from the Bank of England for over £25 Billion BEFORE the Lloyds/HBOS merger ! In other words, they knew that HBOS was bankrupt before the merger, and used the innocent shareholders to take the ‘hit’ – the shares have dropped from ITRO £4 a share down now to some 30 pence a share – so it serves them right.

    So take heart Paulette, we must see this as entirely temporary, they will get their come-uppance soon enough and then won’t know what has hit them
    all the best, liz Watson

  8. Police will not attend 999 calls of attempted burglary
    refuse to attend to attempted murder when a criminal was trying to break into a property with a large carving knife threatening to kill someone, but the Scum Criminal Police State attend to steal someones home, all they are is Criminals in Uniforms, a better uniform for them would be a German SS Uniform. I had my home stolen almost two years ago, they smashed up all the contents of my home, over £30.000.00. of property, threw all my possessions in a skip, I have no birth certificate, no passport, no driving licence, all my personal possessions for the last 63 years all gone, I am now a homeless, stateless person, I am also disabled and in poor health, nobody will help me or give me a home. I go to the Library to get information about others that are in the same position as myself. No Solicitor will take on my case even with me qualifying for Legal Aid, nobody will challenge the theft and criminality of the Corrupt Judicial System in the UK. No newspaper, Radio Station, Television Company will do a story, CAB, Welfare Rights, Social Works Department, Local Authority Department will help me. No MP or MSP in Scotland will take up my case.

    • Dear Dylan

      Your story is APPALLING. I’ve asked Mr. Gedaljahu Ebert to get in touch with you.

      His case is the biggest known to us, and he has the most extensive experience in digging through files, and getting to the gist of the wrongdoings that are going on.

      His case is one of the four that are before Dr. V. Cable and the Lord Chancellor.

      Together we aim at a Public Inquiry and compensation for all the victims.

      That’s what our petition is about.

      Don’t give up! Together, we can get somewhere!!!

  9. I saw on a website that 480 Organisations in the UK helping the homeless, I see they have conferences in Luxury Hotels, do research on the homeless, get Government funding, Ministers give talks and speeches on the Homeless, but again none of these organisations will help me. They all get salaries, pensions, Chief Executives get cars and expenses, but do nothing for the homeless, I contacted the head office in London weeks ago, they were going to get back to me, never heard from them, I was on a radio programme in April with David Cameron our new Prime Minister, he said my case was complex and to email him me details which I did, he said he would look into my problem and get back to me, they got the information because I checked it with them, and they emailed me back confirming that, have not heard from him. I had a one hour sixteen minute meeting with Scotland’s First Minister Mr Salmond last year, I recorded the whole conversation with him, he refused to do anything for me, even with me producing evidence of massive fraud and criminality, detailed by government Solicitors and Advocates in Scotland, again no newspaper is interested in hearing this conversation of Scotland’s First Minister lying and covering up massive proven fraud and corruption in Scotland.

    • Yes, yes, Dylan! But the truth will come out!

      This whole ‘crisis’ is meant to separate the sheep from the goats and to give people the chance to save face by compensating.

      For the behaviour in public institutions would not be as bad, if we had an honest money system. But as long as they work for dishonest money, people behave in dishonest ways.

      That’s why I’m not only interested in alleviating the horrific effects such as what you have experienced, but also to remedy the causes that have brought us to this time of reckoning.

      Take heart and stay in touch!

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  12. Just an update really….On advice of my legal insurance , l put into Court before HH Judge Richardson QC on 22 nd July 2011 , all the paperwork evidence of the land given to my neighbours as actually being my registered land and therefore wrongly given to them by the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry. The Judge just said he did not have to consider it . Now there will be a hearing to put a possession on my property, to sell it for a fraction of its value as they have already done a drive past valualtion of £150.000.00 when its worth £650,000.00 . This is to force me to pay the £21,000.00 costs of my neighbours for their perjury under oath and entering untruthful information into a Land Registry Hearing.The only witness for these neighbours at the L/R Hearing was another neighbour who had written to Land Registry in October 2007 trying to claim this land for himself. Yet under oath at the L/R Hearing on 28 th May 2009 he swore that he knew of no other who had tried to claim this land, save for these neighbours in the matter ( perjury and on record with my file at Land Registry).
    I had a meeting with Mike Westcott-Rudd ( Land Registry’s Corporate Lawyer on 3 rd June 2011 and passed to him a copy of the original “Certificated Land Registry SEARCH OF THE INDEX MAP for 1987”, showing this “land” that is the access to my fields marked in red as part of the registered land. This matches up with my phone call to Yvonne Owen at KUH Land Registry on 15 th February 2007 , whereby on giving her my correct post code, she confirmed the land was my registered land. The form for the other critical corrections to my “Title” dated the next day is BLANK. I also have an orginal letter from the vendors solicitors dated 12 months prior to my buying the property, complete with plan marked in red , showing this land to be part of what the vendors bought and what l bought. Further there is a map from Yorkshire Electricity Board for the same year as my buying the property also showing me as the owner of the land.
    Once you are being gang stalked , all normality or proof of ownership, seems to count for nothing.
    Files only just received in reply to a DPA request in March 2009 ( Land Registry now appologise for not providing this earlier) show how staff have all contacted each other and said to put the phone down on me if l call them or to “TALK OVER ME”. And the biggest shock is my having been advised by THREE separate government bodies to write to one of Land Registry’s Non Executive Directors , to now find out from this FILE that the letter was intercepted and taken apart by various parties saying that l had not raised any new issues so therefore there was nothing/no reason to pass onto this Non Executive Director. I thought it was an offence to intercept and open a letter that is personally addressed?
    For those of you who know something about my case, it now turns out that my Registered Title was TWO properties. Apparently l bought another property on another post code in another village ( it has 50 acres). Makes you wonder how the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry could sit at a hearing regarding my Title Number and not mention the fact l owned two properties.
    This Adjudicator was also a Commissioner for Legal Services Commission , who were involved with all the problems l was having in previous years when misterious charges kept being put against my Title ( for this other property apparently), and money l paid for my own legal charge , disappeared ( credited to this other property).
    As this Adjudicator was also a barrister ( taken the oath of barristers and Judges in relation to Conflict of Interest), why did he not make himself known to me. As the work colleague of this Adjudicators live in partner( who is a Director for LSC and the complaint person for matters of Conflict of Interest with “all” LSC employees ) said to me “it should never have been allowed to happen” as it was ” a matter of Conflict”.
    I have just received a phone call from Jane Allen( a solicitor) at Land Registry Head Office and l have put the question of “what does Land Registry gain from my property and land being stolen from me”. I put the question to her three times and she put the phone down on me.

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