Letter to the Lord Chancellor

About the inappropriate sealing of documentsThis is the letter (click on the image) that was sent to the Lord Chancellor, the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP today. Just click on the screenshot.

Its 3 pages are about the fact that Her Majesty’s Seal is being abused to let documents appear to be true and complete, when, in fact, they lack attachments.

The four cases that we evidenced in our letter to Dr. Vincent Cable MP are referred to as examples for such abuse of the process.

Clicking on the screenshot gets you to read the full document with attachments.


4 responses to “Letter to the Lord Chancellor

  1. Jeffrey Morgan Breti

    Dear Sir: My name is Jeffrey Morgan Breti of Surrey, B.C., Canada.

    Originally my family was from Italy but was involved in the foundation of present Britain under the Romans. My fathers name is Baltazar l. Breti and my mother Vivian M. Breti (Cook).

    I would like to notify this office of our existence and apply for family title to Lord Chancellor of Great Britain ( Keeper Of The Great Seal).

    It would be an honor to serve this great country.

    My address:

    Jeffrey Morgan Breti
    3312-13827 100 Ave.
    V3T 5L2

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