Solicitors from Hell and Heaven

Thanks to “the network” I received this link to the site Solicitors from Hell. The list is shockingly long and the site has been visited MANY times!

Fortunately the site also has a space for Solicitors from Heaven!


10 responses to “Solicitors from Hell and Heaven

  1. Please don’t be taken in by this website Sabine. It was good to start with, but not now.
    For years I had the Bradford firm of Kenningham Underwood Armstrong listed there because this was the firm that aided and abetted their crooked client’s deceptions against me.
    They were made aware of their client’s deceptions, {Later, conceded to in a court} right from the very start, but this did not stop them from procuring £32,000 of legal aid to aid and abet their client evade a debt of just £6,173!!!
    When the listing went ‘missing’ from the website, I queried it a few times with Rick, who runs the website.
    He did not respond to me and when I tried to put a new posting up, it did not appear.
    Some time after this I logged on to find that there was a new service being offered whereby, for varying sums of money, those solicitors featured could pay to have their listings removed with guarantees that they would not be featured again.
    Check it out for yourself Sabine.
    Rick has sold out on the victims of solicitors.
    The Solicitors from Heaven is a recent addition.
    My Best Regards to You.
    Colin Peters.

    • How EXCELLENT, this feedback from personal experience, Colin!

      Once again: money is the evil and dishonest tool without which many bad things might not be happening!…

      If only more people could make the positive difference we all need!

      With many thanks for your comment,

  2. Dear Sabine,

    I have grave misgivings about these people. They name the ‘Solicitors from Hell’ but say NOT A SINGLE WORD about the evil Godfathers of the whole protection racket – the Judicial Mafia! Are they too spineless to take on the judges – or are they ‘plants’, operating to draw attention away from the most powerful villains?

    Norman Scarth.

  3. Solicitors, – barristers – What does it matter, apart from the fact that the judiciary are always appointed from this same set of self serving corrupt individuals.

  4. What about Insurance Company who Let their Clients down?????? I held Legal Household Insurance from the early 1980’s in the event of being let down by any Professionals Bodies handling my Affairs. In 1999 such an a matter arose when a firm of Solicitors handling my Affairs wilfully allowed Crucial Evidence to remain wilfully concealed/suppressed from a Court Hearing in October 1999..Not only that I also later discovered they held a Conflict of Interest to The Defendants, (a fact previously denied to me.) That Crucial Evidence remains concealed/suppressed to this day as does many adverse acts That Firm of Solicitors committed against me, then wilfully concealed such which only got revealed when I got a Bill Of Costs of the Defence Lawyers for their Clients,circa £27,000 who had committed out and out fraud theft of Property from me then concealed such facts, (which if quantified to take account of many additional Human Rights Violations inflicted on me, not least articles and ARTICLE 1 of the first Protocol [all allowed by what I claim was malfeasance also by certain Judges and persons in Public Authorities as described in ARTICLE 13,] would now equate to more than £1million… ….The Legal Insurers at the Time were:- The MSL KEYSTONE INSURERS, who were informed of such Malfeasance of that certain solicitors from 1999, also of fact, I wanted the Insurers to pursue a Claim Against that firm Of crooked solicitors, (The Insurers at the time were The MSL; KEYSTONE Legal Expense Insurers; Though fully Informed of the facts of my case MSL they refused to take action against the crooked Solicitors and left me High and dry!! …I still Pay Legal Expense Insurance But non of the following companies I’ve Been Insured with want to know about Past events even though that out and out conspiracy/fraud theft of Property from myself/others remains ongoing and increasing daily now = who knows how many 10’s of millions £’s ???
    Which to my disgust has been allowed to progress (whilst concealed/suppressed from the Public Domain,)by The Police to whom such Facts were also reported from February 2000, (by myself and other Victims,) many times Thereafter by me even to The IPCC in 2010; with no Action taken the Malfeasance of the Police destroying the evidence and entering false information in The Reported Crime report to water the reported crime right down to make it apear as a minor employment spat! Myself and my fellow reporter of crime (reported this ongoing out and out Fraud theft of Property from us, [by our former Employer and aiding Union Agents vicarious,])Only when reporting it to the Police We Got Threatened by The Police told: “GO HOME LET THE MATTER DROP” “YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TELLING TO YOU!!” IF NOT YOU COULD FIND YOURSELVES IN BOTHER!!”…..
    THE LAST DEALINGS WITH THE POLICE OVER THIS MATTER BY MYSELF AND Co REPORTER WAS IN APRIL 2010; YET THE POLICE STILL REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE OR TAKE any ACTION…In my opinion THIS WAS POLITICAL decision because the Police shared A Conflict of Interest with Labour PARTY, and certain Labour Politicians (who was former Chairman of their Police Committee,) also to the Corporation and Union “Organisation” also!! ….Stanley Embling

  5. Good point, Stanley,

    The “I’m only doing my job” attitude is the only explanation for how Nazism could happen.

    Now we’re fighting “corporate harassment” and “economic wars”…

    All due to Dishonest Money being at the root cause.

    The Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money.

    And thus we each have to fight our battles, while, together, we will, hopefully, win the war!!!

  6. A couple of days ago, the Independent newspaper ran an article on the Solicitors from Hell webpage.
    Please visit it below to note my own published comments and perhaps to add your own.

    Colin Peters

  7. If you check iy out Sabine, you will find that the Independant has obliterated our comments.
    So much for Freedom of Speach.

    • I’m not surprised, Colin.

      Interesting that they have the time and absence of CONSCIENCE to do it though!

      I’m afraid I prefer to do more constructive things than to check it! 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know!

      I shall keep trying. Maybe some comments slip under the radar…

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