A second e-newsletter

After a lot of dithering, I have begun to compile email addresses and sent this as a second newsletter. Please write to sabine AT 3d-metrics.com if you want to receive future notes:

Our latest online Petition
Just in case you have not watched the progress of our online petition Stop the oppression of the British people, this email comes to let you know that we have had 338 signatures so far and over 2000 page views.

Maybe I should have pointed out that you can also sign anonymously without getting your name displayed? When we had 331 signatures, I sent this letter to HM The Queen, together with the comments of signatories which are a marvellous read.

I have always had responses from Buckingham Palace. But when my documents were passed on to No. 10 and the Treasury, they got stuck. Trust me to email you as soon as I get an answer!

Towards a Public Inquiry
Austin Mitchell MP advised us in our last meeting that we should stage our own inquiry. Therefore we plan towards a first event in October in the House of Lords. Until then we are gathering advice on how to go about it so that it has ‘clout’: for the media and the legal profession.

Engaging with your MP
The election may make MPs more responsive than ever. It may therefore be worth your while using WriteToThem. In our spirit of change, you could ask the candidates whether they have signed Early Day Motion 913 on the Robin Hood Tax. As public funding keeps being reduces, the people have to remind the government where the money is.

Where the Money is Made
It irritates the hell out of me to watch how “quantitative easing” is supposed to be the answer to “the crisis”. I started by leaving my footprint on Wikipedia which was duly changed. But now the Deputy Governor has given me a chance to comment on his explanations. Once that job is completed and other co-thinkers have contributed, we will formulate a petition targeted at the Bank of England.

Interestingly, the Queen has seen its Governor only once in her reign. Maybe we can get him to justify trading with the national debt even though the Bank of England Act 1694 foresees punishment for trading. Imagine that we’ll sue the Bank of England according to that Act!…

Meanwhile I have the support of one lady who has experience with Parliamentary Committees in Australia. Might we be able to finance such an activity?

As my private Robin Hood operation I have the Ethical Investment Network as a project waiting to be financed. 2010 is the year of change. So the right people will come together for the right purpose!

Even though things are made to look grim, I am sending you most merry greetings from sunny Brandenburg!


PS. If you are new to this list, you may want to see my history of websites relating to money issues.


2 responses to “A second e-newsletter

  1. Thanks, I will sign the petition.

    We had a conference in Stafford on April 10th, organised by the UK Column, titled Secret Family Courts Childstealing.

    Robert Green was there, along with Hollie Greig and her mother Anne. Hollie is a Downs Syndrome lady who was raped from the age of 6 by a gang of Scottish Freemasons. Roibert Green has been trying to get those who did this wicked crime punished.

    Since the conference, Robert Green and a lady from Liverpool called Maureen Spalek have both been arrested – Maureen was arrested this afternoon by Cheshire Police, Robert was kept in police custody for 3 days before being bailed on Monday by Grampian Police.

    Please pass on this news to everyone you can.

    • Thank you, Zoompad,

      this kind of crime can, for once, not be traced directly to the abuse of power by the Bank of England. Instead, it seems like ‘gang behaviour’ of men. They seem to forget about their individual conscience when they are together, whether in war or in other crimes against human beings.

      One must feel ashamed of being human.

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