Videos about the serious oppression of HM subjects

As announced on this blog post, we met, thanks to Lord Ahmed, in the House of Lords on Tuesday, March 9th to have an audience with our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP.

The clear outcome was Austin’s recommendation: stage your own public inquiry! That is an empowering and challenging suggestion: Grand Juries were very effective and recognized in the Magna Carta in 1215. But they were dispensed with in 1933 in the UK, when the poor were particularly hard up.

Here are a 4-page and a 2-page article on Grand Juries that serve as a collaborative working document. You are invited to provide your feedback!

Another important publication is The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

A recent story in Private Eye about John McFall MP, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, entertaining the British Bankers Association in the House of Commons, makes clear that we will NEVER be heard by the Treasury Select Committee. We were advised by a human rights lawyer to “go for Parliamentary scrutiny” via that Committee…

But Parliament is not behind us, as the few MPs who signed the Early Day Motion of the Robin Hood Tax campaign also indicate. Austin’s EDM on Confidence in Parliament and Parliamentarians tells that kind of story in another way.

Learning more and more to help ourselves, we recorded introductions on video at our meetings on April 23, 2009 and on June 09, 2009.

Here are recordings of “victims turned starfighters” introducing themselves on March 09, 2010:

Lewis Nicholson, victim of judicial and lawyers’ fraud

Brian Hudson, Family Court

Peter Oakes

Paul Talbot-Jenkins, Fame ’97 – Friends Against Monetary Exploitation

Patrick Cullinane

David Fabb

Eva Adshead

Gudaljahu and Deborah Ebert – co-author of The Forensics of Legal Fraud

Steve Hamilton

Norman Scarth – World War II Veteran

Maurice Kirk The Flying Vet

Norman Scarth

Steve Hamilton

Zina Hawkins



69 responses to “Videos about the serious oppression of HM subjects

  1. In a building dispute, a ‘professional witness’, a surveyor cum estate agent, aided and abetted my crooked client by issuing a 7 paged report on my works which was a complete fabrication.
    This report was so bad that years later in court, the judge rejected the evidence of its author with, “regret and no small measure of embarrassment.”
    The judge then excused this criminal act of deception and attempting to pervert the course of justice by stating that he felt that the surveyor had been trying to give his clients, “Value for money.” !!!!
    In a similar manner, he paid tribute to the barrister who had conducted my opponents case when, in reality the barrister had stood by and remained mute whilst his client made claims to the court which were in conflict with the ‘pleaded case’ that he, the barrister, had authored 5 years earlier.
    One pack of lies to get legal aid and a conflicting pack of lies to get a favourable judgement.!!!!
    I made it to the Appeal Court in London where 2 judges ruled that their lower court brother judge had been “Right on the evidence”
    Years later, I appeared before a judge in Bradford seeking to have the judgement set aside on the grounds that it had been obtained by fraud.
    In a nonsense of a judgement, despite Lord Dennings ruling at Lazarus v Beasley, the judge dismissed my claim.
    Over the years, the corrupt actions of lawyers and their fellow professionals have ensured that a crooked con man has been able to get away with getting his own home at no cost to himself whilst costing me everything that I once had.
    I know and have supported most of the people featured in the videos and just wish that I had been there with them.
    A united and strong front is long overdue.
    Colin Peters

    • Dear Colin,

      Many thanks indeed for your story!

      Let’s be glad that you can share your “virtual presence” thanks to these wonderful technologies which have the power to unite us.

      Let’s make good use of them!

    • i am shocked and dismayed by your experience.. do not stop.. take it to strasbourg ..i have a case of fraud like you.. but i am waiting for a group doctors action..
      please keep in touch
      Mohamad AL-ruby

  2. What about the thousands of children being stolen from their families in secret family courts, a massive billion pound industry of child abuse, aided and abetted by the judge via rubber stamping corrupt local authorities wishes.

    Shame on All MP’s & Lords in the UK that condone this by their silence; it is farcical that Gordan Brown apologies for what was inflicted on UK children sent to Australia many years ago , whilst allowing the exact same atrocities to occur in Great Britain today !

    • At the age of 40, my eldest boy, Geoffrey, a Downs Syndrome child was stolen/kidnapped from me by the local social services people who claimed that he was being mistreated at home.
      When these people were made to realise their error (if it was an error!) through Geoffreys own words in front of David Wiseman, a senior social services worker, who promised to bear witness to Geoffreys words for me,it was too late for the rest of them to back down.
      They kept hold of Geoffrey.
      The only way that I could get my son back was through the legal system and we all know how just and humane they are, don’t we?
      However, by the time that I had prepared my case I could see that Geoffrey was happy in the supported housing that they had given him and enjoying a much better lifestyle than I could give him.
      Living in a house with 2 other handicapped males they were all watched over by social workers in the mornings and in the evenings and had regular visits to the cinemas and other social events.
      Added to this, Geoffrey has since been to places like Spain, France and America, places that I could never have afforded to have taken him.
      Geoffrey has gained from the local social services deceptions and for his sake, I’m glad about that, but, let’s not forget that without any great degree of qualifications, they get a publicly paid above average salary and when Geoffrey goes to the cinema and McDonalds and has holidays in overseas countries, so do they —– at public expense.
      What a job!!!
      And that is why they use subterfuge and deception to create work for themselves. What an evil system!!!
      The devil looks after his own.
      Colin Peters

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  4. Dear Patriots, I am linking your website to my newspaper here in Laredo, Texas. I am deeply moved by what I have seen here and I intend to help you spread the word here in America. On another note, can you please let Mr.Norman Scarth know that I would like to purchase a copy of his book. Where may I get a copy.

  5. I am sure that I speak for all of the victims when I thank you Jack Holland for your endeavours on our behalfs.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Colin Peters

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  7. You need to join forces with freemen and women on land to have a chance to fight this system. People are now awakening there is a lot of information there you can benefit from. Rule No 1 you do not need a lawyer to represent you but you go to present yourself. Remember that they all have the same boss so how can they oppose each other if not acting? as a start.

  8. need to watch all your videos .. you have made .. please look at NHS Exposed and D4J(doctors for justice).. we have similar experiences with the Courts and GMC
    we would like to make a video link like yours on our web site .. to expose the corruption of the judiciary when they deal with cases against the DH and GMC..
    i would like to come to one of your meetings and shake hands with the LIONS !!
    Do not stop what you are doing .. stick up together .. to deter the secret service which will try to defeat you..Secret Service are the(Police,Judges, etc..)
    Mohamad AL-ruby

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  10. I am in court the bank of england have written a statement the indicent says me V Regina s I want my adversary in court Regina for a fair trial if anyone can help me with this case please contat me, the charge posession of a cunterfeit currancy it was seceted at my address by an agent provacator for the police I am being set up and am LIP I have not contracted of agreed I am the person named s it is a legal fiction not me.
    contact me please on

  11. Real Creditor

    How do I get in touch with any of the members on the panel?


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  27. I am also a victim of our corrupt system and would like it on record that I have also had three trickcyclists brought in to see me while I was imprisoned in Nottingham Prison, to verify I was paranoid, when I am not. Therefore, I am worried that when I return to britain in February 2011, I will be whisked of to a mental institute without further a do, because I believe it’s three pshyc’s and your out. SECTIONED!

  28. If I do vanish off the face of the earth, please contact other victims above. I’m sure one of them will know where I am. MY GOD BLESS US ALL!

  29. Your website is excellent. You do a very good job. Thank you. I have used your website in an effort to help people.
    Bless you, Sabine, your work is good.

  30. Hello. I hope you dont mind me commenting here. I wanted to contact you but I cannot find your contact info. I want to subscribe to your blog for new posts but I am unable find your RSS subscription link. Please help. Thank you.

  31. Dear Sirs,
    Please look on
    Youtube:- Walsall social services child kidnapping/adoption?

    I have made this accusation in the hope that I will get a reply from a member of the Government. Walsall Council is under the Jurisdiction of the Government.
    Phil Thompson

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  35. Hi everyone,
    I have a similar experience to many of you above, I like many of you have no criminal record, I lost my home, and all my contents, I am elderly and disabled, have been homeless for years and in poor health. You are all trying to use the Law to fight these crooks, why can you not see and learn that the Law is your enemy, the Solicitors, Judges, Barristers are all corrupt, they are all playing a game, and the game is steal all your money and assets. The government is also your enemy and will protect the Police, Judiciary and the Legal profession at every turn. I see you are all now in the House of Lords, which is known as the House of Crooks, you have Judges etc sitting here, do you really think they are going to help you against fellow BROTHERS? Do you think they are going to help you jail fellow BROTHERS, are you all raving mad. Do you think the European Court will help you? They are all in this together, you people are victims like myself, you need to WAKE UP.

    YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THE CROOKS THAT STOLE YOUR MONEY AND IN MANY CASES YOUR LIVES TO RECTIFY WHAT THEY DID. BELIEVE ME IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU ALL, YOU MAY AS WELL GO AND TRY KISSING THESE CROOKS AR_ES. IT IS NOT GOING TO GET YOU ANYWHERE. They are laughing at you, it is a bit like being put into a starving Lions Cage and telling the Lion not to eat you. Wake up, the only way forward is to fight fire with fire. If you do not have the guts to do that, then you should try and get on with your lives and make the best of what life you have left, because trying to persuade the Lion not to eat you is a waste of time, if you do not fight him with fire you are dead.

    In South Africa the Black Population removed the government, in Vietnam they got rid of the Americans, in Egypt they got rid of another Dictator. The government in the UK is your enemy of the people also, nothing will change until we have a Republic, and we have the People and Juries of the People judging our cases. You are all going to die of old age and never see justice, is it not better to die fighting than to allow these crooks to defeat you? You will never get Justice going down the road you are all on at the moment. We are all victims, but unlike the Black Population in South Africa and in Vietnam none of you are prepared to die for the freedom of others. You all believe the PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. Wake up even the illiterate Black Population in South Africa did not believe that.

  36. Some of you have got your stories in the press and on television, you are all before the Crooks in the House of Crooks, how far has it got you all, nowhere, nobody is listening, the corrupt Government is not interested. Labour, Conservative, Liberal etc, the first thing they all do is protect the STATE, remember they feed from the state. They get salaries, pensions, expenses, homes from the corrupt State. They are not going to help you, they get the Corrupt Judges to enforce the DRACONIAN LAWS of theft and oppression on us, silence us if we expose the corruption and criminality, put us in Psychiatric Hospitals and say we are delusional, lock us up in jails on trumped up charges. They even kill us to help conceal and destroy the evidence we have against them.

    If you ever managed to get your cases into Court, do you think a Judge would find fellow Judges guilty of breaking the law, covering up fraud and criminality, participating in fraud, corruption and criminality. YOU MUST ALL BE RAVING LUNATICS IF YOU THINK YOU WILL GET JUSTICE IN OUR COURTS OR THE GOVERNMENT WILL HELP YOU, OR CHANGE THE LAW TO STOP THIS CORRUPTION. Who benefits from this corruption and criminality? THE GOVERNMENT. THE POLICE, THE JUDICIARY. THE LAWYERS, THE BARRISTERS. The very people you are trying to get to help you expose it.


  37. If the government was going to hang you all, you would all willingly walk up the steps to the gallows still believing that you are going to get justice, you would all willingly put the noose round your own necks, then willingly put the hood over your head, and I am sure you all would apologise for the distress you may cause the hangman. WAKE UP YOU DUMMIES THE ROAD YOU ARE FOLLOWING IS A DEAD END, IT IS THE ROAD TO HELL. The Vietnamese and the South Africans abandoned that dead end road, even Rhodesia had to capitulate to the onslaught from the powerful forces that was invading them.

    • Dear Dylan

      sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your dire story. Lt me just clarify:

      1. the meeting took place in the House of Lords but we were not before any Lords

      2. we have a few Parliamentarians who have been supportive of our efforts over the years and thus I treat them as ‘gold dust’

      3. I’m a woman with a computer and I want to die knowing that I’ve done my best.

      4. Everybody else also does their best! If they knew better, they would do better.

      And thus I do hope that, eventually, something will change because some people will change: victims become starfighters and perpetrators become conscientious!…

      Edith Piaf used to sing: as long as there is life, there is hope!

      • Well said Sabine. I’m another victim [see my story on ] Everyone has to do their bit, no matter how small. Educating people is half the battle, getting them to stop complying with the system is the rest i.e. people need to start taking a stand in small ways, such as not filling in their census forms… People need to stop working for the police, armed forces etc etc.

        To all the people featured in the videos speaking in the House of Lords, God Bless and carry on doing a great job.


  38. Well said Sabine. I’m another victim [see my story on ] Everyone has to do their bit, no matter how small. Educating the public is half the battle, getting them to stop complying with the system is the rest. People can take a stand in small ways e.g by not filling in their census forms…. People should stop working for the police, armed forces etc etc

    To all the people in the videos at the House of Lords, God bless you and carry on doing a great job.


    • Thank you, Sharon!

      It’s good to get acknowledged and feel supportd in this exceedingly tough struggle!

      I’m just ‘spreading the word’ about a planned attack on Berlin this Sunday, following the ‘model’ of 9/11…


    • Being the pessimistic person that Iam now, I have to agree with Dylan, but I do respect those who choose to use the laws against the corrupt scum who destroy peoples lives.
      Sharon, I read your harrowing account on your website, & have had similar experiences in dealing with the so-called authorities ie conwy county council, the ss (social services) & the infamous north wales police. But to protest by not filling in census forms, (which has resulted in people being fined & if that is refused – JAILED), is futile because it is only a tiny minority who refuse to do so. The so-called authorities don’t care about depriving someone of their freedom to bully the rest into submission, as they’re simply made an example of & it seems to work.
      Sending endless letters of complaint too is futile as it only wears the complainant down & the filth know this, with their multi layered complaints processes offering hurdle after hurdle.
      No wonder there is so much mental illness in the population & violence that goes along with it.

      It’s only when the minority become the majority & get onto the streets, that things will change significantly. The trigger for that I hoped might be economic collapse, as it’s about the only thing that’ll wake up the masses.

      By the way, I’ve tried to get onto your website today with no luck. What’s going on?

      Andrew Jackson

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  41. Sorry to hear that & clearly a sign that the evil scum are getting worried, just as in the “solicitors from hell” saga. But as with that, one gets shut down, five more open up, lol.
    At the moment I’m having a hell of a time dealing with the ss, nhs & the housing association running the nursing home where my elderly mum is. Complaints have been made to them about the poor nursing care standards, which ALL the so- called “professionals” have attempted to minimise or ignore. Mum has deteriated since entering the home on 4/10/11, with many pressure sores developing, a chest infection being picked up & her personal blood glucose meter being used on other residents (can you believe it?), etc, etc. It’s especially a problem for me since other members of family are either useless or non existent, resulting in a deteriation in my mental health. Then they wonder WHY I get upset during meetings because of their whitewashing, with these overpaid/incompetent/corrupt low lifes, which then results in a bullying letter from ss lawyer (conwy county borough council) Janet Hughes, whom I believe Sharon has had some experience of. These scumbags believe they are untouchable & they probably are from a legal point of view.
    See a very convincing appraisal of the conwy county borough council on the Colwyn Bay “Victoria Pier” website run by Steve Hunt.

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  43. I really feel for these people, my building society have just told me that they can take money out of my account without my permission if I’m not entitled to it. Who are they to adjudicate that? I really am worried about the future of this earth and that my gut feeling is that the Nazis are back and have been gathering pace for a long time.

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  45. we like Norman Scarth have seen fit to flea the country of judicial corruption still running rife. My mother 73 and I on the run.

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