Mervyn King’s responses

We should have guessed. “Fobbing off” is the policy of anybody who gets accused or questioned. When it contains inaccuracies, it presents us with challenges:

  • who gets ‘honest justice’ in a profoundly ‘dishonest money system’?
  • what can parties, injured by the establishment, do when they are up against impunity of the establishment?
  • who controls the controllers?

Here’s the the two-page letter that Mervyn King sent to Austin Mitchell MP:

Response to Austin Mitchell MP's letter

We then wrote:

“Her Majesty’s subjects have been led to believe that the United Kingdom is governed by common law which ensures that wrongdoing will be punished and that justice will prevail.  We also have been led to believe that a person who helps to conceal criminal activity will be liable for prosecution as a partner in crime.

We would be most grateful then to know the authority–statute, case law, custom or privilege–that the Bank of England relies upon to ignore evidence of fraud.  There must be a specific answer to this important question, even if the answer is that there is no answer.”

The second fobbing off letter from Mervyn King looks like this:


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