The National Debt in a Nutshell

This petition to protect the canal properties caused me to formulate the essence of abusing the national debt here – not just for private enrichment, but to control more and more resources of the country.

The canal properties are part of a “deficit reduction plan” which is an infamous way of describing the reallocation and beneficiaries of recources, be they companies or land.

Please note that Obama, too, has been talking of such a plan.

What will it take for the world to see that

  • Cash, the only medium of exchange, is issued by the State and free of interest
  • “Credit money”, issued by banks, is about controlling people and resources by forcing them to find
  • “Interest money” which is not issued by anybody.

In the case of the National Debt,

  • “TreasuryBonds” provide “interest” over their long term of up to 30 years
  • “interest money” consists of the “public debt payment” that comes from taxpayers.

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