Questions to the Chancellor

1. EDM 1297 advocates that the Bank of England has failed to control the greed, risk-taking and speculation of the banking system over which it presides. How does the Chancellor propose to deal with the resulting oppression of Her Majesty’s subjects, given that the Bank of England Act 1694 provides by fines three times the value of abusive trading?

2. Would the Chancellor consider rising overindebtedness, home repossessions, bankruptcies and suicides signs of Her Majesties’ subjects being oppressed by a legal and financial system that is not working for the benefit of the Nation as a whole?

3. Given that the stated aim of the Treasury “to achieve rising prosperity and a better quality of life with economic and employment opportunities for all” is getting further and further from being reached, due to the perpetuation of the crisis, would the Chancellor consider the enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 that was written with the intention that Their Majesties’ subjects should not be oppressed?


2 responses to “Questions to the Chancellor

  1. Hello Sir:
    My Future wife who is a USA citizen has money in a bank in Liverpool. She wishes to have the money deposited in my account in the USA. The Bank has charged 1000 pounds to do this which has been paid and now says it needs more for a simple wire transfer. This would seem to be an act of stealing and subject to litigation.
    If this continues I see no reason why the US government should not protect one of it’s citizens and proceed with legal process. If you have an answer that is legally sound, please inform me. Thank you, Jay W Evenson

    • Dear Jay

      Join the club of victims of financial, legal and judiciary exploitation! My current experience tells me that the only recourse you may have is the socalled Ministry of Justice. See

      They have been pretty good to me when I was the victim of a company that was supposedly set up to recoup illegal bank charges. You will have to talk to them on the phone first, I think. +44 20 3334 3555.

      Best of luck!

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