Four Key Sample Cases

Mr. Gedaljahu Ebert had a flourishing real estate business, when he was bankrupted fraudulently 17 years ago. Trying to understand the violence and torture that he had to endure as a former wealthy business man, turned him into a “forensic investigator” par excellence.

His case is one of four that we presented to the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Dr. Vincent Cable to point out the faulty administrative procedure: absence of scrutiny and lack of evidence.

The response we received on his behalf from the Insolvency Service is here.

The same four cases were put before the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke MP to point out the abuse of HM seal.

The other three cases are

  • Paulette Cooper RIP – victim of many white collar crimes, leading to bankruptcy without jurisdiction
  • David Fabb – victim of accountancy firm DeLoittes
  • Raymond Fox – victim of nuclear radiation and its cover-ups, including bankruptcy.

Paulette had asked her MP Stephen Phillips QC for help. He got this letter from Kenneth Clarke QC, while we are still waiting for our response, despite numerous follow-up phone calls.

18 Responses to “Four Key Sample Cases”

  1. In Support of Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression - Latest News Says:

    [...] also invited those MPs whose victims are among the four fraudulent bankruptcies we presented to the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke QC MP and the Business Minister Vincent Cable [...]

  2. jean tyzack Says:

    I agree, these illegal bankruptcies, & the people responsible should be imprisoned for life. Do these people, if you can call them that, realise the pain & suffering they have caused hard working human beings? These poor unfortunate souls who had fell foul to a bunch of crooks should be compensated & Judges who presided over their cases should be struck off for good. People have lost their entire livelihoods over crooked Judges. I am one of those people. Being denied a proper court hearing, & hoping for my case to be heard without the fear of becoming illegally bankrupt. These so called trusting Judges are as bad as the rest of the Mafia.

  3. The Forensics of Legal Fraud – The first two Volumes about Fraudulent Bankruptcies | Room 14 – a foundation for change Says:

    [...] lot of time with Mr Ebert, Brad produced Volume 1 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud with him, one of four key cases of fraudulent [...]

  4. David Fabb’s video online: highlighting Sir Fred Goodwin’s dealings around RBS and BCCI « Victims Unite! Says:

    [...] as our other ‘key samples of fraudulent bankruptcies’, he was bankrupted by Deloitte Touche so that he was [...]

  5. aka anonynous Says:

    One of the problems here is that the various bankers/lawyers/accountants who have dealt with Mr Fabb over the years are bound by confidentiality/corporate reputation from telling the world that he is in fact a poor businessman, vexatious litigant and that his businesses were very poorly run to the point where there were questions about the integrity of the dealings of his finance personnel. Mr Fabb has had a quarrel with Deloitte over a number of years which may or may not have some foundation but every couple of years he finds a new way of clawing in someone else into “the conspiracy”. Deloitte may or may not have been in the wrong on the initial insolvency of David Fabb Holdings but suggest that lawyers, bankers, valuers and judges were involved in this over a number of years is pure fantasy.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill Says:

      Dear Mr Anonymous

      do you always leave negative comments about people without them being able to talk things over?

      Not very admirable or applaudable!?…

      Who are you to judge any business man as ‘poor’? It all depends how you measure success. The Japanese measure it by the numbers of risks taken.

      Will youever take the risk of at leasting posting in a non-anonymous fashion, I wonder?

      Yours not impressed,


  6. On behalf of your constituent: letter to Mike Freer MP with copy to PM and supportive MPs | Mr Gedaljahu Ebert – Bankrupted Fraudulently without Jurisdiction Says:

    [...] disgraceful case. Together with Mrs Cooper’s and Mr Fox’s horrendous story we submitted these four key samples to the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister, hoping for attention and [...]

  7. UK MPs raise Concerns over ‘corrupt and hostile’ Judiciary – in the Maldives « Victims Unite! Says:

    [...] four fraudulent key sample cases were put before the Minister of Justice and the Business Minister without any effect or result [...]

  8. Roy Fox Says:

    I applied to Grimsby Co, Court for our rights i.a.w. Article 8 HRA in July 2009. It has still not been heard, since 3 judges, notably DJ Chesterfield, ordered me to remain silent at all times (did not hear me) and in my advised absence abroad stated that it was a claim for an Injunction against our neighbour – read the Article! I have therefore referred the case to the European Court of HR but they have a two year backlog. I am therefore in favour of David Cameron’s proposal to have such cases heard by an HONEST UK Court – if one exists, Sir!
    Austin Mitchell MP is aware of this and other white collar crimes.

  9. OFFICIAL SOLICITOR at Court of Protection uses false documents to steal assets | Victims Unite! Says:

    […] as in the four biggest bankruptcies known to us at the time, solicitors, barristers, accountants and the judiciary are all part of […]

  10. VOTING with your Mouse: House of Commons Meeting for Early Day Motions and Petitions | Victims Unite! Says:

    […] a video on YouTube stand more of a chance to get justice and compensation for victims than our paper submissions to Kenneth Clarke and Vince Cable four years […]

  11. THE PEOPLE PROCESSING Industry: Dishonest Money in, Victimised Victims Out | Victims Unite! Says:

    […] I was shocked by the four worst bankruptcies. Then I got shocked by the poisoning cases and everything surrounding child snatching. Now I am […]

  12. POINT 25 on the Illuminati Agenda: create and use national and international laws to Destroy Civilisation | Victims Unite! Says:

    […] the worst of all bankruptcies – as described in Volume 1 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud and as part of our submission of key sample cases […]

  13. McKENZIE FRIENDS under the looking glass: a report from the Legal Consumer Services Panel | Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy Says:

    […] fraudulent bankruptcies and home repossessions that gave rise to publishing Victims Unite […]

  14. On the 12th Anniversary of Striking Maurice off the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - Latest News Says:

    […] la boucle" – when closing a circle. I'm back to where I started: with the publication of fraudulent bankruptcies as white collar […]

  15. WHO POLICES the Police, Judges the Judges and Governs the Governors? | Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police Says:

    […] We started by telling the then Minister of Justice Kenneth Clarke about the four worst bankruptcies. […]

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