28: Gang Stalking

Charlie Seven is a remarkable lady with over twenty years experience in the media.

When she took her creative output to a company of media lawyers, she had to discover that, instead of protecting her work, they sold it on to TV production houses.

She won her court case. But, instead of receiving compensation, she became the victim of gang stalking or organised criminals who damage her flat to install surveillance devices, fiddle with her water supply and generally put her under surveillance so that she is too scared to leave home.

A one-page summary is here.

Photos of surveillance vehicles are here.

Photos of damages done to bug her home are here.

In 2013, former Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police Tony Farrell produced this 240-page report about her case.

6 thoughts on “28: Gang Stalking

  1. Hi Ms Seven,

    I was following your case on YouTube, were Mr Farrell comments about your case, how it was buried by the legal establishment.

    You must keep up your Heroic fight.

    The Gangstalking part; I believe you. I know exactly what your talking about, and although I am in a different city I would like you to email me.

    I know who is behind this, not people, but a fraternity. I have been studying them for about 1 year and a half now, as it started to happen to me. You’d be surprised.

    I concur with your photos – know that people brazenly follow in company vehicles, surreptitious door entry, mobbing, door banging etc – its hard to prove so the police are not bothered.

    All this is only achieved by lies spread about you, to motivate their fraternity.

    If you think I could be assistance email me, I do believe I could enlighten your knowledge, and expose this gangstalking, stop mine and help 2 others I have discovered, as well as your self.

    A genuine approach.

  2. My name is Lisa I think your life was exposed to gang stalking these people never want you to be happy or live a normal life ,they don’t want you to have anythink and they want you to be a victim . You are a fighter and are stronger then they are and now they have lost. They are very unhappy people who wished they were just like you with a nice job and life.they can never have it. They are weak.. I don’t have a great job and I just want to say that people should live as they want to as long as there not hurting other people.some people just like hurting other people and it makes them feel stronger and in control.it doesn’t matter about the money they are just this way inside.you are the better person because you are not this way and have love inside your heart like me .

  3. I’ve been gang stalked for 12 years. Only just found out 4 months ago this dastardly deed actually has a name. Check out my videos exposing gang stalkers in places where I often go.

    Please get in touch with me.

  4. Hi Jenny.

    I understand your videos, and would like to speak to you about them.

    I reckoned you were on gangstalking Manchester, given you recently discovered the word gangstalking, and been a target for 12 years. Understanding gangstalking is a journey. I can give you pointers.

    1 when did it start – exactly as best as you can
    2 who was it you fell out with, what beef did you have with that person?
    3 was it a protracted fall out?
    4 think about how the person or group felt before gangstalking, and the implications for them of your grievance, regardless if you won.
    5 The only group big enough to carry out this is the Orange Order loyalists. Research them. Understand them from the plantations to 1795 to Carson, the troubles, to date.

    6 What your going through is cultural and structural violence. Research Johun Galtung’s (1969 onwards) work.

    7 set up a dummy email account and post it here.

    I will contact you that way.

  5. Organized Gang Stalking / Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.

    Sad to hear your story about being Gang Stalked for 12 years. I was Gang Stalked for 15 years before i realized it . I thought something was seriously wrong with my destiny / life/ fate that i had so many failures . Only after i realized i was being Gang stalked for the past 20 years (15 years covert + 5 years overt) did i understand that my entire life was being manipulated by these Jerks.
    Exposure is the way to take revenge on these jerks.
    Please visit my youtube channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ and click on the playlist section to see Playlist OSInformers and Playlist Targeted Individuals Activists

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